Those hands of wonder, which I do dream of

'Ambidextrous are they, and that is a good thing in so many ways!'

He watched them as they flew gently over the keyboard of the data pad

He watched them move in a fast speed over the consoles of the ship without lag

He watched them push forward the throttle levers for fast speed

He watched them pickup his blaster and gently the trigger squeeze

He watched them, all the time, doing their multiple magical things

Because, Echo, was in love.

It wasn't unusual, nor was it a first time either. Not even the first admission towards his very object of admiration. Keeping on watching in both awe and much appreciation.

Tech. With his magical hands ever so sleek. What else for could a clone have a need to seek?

There was much more than, though.

As it wasn't simply the man he was in love with.

But, those slender hands of the very same man.

Because, those hands, those fingers, were simply so nimble, so totally gentle and neat.

They could perform miracles on the ship, taking it flying to the highest of peaks.

They could so easily work on any problem, as guided by the genius brain.

But as if somehow still having a life of their very own just the same.

And they did work their magic on Echo as well.

Because when Tech wasn't working on something else?

Those glorious hands were all over and everywhere of Echo's self.

Imagining those slender fingers flying across his body, the nakedness of it all on display.

Finding all the very special spots there, to be touched over and over again without fail.

Ever so lightly, with gentle presses, just enough to ignite the fire within.

Touching all the right places, even those spaces in between, for no-one else to be seen.

Those hands in their private moments, working their magic, on Echo's body and soul.

Because his heart, the man and those hands had completely stolen.

With a hoarse whisper of a plead in Echo's request was quit clear.


"Yes dear?"

"I need your hands - right here, right, now."

"Of course, dear."

And so, those magnificent soft, nimble and flexible hands, returned to the place where they belonged, working their way all over the familiar planes, over the heated body of one Echo in need.