Story about butter cookies is still continue, so that same night.

It was midnight. She was patient enough, waiting for everyone to go sleep, even the Captain and his friends.

No, she will not let him win. And she will find those cookies and pour herself a glass of milk and enjoy them. Since everyone had gone to bed a long time ago, she went barefoot and only in her nightgown to the kitchen to search for the cookies.

She looked everywhere in the pantry, in the closet, in the drawers, until her attention was drawn to the high shelves. Aha, they must be there and she quickly climbed onto the sink to check every jar on the shelves.


The Captain was awoken by a very vivid and erotic dream about Maria. Starting with their last argument when he caught her with a cookie behind the villa, he dragged her to a more private place to his study and then ravished her on his desks, then on his sofa until she cried his name. Then she attacked him with the same passion and he woke up, cursing why his dream didn't last longer, clutching the sheets with his hands while being heavily aroused. After calming down a bit and composing himself, he looked for water on the nightstand but couldn't find it. Swearing and cursing he put the robe over his bare shoulders and went to the kitchen.

The hallway and staircase were in almost complete darkness. Almost. A dim light was coming from the direction of the kitchen, attracting him like a blind man in a tunnel. Walking quietly, he slowly approached the kitchen door, wonder who it might be.

And then…

An honorable man would immediately have turned away, a gentleman would do the same. But, since she come into his life like a whirlwind a couple weeks ago he was neither of those. He was more like a schoolboy in his hormonal years, who was helpless around her. He was totally at her mercy.

He leaned against the wall next to the door, putting his hands in his robe, unknowingly opening it and enjoying the fact that he could observe her undisturbed.

She was standing barefoot at the sink, with a white knee-length nightgown, illuminated by the dim light. The dim light emphasized her soft feminine curves and firm breasts under the light. Beneath the nightgown the long legs with perfectly shaped calf muscles reflected how fit and active she was. She looked heavenly and he was openly ogling and leering at her, already feeling the blood roaring through his veins and prickling beneath his stomach.

She was standing on her tiptoes, reaching one jar at a time, apparently looking for cookies. As he slowly approached the sink, the scene in front of him was at the same time amusing and torturing.

She would surely go crazy to know that cookies were hidden in his study. Yes, he was worse than a schoolboy but he had to tease her, just had to push her further, and the outcome was always stimulating, very stimulating. That urge was stronger than his self-control and it was certainly not in line with his age, but when you love, then you become crazy, and he had gone mad a long time ago he concluded to himself.

He currently had two worries. Firstly, how to stop and hide his growing arousal and secondly how to find a way to tell her how he was feeling about her. How could he do that without scaring her or worse causing her to run away. And that damn Luca was still in the picture.

"Hello!" he said softly, almost like whisper, trying not to scare her.

She was so focused on her search that she jumped in the sink. She was shocked by the situation she found herself in.


Georg smiled, the whole situation was hilarious with her above him on the sink as she quietly cursed.

"Are you searching for something, Fraulein?" he asked pretending surprise. His eyes roamed all over her alluring body and curves, immensely enjoying the view.

"Well, yes Sir. Ah, mmm, I mean, trying, you know, ahm... Ah, I was in the kitchen and couldn't sleep and decided to clean up those jars!" she stammered, finally answering with a sigh, happy to have found an excuse and at the same time blowing onto the shelf to show the dust.

But to her great, terrible surprise there was no dust at all.

She silently cursed again.

Georg had hard time to hide his amusement. Whenever she was in trouble she called him Sir and cursed. A nun indeed, he thought sarcastically. Yes, he loved her and was aware that his subconscious knew that he wanted to spend rest of his life, finding Maria in different kind of troubles.

"Fraulein, you are not maid, you are Governess in this house and not just only that, you are so much more to all of us!" he said reassuringly, but the devilish side of him couldn't stay still.

"But, surely I will tell Frau Schmidt your worries about the dust and ask her again to clean up properly!" He was rascal and he knew it. But she forced him to do that, with her curious nature and he couldn't resist taunting her. He made a slow movement as if he wanted to leave, to gain some reaction from her.

Like hell, he would go, now when things were the most interesting and they were alone.

"No wait, please stop!" she said almost in plea, eyes wide, frozen from her silly excuse. She respected Frau Schmidt too much to involve her in her treasure hunt and her stupidity.

He stopped, standing in front of the sink, hands still in his pockets.



It was time. He didn't want to scare her just to "open the door" and wait for her to make a move. It was the hard way but accurate. They were both at a crossroads.

"Alright, alright, it's not dust. I was searching for the cookies, they are hidden somewhere." She admitted defeat and exhaled at the same time. At the moment she didn't know what was worse - her futile search or his always annoyingly presence, always where he shouldn't be.

"Yes, I understood that much and you can't let it go, can you?

Maria, please come down!" he said in smooth velvet voice (like he could let go, he thought).

He watched her carefully in the dim light so that she would not fall. But of course, that was his Maria. She deftly jumped off the sink and landed on her feet.


The way he said her name gently, almost invitingly, still echoed in her head. She was sure it would haunt her following days and nights. But as she began to straighten up, she immediately forgot about the search for the cookies and shame of the situation in which she found herself. She finally saw his appearance. His scent and heat overwhelmed her and immediately her breath was taken away.

God help me, she thought.

When she was crouched down from landing on the floor she saw first his navy blue slippers with a discreet crest on them. Then, as she began to straighten up, her gaze went from navy blue pajama pants, to a slightly accentuated swelling between his thighs below his waistband. Oh, God he was shirtless under a robe and standing boldly and calmly in front of her.

Fully straightened up, she was ogling his masculine body inch by inch, the cookies long forgotten. His abdominal muscles were covered with fine soft hairs, on tanned skin. Then stopping at his ribs, she saw his small nipples fully exposed under robe, she unconsciously licked her lips.

She continued leering at his collarbone and the rest of his chest now moving faster, also lightly covered with tiny hairs, like they were pointing towards his waistband. Everything about him was inviting and daring for her curious nature, to touch, to explore, to caress and fondle. She was driven by her curious nature.

Until now she had not been too aware of the impact on her body, because she had never seen a half naked man before, especially not in his prime and so unforgivably handsome. But the final collapse of her self-control was when she raised her head. Looking at her, directly into her eyes, he patiently waited for her move. There was no need for any words between them.. The cards, in the game of life, had been dealt a long time ago. Now all that was left was longing and desire.

After gazing at his well built body, the soft inviting hairs on chest and stomach, then his burning, hungry stare, the last straw was his hair. His hair was always neatly combined, but now it was disheveled from a sleep. Again she was pulled by an invisible force to smooth his curls with her fingers. Oh, God, through and through he was like a real rascal pirate.

Immediately she was overwhelmed by the heat all over her body, stopping in her pelvis, causing an ache and wetness between her thighs. A little trembling started to shudder through her. After all their playing around each other, her body betrayed her and her right hand raised to touch him and explore. She had no control, it was stronger than her. Then she saw her hand and with last atoms of strength she managed to stop herself.

Maria was transfixed by him.

She had the feeling that everything that had happened between them in the last couple weeks was leading to this inevitable moment, and now the accumulated emotions threatened to explode. Feeling his body heat, his scent of cologne, made her feel intoxicated as if she was dazed in dream, like in that damn book.

So, to compose herself she bowed her head and looked down.

Big mistake.

Again she was drawn to his chest, following the direction of the small hairs, lowering to his bulge. Instantly feeling an ache of desire, now she was smitten by his groin.

She was both confused and curious.

It was much bigger now and inviting her, daring to her explore, to feel, to possess. Again, her tortured and trembling hand slowly raised, but somewhere, like in the far distance she heard him speak.


Georg was delighted and in delirium by the alluring picture in front of him. He felt as he had finally climbed to the top of the mountain and could scream out loud with happiness. Everything in him roared with life, while she was boldly ogling him. It swelled his male pride to the highest.

She desired him as much as he desired her. He fought the urge to wrap his hands around her and hold her. Almost forgetting how to breathe he tried to regain his composure. But he had more pressing matters at the moment than to celebrate his victory over his hurt manliness.

He had to figure something out and fast.

There was the problem of his swollen manhood threatening to expose him completely and jump out of his pyjamas. It was stronger than him to show her what exactly she doing to him even without touching. He never in his life had been affected by a woman in that way. It was enough for her to look at him in a special that was uniquely her, how she smiled at him, when she was annoyed by him and cursed, when she was challenging him, when she wore that cheeky and mischievous smile, good God, the list was endless.

But the most important fact, which was visible all over her flushed face, in the way she licked her soft lips, her wide pupils, trembling hands, was that she longed for him. He really felt like he was on top of a mountain. It seems that their rocky start, their endless fights and teasing were not futile, everything, that they were doing in the time between, was leading to each other.

His chest was tightened by her cautious observation which was absorbing every inch of his body, making his pulse quicken even more. He was bursting with happiness that she desired him. No, he had not lost his touch he thought smugly.

But he decided the best approach was to ease the heated situation (and himself) and slowly find the way to tell her that he loved her and beg her to stay with him for the rest of her life. So under adrenaline and vague thoughts to calm the situation down he blurted out:

"So, Fraulein I assume, next time when I want to win an argument over you, the best approach is to show up in my night robe!" He wanted to make a joke but as soon he said it, he knew it was a mistake.

A big mistake.


She immediately flinched as if suddenly woken from a deep dream by an ice bucket. Her frozen face, tense body and wide open eyes dark from desire showed how she was torn and tortured. Anger was spreading all over her face. It brought back memories of the clash by the lake.

He wanted to call her back, to apologize, but she left him hastily before he could that. He decided it was best to leave her to calm down. He knew she had to face her feelings like he had done a long time ago, obviously not aware of that before, thinking like him, it was just easy friendship.

But his sullen mood and sense of loss was suddenly overwhelmed by a deep hearty laugh, hearing her angry muffled voice: "That arrogant, pompous, pig-headed, self-centered...ugh... !".

Oh, God how he loved her.

And with big silly smile all over his face he left the kitchen, water forgotten.

Yes, things just become more serious I hope you liked...