Summary: She ran to Italy with Alice, not to save Edward, but to save herself. She had no idea she was running toward a new future, with a new family. Just what surprises wait for Bella in Volterra.

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New Love, New Life

Chapter 1

"Enough!" A sinister voice sounded behind the two guards who stood in front of the human and vampire.

"Jane," Edward growled her name and pulled Bella behind him. To his surprise, Bella pulled away from him and moved to Alice's side, although still set away from her, causing the others to smirk.

"Master Aro sent me to see what was taking so long." Jane lowered her hood and stood before the others. "He wants a private audience with the human, before he deals with the Cullens."

"Over my dead body," Edward growled.

Felix glared at the bronze haired vampire and growled back. Demetri's growl was low and menacing as he stared at the idiot.

"That wasn't a request." Leaving no room for discussion, Jane, as well as the two Elite Guards, turned and began walking toward the double doors, not checking to see if the others were following.

When they reached the end of the corridor, Felix crouched down to pull open a grate in the floor. Bella watched as the little one, Jane, disappeared into the hole, followed by Demetri and Alice.

Once in the dark, Alice leaned into Jane, "Once he drops her, you need to take her and get her to Aro. Edward will try to prevent them from speaking to her without him."

Jane stared at the seer for a second before nodding to Demetri.


"I'm here, Bella."

"I'll be right behind you, love."

Bella yanked her arm away from him and sat down on the edge of the hole, her legs dangling in the darkness. "Go to hell, Edward. I'm only here to save my own neck. You coming here was the dumbest fucking thing you've ever done. You've let Aro know the law has been broken, now I'll have to turn or die. Thanks for that, you ass." Bella pushed off the ledge and found herself airborne. Before a scream could escape, she was captured by hard arms followed by the sensation of fast running.

"Where are we going?"

"I am taking you to my brother, who will take you to Master Aro." Jane replied as a door at the end of the tunnel opened.


Bella looked up once Jane had stopped and met the crimson eyes of Jane's twin. Jane set Bella on her feet and turned away.

"Take her to Master Aro, brother." She ordered over her shoulder.

Jane ran back through the tunnel where she heard an argument. Grinning, she watched the Cullen fool try to attack Felix, while Demetri held back the seer. Narrowing her eyes, she looked directly at the boy and watched as his body twisted with the pain she was sending.

"If you wish me to stop, perhaps you should behave," she suggested. Edward still writhed in pain as Jane looked at the two guards. "Pick him up, Felix. I'm growing bored and want to hear what the Master is saying to the human."

Felix complied, throwing a still twitching Edward over his shoulder. Alice followed behind with Demetri bringing up the rear. Once they left the tunnels, Jane led them to the elevators, passing a smiling Gianna. Felix placed Edward back on his feet as the elevator doors closed.


Bella walked behind the vampire heading toward the leaders of the Volturi. Alec stopped as one of the three vampires from the dais above came toward her.

"Ah, Isabella. It's a pleasure, my dear."


The man smiled at her nervousness. "No need to fear, little one, we won't hurt you. I am Aro. That is my brother Caius," he pointed to the blonde. "And Marcus," he pointed to the one with darker hair.

"Nice to meet you?"

Aro laughed and placed his arm around her shoulders, leading her toward his brothers. "Now, Bambina, tell us how you came to know of us."

Once Aro was seated on his throne, Bella sat on the top step of the dais. She began her tale of how she met Edward and the Cullens and how she had put it all together. She was so involved in what she was saying she didn't notice Jane, Felix and Demetri joining them.

"So, based on Cullen's actions, you guessed what he was?" Caius questioned, intrigued by her intuitiveness.

"Yes, sir."

"So polite and respectful, brothers. Also showing no fear." Marcus commented.

"Should I be afraid of you?" Bella asked. "I've come here of my own free will and have not threatened to expose you. I would never do that, by the way."

"Do you know of my gift, Caro?" Aro leaned forward.

"No. I've only heard of Jane, Alec and Demetri."

"And what have you been told, Piccolo?" Marcus asked, curious what tales Carlisle had been telling.

"Um...Jane has the ability to cause pain, I'm not sure how. Alec can take your senses, Edward said he has some sort of fog or something that numbs you. Demetri can find anyone, anywhere, but again I'm not sure how." The brothers nodded. "From what Carlisle told me, their gifts won't work on me."

"Why is that?" Aro's curiosity was piqued.

"Edward has never been able to read my mind, so Carlisle believes I'm a shield." Bella explained.

"A shield, even as a human?" Caius sat forward.

"Look," Bella started. "Carlisle explained your laws, anonymity being the most important, but he never told me the penalty. All he said was they wanted to keep me off your radar. Jasper, I believe you know him as Major Whitlock, was the one to tell me the consequences." Bella swallowed. "If you're gonna kill me, please, do it now. But...if you wish to turn me, I have a condition."

"And what is that, Bambina?" Aro liked this girl. He hoped she would be agreeable to coming back to Volterra for her transition.

"Let me graduate high school first and say goodbye to my father and mother. Give me four months to get my affairs in order and then I will agree to be turned."

Aro nodded, "Allow us to confer for a moment. Please, feel free to look around."

Nodding, Bella stood up and wandered around the large, white room, taking in the sculptures. She was staring at one when she felt a presence at her side. Looking up, she saw one of the guards beside her.

She thought he was gorgeous, with his neatly trimmed dark hair and crimson eyes. His skin was pale like all vampires, but she could see the olive undertones from his human days. She wanted to feel his skin, to see if it was as smooth as it looked. He wasn't huge, like the other guy, but she could see his muscles ripple beneath his clothing when he moved and he was at least two inches taller than Edward. "Hi."

"Hello, Panemorfi." He smirked at her.

Bella narrowed her eyes at him. "Since I've been here, I've only heard my name once. Now, I know what the brothers said to me, as those are familiar Italian words. But I have no idea what you just said, nor who you are."

Demetri lowered his head at the little woman before him, impressed by her candor. "Forgive me, Gatáki. I am Demetri, Captain of the Elite Guard here in Volterra."

It didn't escape her attention he didn't translate the words he used, but she knew she could look them up later. "So, Demetri, what do you think the brothers will decide?"

He loved the way his name sounded coming from her lips, but gave no indication. Shrugging his shoulders, "I think they will accept your terms. I believe though, the Cullens will all be summoned here and held until you are changed."

"So even though I intend to become a vampire, they'll still be punished?"

"Yes. They broke the law, Gatáki, that cannot go unpunished."

Bella nodded in understanding. She turned away from him at the sound of a door opening, watching as Alice and Edward were led into the room. She saw him look around for her. Once he clapped eyes on her, he made a move toward her. Bella quickly moved behind Demetri, putting one of her hands on his bicep in a show of trust.

Looking over his shoulder, he winked at her, before turning back to Cullen. "I don't think so, boy. You would be wise to stay away from her."

"Bella, love, what is going on? Why won't you let me touch you? Why are you hiding from me?"

"I want nothing to do with you, Edward." Bella started from her place behind Demetri. "You left me. I almost died in those woods. I've learned some things since you've been gone." She stepped out a little to stare at her ex-boyfriend. "I was never your mate, Edward. If I had been, you wouldn't have been able to leave me, it would have nearly killed you."

"Bella, I..."

"Bambina? Please come here," Aro called for her, cutting off what Edward was going to say.

Demetri placed his hand on the small of her back, leading her to the kings, while also protecting her. Marcus watched as the pair walked forward, intrigued by the guard's behavior. He tapped into his gift and smiled at what he found.

"Isabella, we have all agreed to your terms. You'll have one month after your graduation to make your arrangements. We will send our private jet for you and bring you back here. Once you're settled, we will make arrangements for your change."


All eyes turned to Edward who had shouted his protest.

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Panemorfi - Greek word for Beautiful

Gatáki - Greek word for Kitten