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Grissom stepped into his office but was stopped by an unexpected sight. "Is this my office?"

"I needed a quiet place." Catherine replied without looking up from the stack of papers in front of her. "You don't mind, do you?"

He smiled when he was sure she wouldn't see, then answered in his best stern voice, "I don't think I have a choice."

Hearing his tone, she peeked up at him and when she saw his smirk, she chuckled, "No, you don't."

"Paperwork?" He pretended to peek at her papers before taking his own seat on the other side of the desk.

"Isn't it always? Speaking of which, have you done yours?" She looked up at him with a smile, already anticipating his answer.

"No." He sighed, gesturing at his own pile of forms and files, "You wanna do them for me?"

"Do you really hate paperwork that much, Grissom?"

"Yes. So much so that sometimes I wonder why they don't just give you my position. You'd do a much better job at it."

"Hey, you're preaching to the choir here!" She laughed but stopped when she noticed the look of suspicion on his face, "I'm just kidding, Gil. I have no desire to push you out of the way just so I can get a little more money."

He smiled but said nothing.

"You do know that I was never serious about being able to do your job better than you, right? When you were named supervisor, I had no problem with it. You were the best person for the job and you still are."

"I don't wanna be the reason why you never get your chance to shine."

"Don't think too highly of yourself now." She chuckled.

"Cath, you know that if you wanted it, they would give you my job on a silver platter in a second."

"And I don't want it."


"Because as much as I like handing paperwork in on time, I still hate it as much as you do." She grinned. "Plus, I'm pretty much the boss around here anyway. I don't need to be known as one by title."

Grissom raised an eyebrow and shared a laugh with her before they both returned to their paperwork