Summary: AU Buffy Summers spent the last two years in London at a boarding

school, after her mother thought it was a good idea for her to spend time

with her father. Now Buffy's back home to finish her last year at Sunnydale

High. When Buffy returns she realizes not all things stay the same, that

also applies to all the friends she left behind.

Rating: R

DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of these they belong to Joss and WB

Author's Note: I choose the title because I love this song, but the song has

nothing to do with the story.

Author Note

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Chapter One: Home Sweet Home

"Flight 254 from London has arrived, passengers will be exiting from gate

53" the voice from the entrecote said.

A girl with long blond hair exited from gate 53. She was wearing a plain sky

blue baby t-shirt, a pair of black pants with blue outlining and a pair of

vans shoes, finally completing her outfit with a little black pack.

The girl looked around. Then she saw a woman with curly short curly blond

hair wearing a red blouse with a long gray skirt with little flowers at the


"Buffy welcome back home" Joyce greeted her daughter as she walked out the


"Hi Mom" Buffy smiled walking towards her mother giving her a hug.

"I miss you sweetheart, it's been lonely since you've been gone." She said

walking over to where Buffy suitcases were.

"I hope your father didn't spoil you too much during your stay with him,"

she laughed.

"No, I didn't really get to see him that much, I was either studying a lot

or doing something to keep me busy" she explained.

"Well let's get going, I bet you're dying to get home." Joyce said.

"Yeah." 'Home sweet home' she thought. She followed her mother outside.



Summers' House

"The house doesn't look any different," Buffy said getting out of her mother

black jeep.

"You've only been gone for two years, nothing much has changed, just that

everyone of your old friends and acquaintances may be a little older but

that's it," she replied getting Buffy's bags from the car, trying to confort


"So… my friends don't know I'm back?"

"I thought you had written to them announcing your arrival," Joyce said.

"No, I've been really busy with school and homework, I hadn't much free time

plus it's not like they'd written to me anyway," she replied to her mom.

"Oh well, this is your last year in High School Buffy and I'm sure it's

going to be a great year." She told her daughter with a cheerful smile.

"Yeah, back to Sunnydale High," she sighed.

Buffy and Joyce walked into the house. Buffy looked around, nothing much had

changed, only the lamp and the couch had been moved around, her pictures

were still on the desk.

"If you want we could go out to eat something or go shopping Buffy, you

still love shopping, don't you?" her mother asked trying to make Buffy feel

more at home.

Buffy turned around to look at her mother.

"Maybe later I kinda want to unpack a few things before I do anything else,"

she answered.

Joyce's smile disappeared at Buffy's answer. Then the phone started ringing.

Joyce walked over to the phone and picked it up.

"Hello," Joyce said.

"I can't, Buffy just came home…fine I'll be there in a few minutes…all

right, I'll see you then," Joyce turned around to face Buffy.

"Buffy, I have to go to the gallery for a little while, I really don't want

to leave but it's important and I promise I'll be back as soon as I can,"

Joyce told while picking up her purse and grabbing the keys from the little

table that the phone was on.

"It's fine mom, it's not like I haven't been alone before, I am almost

eighteen, I'll be fine and maybe I'll even go shopping or something." Buffy

said, trying to reassure her mom that she will be fine.

"Okay Buffy, if you need anything, the gallery's number is written on the

fridge…if you need anything, feel free to call me," Joyce smiled warmly at

her daughter.

"Bye mom," she said waving, her mother smiled and finally took off to the

gallery. Buffy sighed and walked upstairs.


Upstairs in Buffy's Room

"Hello room," she whispered. She looked around at everything. Her pictures

were rather dusty. It looked like they hadn't been cleaned since she left.

She picked up one of the pictures. It was a picture of her when she was

younger with a young boy's arms around her. She smiled as she traced her

finger over the picture.

"Hello Lover,…" she smiled. "…I'm Back."


Next Chapter: I'm Back

Buffy has finally finished unpacking her bags ans is ready to begin a new

school year at Sunnydale High. But when she starts school she realizes not

everything is quite the same she remembers. And who is the man in the

picture? Anyone can guess?

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