Tristan Swan didn't know how to feel when her older sister decided to move to town. They hadn't seen each other in almost 4 years as they had never grow close during their visits.

Tristan was raised by her dad who worked full-time as a chief of police of the town of Forks. He did his absolute best to always be there for her which resulted in a strong relationship.

How will Tristan cope with her sister in her life and the drama she will attract???

Tristan (P.O.V)

"Babe are you okay?". Emmett asked as I laid wrapped in his arms.

"Yea I'm fine why wouldn't I be?". I asked confused as I turned around to look into his butterscotch eyes.

"Well you've been quiet since I got here and the movie ended more than 10 minutes ago and you haven't moved". Emmett said as his large hands caressed the side of my face I closed my eyes leaning into him.

I honestly didn't know how to feel at this moment as my older sister by one year to be exact was moving in with me and my dad. I have not seen or talked to Bella or Renee since I was 13.

After dad's marriage fall apart my birth mother abandoned the both of us only taking Bella with her. Dad raised me on his own the best he could. He tried for our broken family to have some sort of relationship but I stop visiting Phoenix around the same time Bella stop visit in Forks.

I know Renee would never step foot in Forks again not that it bothered me and Dad never push me to visit Phoenix leaving me with the Clearwater during the two week summer vacation he would visit Bella. It's been exactly 4 years since I had seen my sister and neither of us made an effort to have a relationship.

We have the same birthday which birth mom always forgot. My 16 years on this earth she's only remembered less than a handful of times. Even then it was just a brief phone call no gifts. Dad always did something special for my birthday even going as far as taking the day off every year.

The last few birthdays have been amazing. For my 15th birthday Dad created a small art space in my room with brand new supplies. It was even more special as he had even invited Emmett to my birthday dinner. For my 16th which was about six months ago Dad bought a use mustang as I have a thing for old cars. Emmett and Rosalie took the time to restore it.

Everything had been going great in my life I have a supportive dad and a wonderful vampire boyfriend. Yes vampire I had found out shortly after our relationship had started. O this particular day I decided to climb a tall to get a better look at the scenery for a drawing. I loss my balance which could have resulted in my death fortunately Emmett save me as he had been nearby apparently hunting.

It was a lot to digest but it didn't change my opinion of who Emmett Cullen is. He is my mate someone that I will have forever with but we did discuss that I would wait a couple of years before becoming a vampire.

It is a huge decision especially especially knowing that I will be frozen forever at a certain age and could possibly never see my dad again. I do know what I will be giving up but my dad is one person I could never give up. I honestly don't care about Bella Nor Renee but I do hope in the future my dad will also be part of my forever.

"Tris baby talk to me". Emmett said snapping me out of it.

"I'm not okay Em. I know dad is happy but I don't want Bella here, I don't want her messing up my life". I said as my voice cracked I could feel tears filling my eyes.

"Tris you are the strongest person I've ever met not physically that's my department". Emmett said wiping away my tears as he cracked a joke which made me give him a watery smile. "After everything you've been through you have come out on top don't let your sister moving in take that away from you. I will alway be by your side to ensure you remember that". Emmett whispered before leaning and kissing me on the lips. I melted into it forgetting my own name for a moment.

I alway thank my lucky stars for giving me Emmett. He always reminded me no matter I can always count on him and my dad will be there when I need them the most.