Beauty and the Demon

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A/N: Remember, this story takes place in the modern-day time period and in a semi-small town near the woods, just like in the Disney movie. Thanks again for the reviews. In response to some: IceDragon, Miroku is the candle because in the movie, Lumiere was a ladies-man, so he matched up with Miroku pretty well. Shippou was the little cute one, so he goes with the little Chip. Hachi is the clock because, well, I didn't wanna make Sango that character, but she will make her appearance in this chapter. =0) To Sakura Avalon, the romance will come soon. I just have to set up the story and all that, it being an AU and all. Don't worry, there will be plenty of fluff in this, as I, myself, love reading fluffiness in other people's fics. Hehe. And to everyone else, thanks for the compliments on my story! I promise to try not to let you guys down. ^_^ And lastly, there is a sketch of Kagome of BD in my profile. Go there to check it out, if you like.

IV. Strange Meetings

            Kagome was drowning in a light green pool of soft and shiny silk. As her senses finally began to return, she smiled softly. She stretched and opened her eyes and suddenly realized that she wasn't in her room. Above her was more of the light green silk of the four-poster bed and the walls around her an off-white, definitely different from the blue cotton bed sheets and pure white walls of her room at home. She shot up quickly and darted towards the large window on the other side of the room. Felipe was tied to a tree outside. She remembered walking into a big mansion, up to the tower and then… "Oh my God." Turning around and pressing her back against the wall, she sank down slowly. The red eyes. The fangs. The claws. Tears spilled onto her cheeks as she finally realized just what she had done. I gave up my life to that… that creature. That demon! She pulled her knees up to her and wrapped her arms around them. Oh Grandpa, please be okay. Don't let my sacrifice be wasted…


            After silently crying for a little while, Kagome stood up and walked over to the mirror to check her appearance. She laughed a little and said to herself, "Look at how horrible you look." Her eyes were puffy from her tears, her hair rustled from her sleep, and her clothes a little dirty from the filth of the tower and wrinkled. As she tried to fix whatever damage had been done with just her hands, she heard a soft laugh come from somewhere behind her. She turned around, almost afraid to be face-to-face with the demon again. But when she heard it once more, she recognized it as a feminine laugh. Where was it coming from, though? There was nobody in the room except her. Walking to the bed and sitting down, she looked around and sighed. "I'm already starting to lose my mind!"

There was another soft laugh. "No, you're not. I'm right here."

Kagome heard the voice but didn't see anyone.

"Right in front of you."

The only thing in front of her was a tall and slender, light pink dresser with black borders, pushed up against the wall, several feet away.

"Okay, Kagome. Take deep breaths. Calm down. You're just tired…" She instructed herself, closing her eyes and inhaling.

Again she heard laughter.

"Kagome?" The voice called. When she opened her eyes, she noticed that the dresser had somehow moved and was now directly in front of her. It was also… bending? Its eyes were staring into hers.



"AHHHH!" She cried, falling back onto the bed. She scooted back frantically, terrified.

"Don't be scared, Kagome-chan. I know it's unbelievable, but, well…" The dresser stood up straight. If it could even be called that.

"Unbelievable?… Of course it's unbelievable! How is it possible that you can talk… a-and move like that?!"

The dresser plopped onto the bed. "I was once a human." It turned to look back at Kagome, who was now looking at it intently. "A spell was cast upon this mansion and everyone in it changed into some type of object."



"So, you're really a human? Just… uh. Enchanted?" Kagome asked. It was weird, yes, but this was also the type of.. let's say, spark that she'd wanted in life. Wasn't it?

"Yes. By the way, my name is Sango." She smiled.

Kagome smiled back. "I am Kagome… as you probably heard me say to myself earlier." Then it dawned on her. "Hey, that's what you were laughing at, huh? That I was talking to myself?" Both began to laugh. Maybe this won't be so bad after all. I mean, it hasn't even been a day and yet I've already made a friend.

"Kagome-chan… you must know. I am a servant here, in this mansion. Everyone here is, actually. Our master.. Inuyasha-sama-"

"Inuyasha…" So that's his name. Fits him well.

"He's not as bad as he looks."

"Not as bad as he looks? He almost tried to kill me! And he was so cruel to my grandfather…" Kagome's eyes drifted down to her hands as she remembered.

"Well, he's had a rough life. Of course he is a very stubborn male who never smiles or shows affection for anything, but, deep down inside I believe he suffers a lot. I mean, when this happened about three years ago, the incident that changed us all, his love interest seemed to just disappear. She was someone that I'm sure he really cared about. During that time, he would be very kind to us, but now.. he's completely different." Sango stood up from the bed and opened her little doors, revealing a small closet full of clothing. "Anyway, he has invited you to dinner tonight, and he instructed me to give you some cleaner clothes."

Dinner? I just realized how hungry I am.. but, will it be safe? He's a demon.. what if dinner meant eating ME? Kagome cringed at the thought. But Sango said that he cared for a woman. Could that be true? Her curiosity was now piqued due to the information she had heard.

"Yes. Now, here, what about this?" She had pulled out a dark green skirt (A/N: Just like the one she wears in the series.) and a tank top similar to the one she was already wearing. "You can just leave the white shirt on. It looks clean enough."

"Umm.. alright…" (A/N: Yes, in this fic and unlike the movie, she will actually go to dinner. =0)) Right when she was done changing, there was a light tap on the door. A clock walked in announcing that dinner was ready. Well, here goes…


            After following the clock down to the first floor and into a dining room, Kagome found herself sitting in one of the chairs of the longest tables she had ever seen. Fortunately, dinner meant an entire Japanese banquet, not Kagome. All the way across the table was Inuyasha. Although his features looked the same, a calmer presence replaced his angered one from before. She found it quite intriguing that he could act pretty civilized and even look human, wearing black pants and a dark red long-sleeve shirt. He looks so cute…

            "What'rya starin' at, wench?!" His voice pierced her thoughts.

            Did I say cute? Forget that thought. "Wench? Excuse me, but I have a name, you know."

            "I don't care. You are mine, so I will call you whatever I want. Wench." He smirked at her, his fangs almost shining in the light.

            His? That almost sounds like he… Her cheeks darkened at thought. Why am I thinking like this? He's in love with that other girl… Ahh~ hold on! Who cares if he's in love with her?! What am I THINKING???

            Inuyasha, sensing the heat on her cheeks, looked up from his food. She was blushing. But why? "Oi, what's your problem? Why are you all red?"

            "I, uh.. the steam from the food is just making me a little hot. It's quite stuffy in here, don't you think?" She faked a laugh lightly and tried to busy herself with her chopsticks.

            "Whatever you say." Inuyasha continued to eat, his thoughts wandering. Why? Why does she look like her? Even though there is barely a resemblance, she does look like her a little bit… He began to growl at the thought. Glancing up to get a look at her face again, he saw that she was no longer sitting in the seat across from him. Suddenly his nose told him that she was standing right behind him. "What the hell?" Then he felt a slender fingers caressing his doggy ears gently. After momentarily subjecting himself to the pleasure that came from the sensation, he turned around and bared his fangs at the girl.

            "I'm sorry!" Kagome backed off quickly.

            "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" He stood up and stared at her in the eyes, his mouth twisted in a snarl. Although he loved the feeling, he hated admitting it to people.

            "I-I just noticed them and had this weird impulse to touch them." Her eyes pleaded with him. "Please, don't hurt me; I won't do it again. I swear." Her chestnut eyes filled with tears, in fear that he would hurt her.

            Inuyasha heard the panic in her voice. Why is she so scared? His brow furrowed. "Just don't touch them again," he said softly, turning and sitting back down.

Kagome was a little confused. What was up with that look in his eyes?

            For the duration of the meal, neither of them said another word. Before she was about to go back to her room, she bowed to him, unwilling to leave just yet. She wanted to know more about him. She wanted to test her curiosities with him. She even wanted to touch his ears again, even though she dared not to. She wanted to ask him many questions. But, she wasn't able to do anything for he nodded slightly and refused to look at her again. He seemed to be deep in thought.

A/N: Well, that's it for this one. It took me a while to write it since I was getting writer's block. ^^; Oh yeah, you guys might be wondering why Sango is the dresser person in the room.. it's because it seemed like a good character for her because if Kagome needed someone, she would always be there. Also, like a friend, she would be able to provide her with an opinion on her clothes. Haha. I guess that means that there won't be Miroku/Sango in this; sorrie guys! Maybe I'll write a fic solely for them. We'll see. =0P