The Potter Twins and The Philosopher's Stone

Chapter 1: Privet Drive

It is nighttime in Surrey. The moon rises high into the sky. We see an owl on the street sign that reads; "PRIVET DRIVE."

The whole place is a street with very identical looking brown bricked houses all lined up. The owl flies away and an elderly man with crimson robes and a long silvery white beard walks out of a forest near the street. The man seems as ancient as they come as he adjusts his glasses.

This is Albus Dumbledore, the greatest wizard in the world….

He walks past a tabby cat standing next to what looks like a shed. The cat keeps their eyes on the old man. He takes out what looks like a lighter of some kind and activates it.

This strange device is called a deluminator. The reason being?

Well, Dumbledore zaps all the light out of the lampposts using the device, as if sucking the light into it! That's why. He puts away the device after all of the lights are out, and he hears the meowing of a cat. Dumbledore looks down at the cat as it stares right at him.

Dumbledore, "I should have known that you would be here…. Professor McGonagall."

The cat silently looks at him, their shadow cast along the wall next to him. The cat's shadow turns into that of a woman with a tall hat. There are footsteps and Minerva McGonagall is revealed, walking towards Dumbledore in a green cloak and bent black witches hat.

McGonagall, "good evening, Professor Dumbledore…. Are the rumors true, Albus?"

Dumbledore, "I'm afraid so, Professor. The good, and the bad."

McGonagall, "dear God…. I can't believe it…. James and Lily…. Killed by that monster…."

Dumbledore, "we can only hope their sacrifices won't be in vain…."

McGonagall, "and the boys?"

Dumbledore, "Hagrid is bringing them."

McGonagall, "do you think it wise to trust Hagrid with something as important as this?"

Dumbledore, "ah, Professor, I would trust Hagrid with my life."

There is a motor sound, and the two professors look up to see a flying motorcycle coming down from the air. It skids on the street and halts. A large man with shoulder length black hair, a huge brown coat and beard takes off his goggles to look at the other two.

This is Rubeus Hagrid.

Hagrid, "Professor Dumbledore, Sir. Professor McGonagall."

Dumbledore nodded, "Hagrid."

McGonagall, "where on Earth did you get that thing?"

Hagrid, "oh! Old Sirius Black gave it to me…. He and I were both there to see what had happened. He lent me this here motorcycle to get the boys to safety."

Dumbledore, "no problems, I trust, Hagrid?"

Hagrid, "no, sir. Little tyke's fell asleep just as we were flying over Bristol. Heh. Try not to wake them. There you go."

Hagrid hands two small babies wrapped in bundles over to Dumbledore.

McGonagall, "Albus, do you really think it's safe, leaving them with these people? I've watched them all day. They're the worst sort of Muggles imaginable. Well, the husband is, at least. Going all over town, acting like they're more important than everyone else. Demanding whatever they want. They even ran into a few wizards, not that they noticed, and treated them like vermin. They treated everyone like that, in fact. They really are…."

Dumbledore, "the only family these two have."

They stop outside a house which is labeled as; 4 Privet Drive.

McGonagall, "these boys will be famous. There won't be a child in our world who doesn't know their names!"

Dumbledore, "exactly. They are better off growing up away from all that. Until they are ready."

Dumbledore places the babies on the ground slowly. Hagrid sniffles, he is sobbing a little. He clears his throat.

He said, "sorry…. It's just…. I can't believe James and Lily are…. You know…."

McGonagall, "indeed…. They were true heroes among our world…. Stood against…. You know who, since he rose to power…."

Hagrid nodded as he continued to try and hold himself together while staring at the babies.

Dumbledore, "there, there, Hagrid. It's not really goodbye, after all."

Hagrid nods. Dumbledore takes a letter and places it on the babies, who are now at the foot of the door.

Dumbledore, "good luck…. Harry and Michael Potter…."

The first baby has black hair and a lightning-bolt shaped scar on his forehead. The second has dark ginger hair and a scar on his right cheek….


Ten years later….

We see the twin boys, Harry and Michael, now 10 years old, still sleeping. Then, the light turns on outside their bedroom; a cupboard under the stairs.

A scrawny woman in garish colors knocks on the closet door repeatedly.

This is Petunia Dursley, the boys' aunt. She was the only person in the house to treat the boys with some kindness, but it was always overshadowed by her husband's terrible nature.

Petunia, "Harry, Michael, it's time to get up!"

She knocks the door of the closet and walks into the living room.

Harry is the first to wake up, turns on the bedroom light and puts on his glasses with tape on the bridge, indicating that it was partly damaged. His bright green eyes shone behind the glass as his messy black hair had to be brushed out of his eyes. He wears grey clothes that he's clearly outgrown.

His brother soon wakes up after, rubbing the sleep out of his bright brown eyes, his darl red hair sticking up everyone before he brushes it down. He had clothes like Harry's, but his were slightly more ripped and torn.

He mutters, "another day, another Dursley…."

A large, tubby boy, Dudley Dursley, suddenly comes running down the stairs above the closet. He stops half-way down and goes back, jumping on the staircase.

Dudley, "wake up, cousins! We're going to the zoo!"

Harry looks up to the joint works of the stairs with small amounts of dust rising. Michael simply rolled his eyes and muttered, "I ought to roll him in butter and stick him in a cornfield…."

Dudley laughs, comes down the stairs and runs for the kitchen. Harry tries to come out of the closet fiest, but is pushed back in by Dudley. Michael growls as he helps his brother back to his feet and the two make their way out of the tiny room. Petunia is in the kitchen, where Dudley has gone.

Petunia, "oh, here he comes, the birthday boy!"

Nearby is Vernon Dursley, the patriarch of this horrible bunch. He was the exact opposite of his wife; a large man with dull colored clothes.

Vernon, "Happy birthday, son."

Petunia and Dudley giggle together. Harry comes into the kitchen, followed by Michael.

Petunia turns to Harry and Michael and says, "boys, If you don't mind cooking the breakfast, and try not to burn anything."

Harry, "yes, Aunt Petunia."

Michael, "sure thing."

The boys could at least tolerate Petunia, since she would try to treat them with kindness when Vernon and Dudley weren't around.

Harry then gets to work on cooking the bacon as Michael prepares some coffee.

Petunia, "I want everything to be perfect for my Dudley's special day."

Vernon says to Harry, who is taking his time placing the bacon on the plates, "hurry up! Bring my coffee, boy!"

Michael said, "it's almost done, Uncle Verson."

Vernon scoffs, "for how strange you are, making coffee is the only thing you're good at…."

Whatever Vernon was referring to, made Michael turn away with a look of rage on his face, trying to calm himself down as he poured the coffee.

Petunia leads Dudley over to the family room, where there are a vast amount of presents. Dudley stares.

Petunia, "aren't they wonderful, darling?"

Dudley, "how many are there?"

Vernon, "thirty-six. Counted 'em myself."

Dudley, "thirty-six?! But last year, last year I had thirty-seven!"

Michael rolls his eyes as Harry flinches from the yelling.

Vernon, "err yes, well, some of them are quite a bit bigger than last year."

Dudley, "I don't care how big they are!"

Petunia, "oh, now, now, now. This is what we're going to do, is that when we go out, we're going to buy you two new presents! How's that, pumpkin?"

The twins serve breakfast while taking whatever scraps they can for themselves….


Later, outside the house, the morning sun rose into the sky. The happy family is heading to the car. Well, happy in regards to the Dursleys.

Petunia, "this will be a lovely day at the zoo. I'm really looking forward to it."

Harry and Michael then go to go in the car, but Vernon stops them, pointing his keys at them.

Vernon, "I'm warning you now, boys. Any funny business, any at all, and you won't have any meals for a week. Get in."

Harry gets in with a shy expression while Michael glares at his uncle while his back is turned….


At the London Zoo, the family is in the reptile house, looking at a large Boa constructor. Harry and Michael are quite interested, but Dudley is glaring at the snake.

Dudley, "make it move."

Vernon taps the glass of the cage, "move!"

Dudley taps the glass much harder, and Vernon nervously winces.

Dudley, "MOVE!"

Harry, "he's asleep!"

Dudley, "he's boring."

Dudley and his parents head over to another enclosure. Harry and Michael are left with the snake.

Michael, "the little pig wouldn't know interesting if he grew a tail."

Harry looks at the snake and says, "sorry about him. He doesn't understand what it's like, lying there day after day, having people press their ugly faces in on you."

The snake looks up and blinks.

Harry grows shocked, "can you…. Hear me?"

The snake nods.

Michael was just as shocked as Harry. Michael loved animals, and always loved interacting with them, but he had never seen his brother talk to a snake! This was new for either twin.

Harry, "it's just…. I've never talked to a snake before. Do you…. I mean…. Do you talk to people often?"

The snake shakes its head.

Michael shrugs and says, "me and Harry aren't most people…."

Harry, "you're from Burma, aren't you? Was it nice there, do you miss your family?"

The snake turns its head in the direction of a sign which says; Bred in Captivity.

Harry, "I see. That's me as well. I never knew my parents, either."

Michael, "neither of us did…. Hence why we're talking to animals…."

The now awake snake has attracted Dudley's attention. He comes over to the glass, knocking Harry to the floor. Michael goes over to Harry to make sure he's okay.

Dudley, "mommy, dad, come here! You won't believe what this snake is doing!"

Dudley puts his hands on the glass wall. With his back turned, Harry glares at him, as does Michael. Suddenly, the glass disappears, causing Dudley to wretch forward, losing his balance.

Dudley, "whoa! Ah! Ah!"

Dudley falls into the snake enclosure, sputtering in a pool of water. Harry snickers at what he saw, while Michael is full on laughing. The snake gets out of the exhibit, stopping in front of Harry and Michael

Harry hears the snake say, "thanks."

Harry, "a-anytime."

The snake slivers off to the exit, yelling, "BURMA! HERE I COME!"

There is a lot of screaming as the snake heads for freedom. Dudley gets up to get out, but the glass is now back over the enclosure. Seeing that he is now trapped, he pounds the glass in panic.

Dudley, "mom, mommy!"

Petunia notices him in the exhibit and screams, "AHH!"

Dudley, "mom, help! Help me!"

Petunia, "my darling boy! How did you get in there?! How did you get in there? Dudley, oh, Dudley!"

The twins grin and snicker. Vernon notices this and glares down at them. The boys' grins disappear, knowing that they are in trouble with Vernon.

Michael whispered, "worth it…."


Back at the Dursleys'. Petunia and a bundled up Dudley come in.

Petunia keeps assuring a distressed Dudley, "it's all right, sweetheart. It's all right."

They walk in the living room. Harry, Michael and Vernon enter. Vernon slams the door and shoves Harry and Michael against a wall, taking their hair.

Harry, "ow!"

Michael, "watch the hair!"

Vernon, "what happened?!"

Harry, "I swear I don't know!"

Michael, "it's true! One minute, the glass was there and then it was gone!"

Harry and Michael, "it was like magic!"

Vernon scoffs at this, shoves the twins in the cupboard under the stairs and slams the door

Vernon, "there's no such thing as magic!"

He blackens out the vent on the door….


It's the next day. An owl flies into view and lands itself on a TV aerial on one of the houses' roofs.

In the Dudley house, we see Dudley in his smartest school uniform, posing and smiling grandly.

Petunia, "awww, smile", she takes a photograph of him and gasps in joy, "Vernon, just look at him. I can't believe it. In just a week you'll be off to Smeltings."

Vernon, "Caveat Smeltona. Proudest moment of my life."

Harry, "will I have to wear that, too?"

They draw their attention to Harry and Michael as they stand there.

Michael mutters, "I hope not…."

Petunia gave a sorry look as Vernon said, "what, you? Go to Smeltings?"

Harry nods, questionably.

Vernon, "ha! You and your freakish brother could never go there with your

They all laugh in amusement.

Petunia, "well, er, you two will be going to the state school."

Vernon, "yes, where you belong."

Petunia goes to the kitchen and fishes out two grey shirts in boilers.

Petunia, "and this is what you're gonna be wearing when I've finished dyeing them."

Harry, "but that's Dudley's old uniform."

Michael, "and his spare!"

Harry, "it'll fit us like bits of old Elephant skin."

Petunia, "it'll fit you well enough, once I've sown them up. Please go get the post", Harry then heads to the hallway. She notices Michael staying in place and says, "go, please?"

Michael quickly follows after his brother.

Harry leaves the living room area into the hallway with Michael behind him and picks up some letters, two of which had his and Michael's names on them, with the address of where they slept. Uncle Vernon and Dudley sit at the table while Aunt Petunia is busy fixing breakfast. Harry walks in with the mail and hands it to Uncle Vernon, then walks to his seat with his letter, and hands Michael's letter to him.

Vernon says after reading a postcard, "oh, Marge is ill! Ate a funny whelk."

Dudley suddenly notices Michael and Harry's letter's and runs to grab both from them and give them to his father.

Dudley, "dad! Look! Michaek and Harry's got letters!"

Harry, "hey"

Michael, "give those back! Those are ours!"

Vernon, "yours? Who'd be writing to you?"

The family gathers to look at the address. There is a broken seal on the letters. The family looks up at Michael and Harry and gulps in fear.


Much later, another owl flies by with two letters and drops them off. Inside, Vernon grabs a handful of letters and rips them up. In the closet, Harry and Michael hear a whirring noise. They look out at Vernon drilling wood over the letterbox opening.

Vernon, "no more mail through this letterbox."

Harry quietly closes the cupboard door while Michael mutters, "why does he care about these letters so much?"

The next day, Vernon and Petunia are outside the door. Vernon is about to head off to work. Petunia kisses his cheek.

Petunia, "have a lovely day at the office, dear…."

She stops, looks and sees a bunch of owls.

Vernon, "shoo! Go on!"

She notices something and pats Vernon on the shoulder to get his attention, and what they see is more letters addressed to Harry and Michael.


Later, Petunia is cracking an egg into a bowl, and what instead comes out is a folded-up letter. She cracks another one, but another letter comes out as well. She then cracks yet another one, but the same happens again. She stares at the letter, and then she hears the owls screeching. She draws her attention to the outside of the window, and what she sees is four owls sitting on some garden chairs. Petunia then screams and runs off.


Much later, Vernon is tossing letters into the fireplace. Harry and Michael come around the corner. Vernon grins evilly and tosses more in.


It's the next day, the family is sitting around, and Harry is serving cookies while Michael gets some mugs of hot chocolate.

Vernon has a crazed look in his eyes as he says, "fine day Sunday. In my opinion, best day of the week. Why is that, Dudley?"

Dudley shrugs and doesn't answer, as Harry hands a cookie to Vernon.

Harry asks, "because there's no post on Sunday?"

Vernon, "ah, right you are, Harry. No post on Sunday. Ha! No blasted letters today. No, sir. Not one single bloody letter, not one."

Michael turns to the window and sees something that shocked him. He taps his brother Ron the shoulder, and he too sees what is outside the window. Outside, millions of owls are perched.

Vernon, "no, sir, not one blasted, miserable-"

As Vernon was talking, a letter shoots out of the fireplace and zips across Vernon's face, cutting him off. There is a rumbling and then millions of letters come shooting out of the fireplace. The family shrieks in horror as Harry and Michael watch in amazement.

Dudley, "AHH! Make it stop! Please make it stop!"

He jumps on Petunia's lap as she and Vernon continue screaming.

Vernon, "go away, ahh!"

Dudley, "what is it? Please tell me what's happening!"

Harry jumps onto the coffee table to grab a letter. Michael does the same, trying to grab a letter from atop a nearby ottoman. They both manage to grab one and start to run away. Vernon jumps up as well.

Vernon, "give me those! Give me those letters!"

He chases the boys and grabs them before they can get into their closet.

Harry, "get off! Ahh!"

Michael, "don't make me bite you!"

Vernon restrains them as several letters begin to shoot everywhere around the house.

Vernon, "ahh!"

Harry, "they're our letters! Let go of us!"

Michael, "what are you hiding from us!?"

The wood plank nailed in front of the letterbox finally breaks from the excess pressure of the letters shooting through the letter.

Vernon, "that's it! We're going away! Far away! Where they can't find us!"

Dudley, "Daddy's gone mad, hasn't he?!"

Petunia watches with a horrified look on her face, knowing that Dudley may be right. But it seems like she's hiding something as well….


And thus begins the story!