Chapter 11

That night Emmett did receive the entire package and enjoyed it more this time around knowing what was going to happen. He returned the favor and Bella had a very good night. She slept like a baby, wrapped in Emmett's strong arms. They slept naked and she was in heaven.

The next morning all of their furniture arrived. Bella was excited to get her kitchen stuff she was wanting to cook and invite the Cullens over, Once everything was installed Bella kissed Emmett, she needed to go to the store to stock up on food. She was going to make chicken parmesean for supper and then call Esme. Emmett was happy to get the bed, he knew it would be more comfortable for sex and sleeping.

Bella phoned Esme while she was out on the town. Bella invited everyone for dinner, including Edward, since he was still in Washington. She really wanted to talk to him and have him explain his actions, years ago. Esme said she would love to come for dinner and would let Edward know also.

Emmett wasn't happy about Edward coming over, but he knew Bella needed it so he calmed down. "Bella, I do not want Edward over here if I am not home" "Emmett afraid he might make a play for me?" "No, I"m afraid he will hurt you, emotionally, again, and I can't lose you, again." "it would kill me to lose you" Bella walked up to Emmett, rubbed his chest and said "Babe, I'm not going anywhere unless someone drags me off" " I don't want to lose you, either, You did save me, you realize that, don't you?" "Bella, you saved me, also, I started drinking my sorrows and was roaming the streets like a male cat, looking for love" "Guess what?" "You found it, "Tada" and Bella held her arms out and Emmett hugged her and then picked her up and started to carry her to their room. "Emmett, I need to start dinner" "Bella I need to make love to you, now" He continued up the stairs. When they arrived in their room, Emmett walked over to the chair, in the corner of the room. Sat Bella on her feet and started helping her undress. He wanted her stripped to her under garments. Emmett took off his clothes, then sat in the chair. He was already hard and ready to take on Bella. He grabbed her by her waist and picked her up he told her to stand on his thighs so she did, then he helped lower her onto his hardened shaft. He was holding her, in place so she wouldn't fall. Her feet were flat on his thighs and he was holding her by her waist she laid her head back onto his shoulder. Then she took her hands and held onto the chair by the arms. She was bouncing up and down, hard, but Emmett wasn't complaining he was growling and moaning.

Then Emmett said "FUCK!" Loudly. Then they heard a light knocking on the front door. Bella stood up onto the floor and giggled. She ran around trying to scoop up her clothing and threw Emmetts at him and said 'Get dressed" and then she ran to the door. Esme looked at Bella and smiled. Bella had sex hair, and her shirt was on backwards. Bella laughed "Emmett will be down, shortly" and then she offered the dime tour of her house. Edward didn't say anything. Ever since Emmett had broken his jaw. Edward learned he had better keep his comments to himself.

"This is a nice house, I like it", said Edward About that time Emmett came down the stairs. "Hey guys, sorry about that, I had to change clothes, right quick. Emmett had sex hair too and was barefoot. Bella would just sigh when she saw Emmett, she was madly in love with him. Emmett gave the rest of the company the upstairs tour

Edward conered Bella in the kitchen "Can we talk?, Please" "ABout?" "Bella, about the way I treated you and talked to you" "it was uncalled for and I was a jealous idiot, I am so sorry" "Thank you Edward. I don't understand why you would never let me talk about what you saw, you realize it was nothing, right?" "mike was being Mike" Edward sighed, "Yeah, I know, but I saw red when I spotted him hanging on you, like that"

"Bella, did you truly start hooking because of what I said?" "Yes, and no" " I was hurt and I was hurting, so I left. Charlie had just died and my mom was being a bitch about me coming back and then you left me, I was dumbstruck and I felt like no one loved me anymore so I figured I would do what you accused me of" Edward pulled his hair" Damn Bella, I am so fucking sorry" "But I"m glad you found Emmett" "Emmett found me, literally" "Is he good to you?" "YES!" "and you are happy?" "YES, finally, it took him a long time to see my true self and that song I sang for him karaoke night is how I truly feel, he is my savior, I would truly be dead now if he wouldn't have found me. I was down to 98lbs I wouldn't eat, I wanted to die. "Fuck Bella, What can I say or do, can you ever forgive me"" "Edward your saying "sorry" is plenty, thank you and she hugged him.

They all sat down to dinner and told Bella how good her food was. Bella was so happy right now. She had her savior, her love, and Esme to help if she needed it.