She didn't know how long it had been. She remembered a final confrontation with Trigger now combining all of his powers… a light… and then Kengo Manaka comforting her as she lost her consciousness. But now, Carmeara had awoken, finding herself back in her human form, surrounded by terrified police officers, with no signs of the damage she had wrought. "Hold it right there.", one of them declared, going for his baton. "Don't make any sudden moves."

"Heh. How pitiful." Though her power was not fully back yet, Carmeara was still able to generate an energy whip to knock the one who had spoken down. To her surprise, it also had the effect of electrocuting the poor man. The other two were quick to flee, as Carmeara stared at her hand. "That power - where did it come from?"

Managing to escape into an alleyway, Carmeara took a look at the sky. While she definitely hadn't moved very far in space - she could smell the distinct scent of Earth's atmosphere - the sky had developed a green barrier around it, and not a natural one. And she could sense voices coming from it. Normal beings might not be able to, but she could hear a single sentence coming from theses creatures, on repeat. "Conquer, Integrate, Annihilate!" She didn't know how, but she could tell that they were referring to the planet itself. These creatures wanted to take over Earth and make it a part of themselves. They had started by changing this planet's atmosphere subtly - Carmeara could no longer sense radio waves of any kind in the air.

"It's pathetic.", she laughed, hoping to gain the attention of the central intelligence that controlled these creatures.

"What?" The voice echoed in her mind. It seemed that she had succeeded in that endeavour

"You claim that you wish to absorb this planet.", Carmeara surmised. "Well if you ask me, you're doing a pretty poor job of doing it. You show up, commit some basic fear-mongering, cut off this planet both from others and itself - and then you stop altogether. What was your plan in all this?"

"This planet has been regressed.", the voice answered. "The humans have been forced to place themselves in danger in order to fight the few threats that this planet seems to be able to muster. And you're one to talk. You failed to make efforts in extinguishing the population of the planet 10 years ago."

"As my former ally Hudram would've said, blithely killing a planet's inhabitants and blowing up a few buildings is not 'excellent'.", Carmeara responded. "We preferred to ingratiate ourselves into a planet's populace in secret and then dispose of them when they no longer had any value."

"No more." Carmeara felt her body convulse in pain, as she was forced into her Ultra form. "We have made you a part of our whole in order to proceed with the integration. This planet's defender is far weaker than he who smote you and your allies. He was unable to harm the King in our invasion. You will defeat him for us, or we will return you to the abyss."

"I'll play your game.", Carmeara yelled out to them. This seemed to get the voice out of her head, which gave her a chance. She had heard of a legend that when a blue planet was surrounded in the green web, a light from the past would return with the blade that the light of today would use to carve a new future. This seemed mostly similar to her current situation, with the exception of the light from the past. But she could make an educated guess to its identity, along with that of the blade. And so, she projected a single thought, a psychic scream, the one thing that could make its way through the no-signal world these creatures had created, directed at one person, providing him with what he would need. And she knew the target's importance better than this 'Sphere' cared to probe. "Kengo Manaka!"

And speaking of whom, he was out on Mars, helping tend to a hydroponic farm. In the absence of supplies coming in from Earth, Kengo had set this up so they could continue to have a source of food. Though Mars had been attacked by the strange alien spheres that had seemingly popped up everywhere else in the solar system, Ultraman Trigger had been able to stop them from fully subsuming the planet, and indeed much of the rest of the colony worlds in the Neo-Frontier, Earth had been the last planet he had reached, and it had been sealed in an impenetrable barrier by the time he had arrived. And unfortunately, this barrier seemed to have interfered with any transmissions they tried to send, essentially cutting them off from the main GUTS-Select force on Earth. And with them, Yuna and Marlulu, both of whom were now working in the main headquarters. Akito still worried about his adoptive sister, but Kengo tried to keep him - and indeed the many colonists and holiday makers now trapped on the planet, particularly the children - positive, as he'd always done. And while a few Spheres had straggled and bought forth new threats such as Darambia, Kengo had dealt with them as well.

And now, as he was working on tending to the crops, he heard a message, one that felt like it was aimed at him. "Kengo Manaka!" He didn't know who was sending it, but they felt familiar. As he stumbled forward, he heard the message getting stronger and stronger, until he felt something that wasn't there, yet felt like it was at the same time. As he reached out to claim it, he felt a new Hyper Key appear in front of him, one depicting Trigger and another Giant of Light, one he didn't recognise. He pressed on it, and found that the voice was different to what he was familiar with. Dual, Standby!

"I know what I have to do.", Kengo decided, as he took out another Hyper Key, activating it. Ultraman Trigger: Multi Type! He inserted it into his GUTS Sparklence. "Everyone, I'm sorry to leave so suddenly. But I'll be back." Boot Up! Zeperion! He then opened the gun and initiated his transformation. "Build the future, the light of hope! Ultraman Trigger!" His transformation complete, Kengo then inserted his new Hyper Key into his Sparklence. Boot Up! Dual Sword! He then pressed the weapon, causing a new weapon to appear in front of him. Dual Sword! Taking the weapon into his hands, Trigger then flew off towards Earth. "There's something I have to take care of."

And back on Earth, Carmeara had pulled herself to the GUTS-Select building, which thankfully was in the same place. She noted that they seemed less well equipped than the group she had dealt with, using primitive projectile weapons as opposed to the lasers derived from the Super Ancient Civilisation's technology. But other then that, she saw that their flying machines had been bolstered with a new unit, that had integrated the previous one into itself. And now they were battling a monster - Gue-Basser - with the aid of a new Giant of Light. One that seemed to have a form of the power she and her servants had to control monsters, only he could create his own. She was almost impressed.

Carmeara transformed into her Megalothor form, now enhanced with the Sphere Soldiers' bodies. "I can't wait to tear him apart."