"Go. Go. Go. Go."

- Sonic Mania mini-boss music

"Stir whip stir whip whip whip whip stir."

- Harvey Corman

Salenma was more than happy to try someone else on for size. She was used to long raven locks hanging over a wide open bodice spilling out copious feminine rondures and creamy bare legs, but she still felt right at home in a capelet and thigh highs. Other brush witches would probably complain this scrap of flesh was too much of a downgrade, but she was satisfied with anything that had pretty hair, respectably mature proportions, and a high mana potential. Now, what do about this dastardly young vampire hunter who came along as her new body's accessory.

The smoldering results of Jonathan's and Charlotte's teamwork were laid out in front of them on the charred soil of the demon arboretum. The molten, colorless, and mostly shapelessly remains used to belong to a massive sentient tree carved with a perpetually laughing face.

All that was left of the unholy dendron were charred logs with the charred bones of several ancient victims strung to its collapsed branches. One set of blackened calcium particles were likely Salenma's brittle old frocks. Now she wore a master sorceress in her prime with some rear charms that were just slightly too wide for her miniskirt.

Charlotte had absentmindedly breathed a little too much of the ghostly pale smoke rising up from the sacrificial tree's remains. That was always the problem with these newer sibyls. No matter how much you warned them and tried to remind them with wooden planks written in black goat's blood saying "YOUR BREATH ESCAPES YOU. YOUR WARMTH IS MY BEACON. YOUR SKIN WILL BE MINE," they always forgot to shield all the important orifices from spirit-vapors. Oh well. One girl's junk, another malevolent dame's treasure.

"Uhh… you okay, Charlotte?" Jonathan asked as he caught his breath. He could barely stay on his feet while he looped the Vampire Killer through the holster on his waist.

"Of course I am, Johnny. Why are you worried about me?" Charlotte answered calmly, quaintly. She seemed almost too peaceful after the intense war they had just fought against demonic man-eating timber.

The witch could recall all of her most intimate knowledge and memories as if they had never belonged to someone else. She remembered the hunter's name, and even put her own seductive spin on it. Now she just had to get used to the youthfully demure squeak in her voice.

"You just look a little… strange," Jonathan scratched his sweaty blonde bangs out of his eyes. Charlotte smiled warmly at him as she elegantly crossed her palms in front of her waist. Her pupils blinked sideways.

The hunter flinched away from his mage partner for a second. But then he decided being called "Johnny" more than made up for it. She had never shown him this kind of affection before, and he was beginning to notice she really was rather beautiful, minor optical anomalies notwithstanding.

He sighed in exhaustion as his posture slouched. Charlotte quickly wrapped her arms around him and held her palm against his sternum to support him. Now she was the one worried about him.

"You poor dear! You're hurt!" she said with an uncharacteristically rich accent. Was that… Moldovan?

Jonathan very stubbornly, and very stupidly, shook his head.

"Fight just took a lot out of me."

"Well, let's find some soft ground for you to lie down on so I can use my magicks," Charlotte smiled just a little too suggestively. "I'll sap all the achies right out of you."

Jonathan agreed with her advice by uttering a weak grunt and lightly resting his hand on her hip.

Foolish, foolish mortals. Wave some rose-tinted pheromones under their nose and they would follow you like a puppy straight into the grave. She'd have him reduced to a prune overnight. He would be ripe Leaf Wraith material in the morning.

Author's note: Get out of there Morris.

Author's note 2: Recycling and adapting an eco-friendly lifestyle aren't always good things Morris.

Author's note 3: Another title I thought about using for this story is "Terribly Malicious." I might end up using that one later. How many fanfics can I write with the same initials as Teito Moyu?

Author's design notes: "Leaf Wraith" is the same enemy type as those "Leafman" / "Invsibile Wraith" things from Castlevania IV. They're basically Mudmen except they're made out of parts of the forest. "Salenma" is the result of me being lazy with character naming conventions. "I just took 'Salem' and added an extra syllable to it, durhurhurhur."