Beauty and the Demon

Disclaimer: Inuyasha and Walt Disney definitely do not belong to me. However, someday I hope to earn enough money to buy them off. =0D

A/N: Konnichiwa! Mia here.. Thanks to IceDragon for the idea of making it her grandfather instead of her father. And don't worry SilverStarWing, if I do write this, it will only be based on the movie. There will be plenty of different aspects to the fanfic and I will try to make it as interesting as I can. One more thing; if this idea works out well, I might even continue a sort of "series" of Disney-based (or any movie-based maybe) fanfics. Let me know what movies you guys would like me to take a spin off of, if any. =0)

SUMMARY (revised again): Kagome Higurashi is a sweet and quiet girl who lives with her grandfather. He is an inventor, however unable to create a successful one in many years. Everyday, Kagome goes to the local archery club and practices vigorously and aggressively, despite her reserved nature. Everyone in town considers her a tomboy and look down upon her unusual behavior. Kagome, not really bothered by their opinions, never seems to get enough of the world, until she meets a strange creature in the woods, named Inuyasha, who has taken her grandfather prisoner! How will she save him from the demon's treacherous claws? And what happens when she does? (This is a story of love and fantasy, based on the Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast.)