Hey guys, I have always liked the overlord anime. It is one of my favorite animes of all time but I always felt bad about how lonely he was without his friends by his side. That is why I just came up with this idea of why not bring some of his friends in. Before anyone asks, this is just something I came up on the fly. I don't know if im even going to continue it considering I have so much to deal with in real life, plus my other story "Son of The Dragon Gods" to work on so don't count on frequent updates for this one.

Today is the last day Yggdrasil would shut down forever. Yggdrasil was the best virtual reality gaming for it unnatural freedom. Many player have so much freedom in this game it is no surprise that it was a major success in gaming and always took in first place in ranking for many years. Sadly however it began to decline it got slower with new gamers and that many older players had left through various reasons. Many of it major dungeons were no longer interesting and mission became repetitive it was no surprise that company who made Yggdrasil would pull the guilds are gone but there are more that are still around and there is one guild that stay called Ainz Ooal Gown. It was a guild well known for being among the top ten guild in Yggdrasil infamous for being PVP/PKER guild and very defensive to the point if any of it member get attacked they would crush the their enemy when they got enough information. It is also famous for owning a place called The Great Tomb of Nazarick, An underground guild base that consisted of ten floors. All of member put almost everything to the base they worked day and night to make evil as possible, it was highly regarded as most feared and legendary dungeon because of it difficulty to the point that a host of 1500 player and mercenary NPCs couldn't beat it which gave the guild a fearsome reputation for it.

The guild itself was originally a clan called Nine's Own Goal founded by players that are tired of getting killed for being heteromorphic race and decided to become monster that hunts down human player for their actions against them. When they conquered The Great Tomb of Nazarick that they dissolved their clan and turned it into the guild that we know today.

Sadly however members of ainz ooal gown began to leave the guild through various reason know among the members of the guild there only one player left in the guild who is called Momonga the guildmaster itself. when it was announced that all the server would be shut down Momonga saddened at it announcement decide to send a message to all of members about it hoping that for last time they would spend time in the game final moments together for one final time. Normally this shouldn't have as he hope for only one member arrive and left but what happen if that wasn't the case?

Momonga appeared in the meeting room where all 41 members of Ainz Ooal Gown sit down and talk. He looked around saddened at it emptiness hooping that maybe they would come back for one last reunion. Momonga sit down in his respective chair and thought about all the hard work that was going to be a waste. "Dammit... everything that we work on to maintain this place... to be perfect..." He thought about it angrily and then he slightly lighten up for one thing. "I hope that everyone can get here soon I missed them..." He thought of them coming back make him happy.

Unfortunately, as time went by, he saw that none of them were able to make it. He honestly could not blame them since unlike him, they had prioritized the real world over a game which is very reasonable although he was saddened by the fact that they couldn't even come say goodbye. He got up from his seat and moved to the pedestal where lied the staff of Ainz Oowl Gown. The tale of the creation of this item was legendary. Most, if not all of his friends used up their free time and payed vacation in order to gather the required materials to build this staff. Some even argued with their families in order to be able to help create this amazing item.

Since the game was about to end, he decided to grab the staff and headed towards the throne room. Opening the doors, he stopped and spotted Sebas and the Pleiadas bowing their heads to him. Sebas was an NPC created by the original leader of Nine Ooal Gown, the world champion touch me. Behind him, the Pleiades were combat maids that were created by Herohero, Whitebrim and Flatfoot. They were meticulous when creating them and he could remember Herohero shouting "maids are justice", indicating a fascination to maids although it was probaby due to his job as a manga artist. The combat maids were placed on the 9th floor in order to be able to delay any intruder who was able to make it this far. Any person who was able to defeat the monsters on the eight floor would no doubt be able to easily despatch them which is why their job is mostly to buy time for the 41 supreme beings to gather in the throne room where they would welcome the intruders and proceed to battle them. Fortunately, the great raid of 1500 players was thwarted during the assult on the eight floor so the maids never received any action. Since this is the last day, he may as well have them follow him.

"Follow" he gave the command and all of them followed behind him. Eventually they made their way to the entrance of the throne room whee the doors opened slowly revealing a magnificent room. He made his way to the throne room and sat on the throne.

(Everything then proceeds as usual)



"It's been fun while it lasted" he said closing his eyes. His only lamentation being the fact that he couldn't see his friends one last time.



And so Momonga was transported to the new world. However, unbeknownst to him, something took place in the final moments without his knowledge.

~In the real world

Bright light from a computer shines in the darkness showing a notification from Yggdrasil something that is unlikely to the person before it however he is not the only one that got it though. A couple of individuals received it as well and they were all shocked they received an email from the game they had all quit but curiosity got the better of them and they all decided to see what the message entailed. Much to their shock, it was from someone that they knew very well before they left the game. They decided to check what going on here. It was a message from their guild leader himself, Momonga.

"Hello guys I know that you are confused why you got this. I waished to inform you all that Yggdrasil is going to shut down for last time and they would send this announcement to everyone that ever played it even those that stop playing it for years the announcement has apparently give the guild the ability to sent message to everyone that are members to guild as a way to give the guild a way to potentially reunited for the last time. I hope that you get this and made your choice when you finished.

Your guildmaster and friend




"Yggdrasil is finished today"

"all our hard work wasted"

"NOOO my beloved Shalltear will be gone"

"Aura and Mare. I want to see them one last time"


"No way"

All of them took notice of the time and saw that it was 23:50 meaning they only had 10 minutes to join in to at least say goodbye to Momonga.

Each one thought about it they had a job they have to work too and yet they can't leave Momonga alone. The fact that he stayed there for years even after all of them left waiting for them to come back if on-Ding! a message show up from their jobs they look up and much to their disbelief is that they were given a day off from their work for some problem in the company they worked it was a worker dream come true and they going to used it to log in they got in menu they click start and then.

You require update… commencing update


Even when the game is ending, the devs had to be assholes.

The update went on as time ran out. Unfortunately, when the update reached 100% so too did the twelve stroke of midnight stroke at the same time. Each member closing their eyes in regret of not being able to see their guild leader one last time.

However, when they opened their eyes next, they found themselves in a familiar setting. They were inside the throne room located on the 10th floor.

"Huh, wasn't the server supposed to shut down at midnight?" someone said.

There were 10 of them who looked around and they all noticed each other. They were Touch-me, Bukubukuchagama, Peroronchino, Ulbert Alain Odle, Takemikazuchi, Nishikienrai, Tabula, Punitoe Moe, Yamaiko, Herohero and Dracon. All 10 of them were hetermorphic players who were members of the guild and they had not seen each other in months and even years after having stopped playing the game.

Touch-me was what is known as an insectoid, covered in a blue colored carapace with scythe like apandages that could easily rip through steel like paper thanks to his level 100 strength. He was known as the strongest member of Ainz ooal gown as well as one of the very few players who had acquired the "World Champion" class making him one of the most powerful players in the game.

Ulbert Alain Odle is what is known as a demon. His appearance looks like a goat, crowned with a pair of wickedly curved golden horns. He is dressed in a black suit and velvet cape, with a rose pinned on his left shoulder. Upon his head is a beau and the right side of his face is covered with a golden mask. He had acquired the World Disaster class and the strongest Spellcaster in the guild alongside Tabula.

Both Yamaiko and Takemikazuchi were Nephilims whose size dwarfs basically everyone else, except for one person in the room with them. Where they differ would be their builds. Takemikazuchi was focused on offensive oriented skills, especially those similar to Samurais who he absolutely loves. Yamaiko, meanwhile focused more on support skills as she was the cleric of the group specializing in healing and buffing her team. Of course, that does not mean she doesn't like to get a bit offensive. She is probably one of the more reckless members when it comes to fighting preferring to simply charge into battle without thinking of a plan.

Nishikierai is a half golem Hetermorph who prides himself at being a ninja. In short, he is basically the assassin or spy of the guild capable of killing other players in one go. Punitoe Moe was a plant type monster and was the teams main Strategist.

Bukubukuchagama and Herohero are both slimes of different variations. Bukubukuchagama focused her build purely as a tank to be able to handle large amounts of damage for her team while Herohero was more of a damage dealer and his class also allowed him to destroy enemy player's items which made him a very troublesome player to deal with especially melee fighters.

Peroronchino is basically a birdman. He has wings, talons and a head that resembles a bird like mask. He was a long range combatant who focused on taking out enemies at a distance. He was basically a sniper that dealt a lot of damage but was a glass cannon himself.

Last but not least, Dracon is an Ancient Dragonoid standing about 8 feet tall. He is by far the tallest being of the group, surpassing his fellow comrades Takemi and Yamaiko's height of 7 feet. Despite his obvious height, his most remarkable feature was the fact that his entire body was covered in prismatic scales which gave him abnormal defensive stats. This type of dragon was scarcely found in Yggdrasil despite the fact that they boasted superior stats than most, if not all classes. That reason being that they were hunted down constantly due to the reward for killing them. When killing a prismatic dragon, they would drop a prismatic scale which had almost the same properties as prismatic ores, which were the most valuable material as well as the strongest materials found in Yggdrasil. With them, you would be able to produce high quality items and if you gathered enough prismatic ores, you would be able to create the world item known as Caloric stone. The prismatic scale dropped by killing a prismatic dragon offered the same properties as a prismatic ores so once players found out about it, they immediately hunted all of them down to literal extinction. After all, it was easier to kill those players than finding prismatic ore mines. Basically, if you had selected prismatic dragon as your class, you were hunted down by everybody. Human, demi-human, Hetermorph and even fellow dragon players hunted them down. This caused many players to immediately quit the game or simply change their classes to a different species. Dracon was one of the very few players remaining who didn't give up on the class and tried his best to level up. Unfortunately, with more and more players shifting classes to escape persecution, he became constantly hunted over and over again.

At one point, even his will started to crumble. However, one day he was saved by the members of Ainz Ooal Gown, specifically Touch-me and Momonga who defended him from being killed again by other players. At first, Dracon thought that they were also after him but that worry vanished the moment they begun introducing themselves and explaining who they were. He was invited to join their guild and he accepted since it would be far more efficient and easier to play as a group. He immediately got along with every member of the guild and came to regard them as the closest friends he could make. Under their guidance and aid, he was able to safely level up until finally he had reached his peak at level 100 and became known as one of the strongest players in Yggdrasil.

"Oh hey guys. It has been a long time hasn't it" said Dracon who started the conversation.

"Yes it has. Work has been rather draining for me as usual" said Herohero.

"You should really find another job Hero-san. Preferably one that wouldn't kill you lol" said Peroronchino who started laughing until he got hit in the head by a pink tentacle that belonged to his sister.

"You shouldn't say things like that you stupid brother. Sorry Herohero-san for my brother's idiocy" said bukubukuchagama-san to hero who simply dismissed it with a wave of his own tentacle.

"Don't worry about it, I'm sure he didn't mean any harm." Replied Herohero.

"Hahaha, even after all this time, your sibling relationship remained the same heh." Said Ulbert who enjoyed seeing the interactions between siblings.

"hey, it is a younger brother's duty to listen to their older sister. If it wasn't for me, he would probably have assaulted some loli." Complained buku which got a reaction from her brother.

"Hey, that's not true sis." Complained Peroronchino

"Unfortunately, I can't help but agree with Buku's statement" said Yamaiko who made her way forward.

"Yamaiko-channnnnn so good to see you after all this time" said a very happy pink slime.

"Good to see you too." Even though Yamaiko had no facial expression, one could tell by her tone that she was also happy.

"Did everyone here get the same message I did?" asked Takemikazuchi.

"You mean the one from Momonga, correct?" said a Punitoe Moe.

"I'm pretty sure we all received it. Based on the contents of the message, he must have sent it to all of us. I came by hoping to at least say good bye to Momonga" explained Tabula

"Same here"

"Yeah" was the response of every single person.

"By the way, have the shitty devs decided to extent the servers shutdown. I could have sworn my update installment ended by midnight so I should have been disconnected?" said Herohero

"Yes, same thing for us. Was there some type of delay. What time is it now?" asked Nishikerai.

"ummmm guys. I can't seem to open the console" said Dracon. Everyone looking at him trying to open his console with a swipe of his prismatic arms.

Everyone tried to open their console only to be met with failure. This caused some panic to rise within each member.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON" they all screamed at the same time.

"Is this some type of prank from those devs." Shouted Ulbert.

"Let us out of here, you shitty devs." Shouted Peroronchino at the ceiling flailing his arms.

"Alright guys, please let's calm and try to rationalize this situation." Said Touch-me who tried his best to calm down his friends. Momonga was always good at these types of things but he was a close second being the former leader. It seemed to work and everyone breathed in to calm their nerves.

"Alright, now that everyone's calm, what do we know so far." He asked Punitoe- Moe who was the strategist of Ainz ooal gown. If anyone can figure this out, it would be him.

"Let's see. First we all completed out updates of Yggdrasil at the same time as the shut down." Punitoe raised one of his vines, then raised a second one.

"Two, we somehow all managed to enter Yggdrasil, despite the fact that servers should have shut down."

"And three, we somehow cannot open our UI consoles." He ended causing everyone to nod their heads in agreement.

"Do you think it's some type of malfunction?" asked Yamaiko.

"Hmm, it could be. In that case, Let's try contacting the GM directly so we can hopefully shed some light on this situation." Punitoe moe said.

Everyone tried but only received static in return indicating the message had failed.

"I was unable to contact the GM. Anyone had any luck" inquired Touch-me. Even he was starting to get a little restless.



"Didn't work"

It seems none of them were able to contact the GM.

"Well this is very weird indeed. I would understand having a single function malfunction due to the shutdown imminent but for even the GM message to fail. Something is truly wrong here" pondered Tabula.

"umm guys!" everyone turned their attention to Dracon.

"What is it Dracon?" asked Yamaiko.

"There's something else that is very strange that I noticed. All of our avatars are moving and talking." He said. Everyone had question marks above their heads.

"Well yeah bro. This is a game so of course we can move and talk" came from Peroronchino.

"No, I mean. Our jaws were moving when you all talked. Plus Herohero and buku-sempai were able to move their tentacles in ways not previously possible. Plus… I can feel the breeze across my skin. This function never existed in Yggdrasil. Also, my voice is a lot deeper than my usual voice. It sounds more primal" they heard him say.

It took them all a moment to realize that he was correct. Many of them touched their mouths and could feel them moving. Both slimes were able to feel the ground underneath their bodies while Peroronchino and Dracon felts their wings flap. All these features were definitely not included in Yggdrasil. It was impossible to create a sense of feeling in the game.

"Whats going on?"

"Did we just become our avatars. Is this some weird Iseikai'd thing I've read in mangas" inquired peroronchino.

Now that they all thought about it and focused, it did seem like they all became their avatars and they felt a few changed as well.

"If this were any other situation I would find it Kinda cool that I'm a dragon. These wings and tail feel very natural to me which is weird. How are you guys feeling?" Dracon said in a worry tone to see if they are okay with their new bodies. Nishikienrai sigh. "I don't know, I feel so odd and that I'm half golem which I should be heavy yet I feel light somehow." he said then Touch Me said "I feel like I can tear through steel with my mouth somehow" Takemikazuchi come up to Touch me "My body feel heavy and yet I move with no problem" and then Peroroncino come up next to Punitoe Moe while saying. "I feel weird with how many feathers I have and my eyes feel I don't know how to describe but it like I can see everything." he explained to them. "I feel somewhat malicious like I want to destroy something like my class meant to be actually." Everyone looked at Ulbert and realized that there seems to be something wrong with their minds. " Yeah now I realize that I had this nagging feeling like I didn't make experiment or something." Tabula said giving a worry look then HeroHero said. "Guys I think these bodies are changing our perspective and our minds here heck I'm a very hungry right now." HeroHero said until Bukubukuchagama immediately said."I don't know about you but, I also want food! I've never been this hungry in my entire life. I feel I could eat an entire dragon." Her statement caused Dracon to flinch as he backed away very slowly.

Seeing his reaction caused Bukubukuchagama to flail her arms trying to fix this misunderstanding.

"Oh nonono, I didn't mean it literally. Sorry if I caused you to be uncomfortable Dracon-san" said an apologetic Buku-chan.

"No, it's ok buku-chan. I know you didn't actually mean anything by it." Said Dracon with a smile.

"Alright, now that the matter is settled, what do we do now? We need to understand what's going on!" said Tabula. His tentacles moving about indicating how nervous he truly was.

"Your right but what ca-"


Every single one of them was startled by the sudden noise. They turned around towards it only to find 2 maids with a broken tray underneath one of them meaning that they must have dropped them as soon as they saw them. Their hands clamsped on their mouth with clear signs of tears strolling down their faces.

"Wait a minutes. Aren't they part of the homunculus maids you made Herohero?" Dracon asked pointing at the maids. Taking a closer look, Herohero agreed with his statement.

"Your right. Those two are sixth and Decrement if I recall correctly. This means we truly are in nazarick."

"I-I can't believe it. The-the supreme beings have returned" they all heard someone say. Everyone looked at each other.

"Did any of you say that?" Ulbert asked which was followed by a series of negative shakes. Afterwards, they turned their attention to the only other two beings in the room which were the maids. The two of them walked closer and then bowed before their leaders in tears, happy to see them return once more to grace their presence.

"My lords!" they bowed gracefully. The Supreme beings were speechless for a very specific reason.

"D-Did they just talk?. They couldn't do that before."

"Whats going on?"

The two maids, seeing their masters uncomfortable tried their best to see what was bothering them.

"My lords, is something the matter. Please let us know so we can help?" Unfortunately, they were too preoccupied with their situation to have heard them so taking this as a sign, sixth asked decrement to go fetch Ainz since he would know what to do.

"Decrement, please notify Ainz-sama of the supreme beings return." Sixth asked gaining a slight nod from decrement who quickly made her way to Ainz office.

Inside Momonga's office

Ainz and all his guardians were looking over all the footage taken during the workers invasion.

Ainz turned to Albedo — who was nervously awaiting Ainz's opinion — and smiled broadly — although a skeletal face could not show any expressions — before praising her:

"Very well done. While the intruders were all weak, they were fairly skilled among the humans of this world. In addition, you eliminated them with barely any expenditures. It would seem I can entrust the task of defense to you in future."

"Thank you for your praise."

Albedo looked visibly relieved as she bowed her head in gratitude.

"Then, Ainz-sama, are there any problems with the time?"

"It's fine. I've asked Pandora's Actor; while the people on top think the Workers are taking their time, they've decided to wait one day, or until there's some change in the ruins."

After seeing that none of the Workers had returned by dawn, the adventurers had flown into a panic, but Momon — Pandora's Actor — suggested that they wait another day and see. While they had already arranged that to leave the campsite and observe from further away in case of emergency, the word of an adamantite-ranked adventurer carried more weight than their previous plans.

"All in all, everything has gone according to plan. Aura and Mare will both be dispatched to the Empire very soon and from th-" However before he could continue, he was interrupted by the sound of his door being swung open by what seemed to be one of his maids. Upon taking a closer look, it was decrement and she seemed to have run all the way towards his office, meaning she has an urgent message to deliver otherwise no one in Nazarick would have the audacity to interrupt a meeting between he and his fellow guardians without permission. The guardians on the other hand were not happy about the interruption, especially Albedo who looked upon Decrement in anger.

"What do you think you are doing, Decrement. We are in the middle of a meeting with Ainz-sama and you dare interrupt us-"

"It's alright albedo" He silenced her raising his letting her know it's alright.

"I'm sure she has good reason for this sudden interruption so let her speak."

"Yes Ainz-sama" Albedo bowed.

"Now, Decrement, would you mind telling what's the matter" he asked the maid who was still hunching trying to catch her breath. When she lifted her head, everyone saw that she was crying. Ainz, being the salaryman who never went out with a girl, was thoroughly confused.

'heh, what's going on. Why is she crying? Was Albedo a bit to rough on her'

"Are you alright?" he added concerned for her well-being.

"I'm fine my lord. I bring urgent news." She told him. Ainz thought to himself, what news could be so urgent that a maid had to run all the way here to notify him during an important meeting.

A sudden thought came to him.

'it can't be'

He got up from his seat "Are we possibly under attack?" His question made all the guardians go wide eyed in disbelief.

'Dammit, I can't believe I was this careless. I shouldn't have assembled all the guardians. I should have left Shalteer to guard the first floor while the meeting was going on and then relay all that occurred. This is my mistake. Punitoe moe would surely admonish me for this'

However, his fears seem to have been quenched by Decrement who shook her head negatively.

"No my lord. In fact, I bring the greatest news of all… The Supreme beings have returned."

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