I was so tired to see Naraku always destroying everyone's heart, bla bla bla. I know that so are you. So, let's just kill that sarcastic king kong??

Sixteen ways to kill Naraku Put your finger on his eye. Take his monkey and hairy head and hit on the walls. Just don't forget to say: "Die you damn bastard! Diiieeeee!" Give him a poisoned banana. Or… A dynamite banana. Sing him the Teletubbies' theme song. (Maybe after this he doesn't survive. Thanks God!) Ask Kagome to scream out loud on his ear (That's so lovely) Say that Santa Claus in waiting him on the top of a really high building. When he comes up there, push him to challenge the gravity lay. Threaten him to cut that enormous mane. Tell Sesshomaru's so much handsome than him. Order him to smell his own miasma* Tie him up in a chair and let Inuyasha, Sango and all his enemies (half Feudal Japan) take care of him. Force him to watch the newest pokemon phase. If he doesn't cooperate, tickle him. Lock the "victim" in a dark room, without windows, with my neighbor's assassin poodle. Clone him and make him support himself. Say him that, if he wants to be forgiven by your crimes, he has to do communitarian services, being Shippo's nanny.

PS: If nothing above works, don't give up. Someday he'll be killed. Or… you can pay for a serial killer (Jack's free on Saturday)!

* I don't know how it's called in English, but I'm talking about that horrible smell that is one of Naraku's attacks.             

N/A: I know that Naraku have been killed by Inuyasha on the second movie, but for me, that didn't see it, he's still alive ^_^ I wonder when I'll can see this movie ;_; . Gomen ne, I really suck on English!