Where the kark can it be at?


Wolffe shouted out towards the bedroom of their rented house for the down time they had both earned and were now spending together.

"Yes dear?"

The coy voice responded, sounding somewhat muffled though.

"Have you seen it?"

"Seen what, exactly?"

The same coyness was still present there, but that was not getting Wolffe's attention. Not yet anyway. As he was on a mission now. On the hunt!

"My gear, my bucket! My helmet! It's missing! Kriffing hell!"

Wolffe was prepping himself for the meeting the very next day. Wanting to have everything in order and ready to go. Just having to jump into the armour and leave, when it finally came the time to face the real world once again.

After all, it had been several days, spent on a mini-vacation with his partner. And time was sparse, the time for themselves and not wanting to waste any moment of it. But now time was a wasting just the same. Looking for something missing!

"Um, where have you looked for it?"

Hardcase sounded out again, but the tone, was still rather mischievous.

Wolffe looked through the several cupboards of the place once again, but there was no sign of the missing piece. Not that he really needed it for the meeting. But Wolffe liked to be, well, intact and in full gear while going to an official meet with the other commanding officers.

"It's not here! Dank Farrik!"

Wolffe was totally miffed and irked about loosing his helmet. It had been there on the day they had arrived of course.

But since the moment the door to their home away from home had closed behind them and their time together, the armour along with any piece of clothing had been shed. Quickly.

And since then?

Well, the time had been spent in the bedroom mostly. Naked. Part from the few times the two lovebirds had gone to the kitchen to eat something. But yeah, the armour had not been on the top of either of their minds during any of this time.

"Um, hon, why don't you come to the bedroom."

Hardcase voice was all soft and low, trying to coax the Commander.

But as much as Wolffe wanted to return to the arms of his lover, he needed to find his gear first.

"In a moment."

Wolffe was trying hard to figure where the helmet could have gone. It wasn't a small thing so it could not have gone into hiding easily.

"Wolffe, dearie! Please come to the bedroom."

Hardcase's voice had slightly elevated, the tone more pleading than coy.

Wolffe sighed heavily.

Guess he needed to go and check out what Hardcase wanted. Then again, the man had two legs of his own. So why was he simply not getting out of the bed come tell Wolffe what he needed?

Then again, Wolffe was pretty sure he already knew what Hardcase needed, the grin appearing onto his face.

Wolffe quickly ventured back to the bedroom.

And what Wolffe found waiting for him there?

Well it was not just the explanation to the why Hardcase had not moved from the bed. But also, where his missing helmet had gone to.

"Well, well, well."

Was all Wolffe managed then. Taking in the sight of the full naked body of Hardcase's, dressed only with Wolffe's helmet. And well, being shackled to the bed frame with a pair of handcuffs.

Guess, the search was over?