Yuko was on her mind.


Yoru was such a mean bitch, and yet, Asa felt like she couldn't exactly turn down the demand since she previously made a deal with the War Devil. If she didn't, Asa would still be dead and non-existant.

Her stomach sank when she spotted Yuko running up to her. Short blonde locks bounced gently while Yuko ran, and the cutest thing ever was when Yuko slid her glasses up her nose during her run. She wore a knee-length black dress, along with a white button-up shirt underneath.

Asa slouched, shoulders drooping while her torso bent forward a little. A long, drawn-out sigh escaped her lips at the view. Asa was sat at the bench table during lunch break, and the only thing she had in front of herself was a cold beverage. A small blue and white carton of pasteurized milk that hadn't even been opened yet.

"...Yes?" Asa questioned at first, mouth slightly agape.

"Asa! Hey!" Yuko replied while waving a hand in the air, out of breath by the time she reached the bench table.

"Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, everything's fine on my end. I just have a shit load of homework now, but that's no biggie. We can do our homework together tonight if you're around!" Yuko proposed, placing a drink of her own on the table's surface.

'She's so positive and eager...and...so nice to me. I can't just listen to Yuro and let her die,' Asa thought inside her head, placing a hand onto her chest as her fingers scrunched the cotton of her black dress. She remained silent for now, swallowing a lump in her throat.

If Yuro heard this right now, she'd probably just roll her eyes in contempt.

"You okay, Asa? You're not talking now," noted Yuko, opening the lid to her bottle. The scent of melon soda already darted between them.

"I'm fine."

Quirking a blonde brow, Yuko tilted her head to one side, presenting Asa with a large beam along her lips.

"I know you're lying!" Yuko teased, snickering.

"Yes, I'm fine."

Pulling a shrug of her shoulders, Yuko rose up to her feet and then leaned forward, slamming a hand down onto the table's surface. The milk carton simply bounced a little, and quite honestly, Asa was glad that carton was still sealed shut. Cerulean hues darted from the milk carton and then up at Yuko, and right now, Asa's expression was still blank. A hand rose as Asa brushed lingering black locks over her shoulder.

"I know you're not fine, Asa. It makes me sad that you won't open up to me," mentioned Yuko, as she lunged a hand forward, flicking her index finger onto Asa's nose.

Asa flinched, creased up her face, as she backed her face away. A sudden 'ugh' escaped her lips in the meantime.

"You shouldn't hide things from me!" Yuko beckoned, her voice loud enough for the entire lunch hall to hear.

Cyan orbs moved from side to side, catching sight of the people that glanced over their shoulder at Yuko.

"I'm not!" Asa scowled, furrowing black eyebrows in a heartbeat.

"You are!" Yuko fought back.

Asa merely rolled her eyes in contempt, and with that, she folded her arms over her chest. Yuko knew nothing about Asa's fiend problem and that's what hurt the most. Her lips quivered at the sight of Yuko scowling back, albeit Asa tried her hardest not to show any emotion.

"I just...have a lot going on right now," she stated.

"See?! That's all you had to say!" Yuko replied, not bothering to push Asa's buttons.

A smile crossed her rims again as Yuko draped her arms around Asa's collar.

"Thanks," repeated Yuko.

Long black tresses bounced gently when Yuko hugged her, strands appearing purple in the light above. Asa gulped again, and this time it was noticeable. Asa didn't smile, probably due to her anti-social behaviour. But with Yuko, a small, bittersweet beam painted her lips in response to the embrace.

"Okay," she nodded.

Yuko proceeded to sway, making Asa's torso follow with the motion.

"It's fine, really. Sorry that I got mad," she apologised, placing her chin onto Asa's shoulder, "I dunno...maybe you could tell me what the problem is when you're ready? Well, maybe."

Instead of refusing, Asa simply nodded, "Sure."

Yuko was on her mind.


Placing her hands onto Asa's shoulders, Yuko moved herself back, now looking into those cyan hues that simply stared back at her. Her amber orbs refused to look elsewhere.

"Now that's all cleared up! Wanna do homework tonight...together?" Yuko asked again, beaming widely from ear-to-ear.

Asa nodded again, "I'd like to. It's something different from devil hunting," she scoffed.

"Cool, what time?"

"Right after school?"

Yuko sat back down on the bench, bringing the bottle of melon soda to her lips. She gave Asa a nod. Asa simply smiled, beginning to finally open up her carton of milk.