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//Say hello to the night, Lost in the shadows. Say hello to the night, Lost in the loneliness//


Molly Holly's lifeless body was currently being lifted from the ground in a stretcher by the medical team. Chris Jericho had a hand over his mouth and was desperately trying to fight back tears. Standing closer to the stretcher was Shawn Michaels, who was screaming Molly's name. In between Jericho and Michaels was Hunter Hearst Helmsley, known better to most as Triple H.

All three of these men were bitter rivals and all of these men had something in common with Molly.

They were all her brothers.

They all shared the same last name, but none used it as their ring name. It was their fault that Molly was on that stretcher at this moment, and they wished that they could simply take away what they had done to her. The crowd was despairingly silent. Unusually silent. Molly's stretcher was wheeled up the ramp, and her three older brothers followed slowly, as if they were marching to their deaths.

Or, marching Molly to her death.


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