Title: In the Absence of Memory

Author: Yih

Disclaimer: All characters are JK Rowling.

Beta: The magnificent Serra.


10: Claiming (October 29, 2003 to November 1, 2003)

It was time to take the next step.  It was time for him to not only have Harry in the spiritual sense, but also the physical sense.  The idea had never been distasteful to him, even when he'd first read it--- but to his great surprise, the idea had grown to be much more pleasing as time went by.  How was he to know that Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived and made his life hell, would turn out to be such a gorgeous young man? 

He didn't.  But he was glad that Harry had.  It made the idea of physically claiming him that much easier.  Actually, there wasn't anyone else that he wanted to fuck than Harry.  It was more than the youthful perfection of Harry's body; it was the naïve innocence that really made his lust spread like wildfire throughout his soul.  He relished that he'd be the first one to ever taste Harry.  It would be him. 

And Harry would always belong to him. 

Harry was his.  Taking his virginity would only reinforce his ownership of Harry's body, his heart, and his soul.  Everything that was Harry was his.  Besides, the Forbidden spell had also specifically said that the bond between them would only strength the more intimate they were.  Mutual pleasure would increase it more than force, but any physical gratification would work. 

He intended to derive great pleasure from Harry, but he'd make sure Harry also got something out of it.  Force and domination was nice on occasion, but to make someone scream with pleasure was even more satisfying.  He liked to have people under his mercy, and no one was ever more under it than when they were pleading for release. 

That settled it.  He'd given Harry enough time to adjust, and if he wasn't mistaken--- Harry craved his affectionate touches.  It wouldn't be hard to get Harry to do more.  If Harry was eager for it, that was even better.  He grinned as he began to think of ways in which to entice Harry into such a maelstrom of sexual arousal without letting Harry go over the edge. 

There were many things he could think of that would test the very reserves of Harry's control.  He didn't think it would take more than a few minutes before Harry was begging for his touch.  If he could get a hardened heart like Severus Snape to beg on his knees to be taken like the slut he was, he was sure he could easily bring Harry down to his knees as well. 

While there were things for him to show Harry, there were things that Harry also needed to learn.  He was going to have a pleasurable time teaching him that.  His grin only widened at the thought.  Just thinking about having Harry's mouth sucking on his cock made him harden.  It'd been so long since he'd been able to relieve himself sexually, but he was never one to lack self control. 

No, even if it had been years--- he didn't doubt his ability to perform.  But it wouldn't hurt to get the edge off of him before Harry came back from his latest session with Lucius.  That way, he'd have all the patience in which to woo Harry into his bed as willing as any wild wanton.  And if his suspicions were correct, Harry was going to be a very passionate lover.  Just the way he liked them. 


Usually there was never any noise coming from the room, but tonight there was.  At first, he didn't know what they were.  But when he got closer, he heard the distinct sound of a low moaning and harsh breathing.  Hesitantly, he pressed his ear to the door and felt a sharp sensation shoot toward his cock when he recognized the voice.  It was Voldemort. 

Was his bond-mate doing what he thought he was doing?  Would Voldemort finally touch him, like Harry craved for him to touch him?  He'd been trying to give him all the signals, but Voldemort had brushed them aside.  Was he undesirable?  He didn't think so, not when Harry had caught Voldemort staring at him intensely with those blood red eyes.  Why else would he stare? 

He knew Voldemort wanted him, but why didn't he take him then?  That he didn't understand, when he knew that his bond-mate always took what he wanted.  So what was he waiting for?  For him to recover from whatever had robbed him of his memories?  That was considerate of him, far too considerate, when he knew that Voldemort went out of his way not to be thought of as someone not to be crossed. 

Did he dare enter?  He was reasonably sure that he knew what Voldemort was doing inside, and he didn't think that his bond-mate would like him to disturb him.  But if there was one thing Harry did know about himself, it was that he was curious.  He wanted to know; he wanted to see.  He had felt everything about his bond-mate, but he'd yet to see everything. 

He dared to enter.  He didn't even make an attempt to disguise his entrance.  He did nothing differently than he normally did.  He was certain that Voldemort heard him, but his bond-mate was too far gone to be able to stop stroking his large and dripping cock.  The sight was magnificent, even though he could compare it to none but his own. 

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