This is a random event that happened during an AOL instant message. Ace is another Fanfic author. She is Jewel Saync. She has lots of nicknames. I'm just DL. Yup, that's it.

All the characters from Trigun are well. . . From Trigun. We do not own them, meaning the both of us. However, I own DL and Jewel owns Ace, cause they're us.

And today, we enlist the help of Kels, one of Ace's friends.

Kitty toy cord!!

Chapter Three: Beware The Mall

DL: Whoops! *Picks up Fritos I dropped on floor* Still good. *Eat eat*

Ace: *^^;;;*

DL: Hee hee.

Vash: Um. . .

DL: Hello! *Munch munch*

Kels: This is Kels

DL: Oh, hey.

Kels: Hey

DL: Nice to meet you. *Waves*

Kels *waves back* HIII!!!!!

Vash: Oh oh!! I wanna say hello too!

DL: You just did!

Vash: Oh yeah.

Kels: HIII Vash!!!! *waves *

DL: =^_^=

Vash: HELLO!!!!

DL: Hello!!!

Vash&DL: Hello!!!

Kels: HELLO. I'm Nick's g/f

DL: Cool.

Kels: Yeah

Vash: Hello Nick!!

Nick: Hello

DL: Calm down, Vashy-chan!

Vash: *Sadly* Okay.

DL: Oh all right you can be hyper.

Vash: Yay!!

Kels: *Laughing*

DL: *Smacks forehead, goes in search of headphones*

Vash: Hello!!

Kels: Ace's back here you go. BYE Vash and DL!!!!!!!! *waves*

DL&Vash: Good bye!! *Waves*

DL: Well that was fun.

Vash: Yup! *Nods*

DL: Hang on. Had to put back the Fritos. *Giggles* I ate half the bag. . .

Ace: Hee hee.

DL: Here, headphones. . . here headphones headphones headphones. . . AH HAH!!!! Hiding on dad's computer, eh?! You cannot escape me!!! *Insert insane laughter here*

Ace: ::blank look:: ::goes back to sparring with Knives::

DL: *Switches disks, plugs in headphones* *Turns up music* *Unplugs speakers* Here we go!!! *Nodding head* Whoo-hoo!!!

Ace: ::music blasting::

Kels: ::looks at Ace and Knives like they are crazy:: ::sparring continues::

DL "You are not the contents of your wallets. . ." "I say. . evolve and let the chips fall where they may. . ."

Ace: *Laughs*

DL: Next song!! Now this is what it's like when worlds collide!!! I love this song.

Ace&Knives: ::sparring::

DL: "Are you ready to go, cause I'm ready to go. What you gonna do baby, baby. Are you goin with me, cause, I'm goin with you, at the end

of all ti-i-i-me!!" *repeat* *Having fun*

Vash: *Doesn't like this song*

DL: It ended, baby.

Vash: Yay!

Kels: *cracks up*

Ace&Knives: *sparring*

Kels: Hee hee hee.

DL: *Scoff*

Vash: What's next?

DL: Limp Bizkit. Break stuff.

Vash: Ah, man. . . How long is this song?

DL: Three and a half mins, bud.

Vash: Aw, man. . .

Kels: Oh no...

Ace: *punches Knives*

Knives: *surrenders*

Kels: *spazzing*

DL: No. Just three minutes.

Vash: Oh. . .

DL: Baby. It's already halfway done!

Vash: *Holds hands over ears*

DL: Baby.

Vash: *Not paying attention*

Ace: *blank look*

Knives: *goes off to take a shower*

Kels: I'm lost.....

Nick: *blank look*

DL: Huh?

Vash: New song! What's this?

DL: Bush. Machine head.

Vash: Not THIS one, too!! *Whines and goes into another room*

DL: Tch.

Ace: *goes off to swim in the lake*

Kels: Ahh!! *jumps out window*

Nick: *blank look* *smokes cig*

Knives: *in shower*

DL: It's not nearly as bad as he makes it out to be. It's just a really bloody music video. He hates that. *Rolls eyes* Like you didn't know that. . . Hey wait!! *Tries to catch Kels* Don't die!! *Screaming* I CAN SKIP THE SONG!!!!!

Ace: Love blood.

Kels: *on ground outside window* Ouch...

Nick: You alright Kels?

Kels: Sure... why not.

Ace: *unwraps hands*

Knives: *comes out in towel*

Greg: *Playing twisted Metal III*

DL: Ohhhh SHIT!!!! *Big wham*

Kels: *twitch*

Ace: *uses magic to heal Kels*

Kels: Leave me alone!!

Knives: *comes out of bedroom in his old clothes from the series*

Nick: There's no hope for her.

DL: New song!

Vash: The good one?

DL: Another Limp Bizkit. "My Way" - great song.

Vash: Okay, this is good. No one dies.

DL: Weird. *Shakes head, heals self and flies back up to window*

Vash: How'd you get out there in the first place?

DL: Who cares?

Vash: You already forgot, didn't you?

DL: Stuff it.

Greg: *Has invincibility and shooting ricochet bombs*

Kels: *knocks on front door* LET ME IN!!

Nick: Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!


Nick: *lets Kels in*

Kels: Thank you.

Ace: *blank look*

Greg: *Killing pedestrians*

DL: Didn't Spectre have a different car last time?

Greg: Yup.

Vash: Don't kill them!

Greg&DL: *Odd looks*

DL: It's called a GAME, Vash. No one really ever gets hurt.

Vash: *Sweat drop* Um. . . *Does nothing*

DL. . . . .

Vash:. . . . .

DL: *Turns to Nick* So how have you been lately?

Vash: *Anime falls*

Nick: Nothing... trying not to get murdered by the girlz.

Girlz: Oh thanks Nick... *death glare*

Knives: Nick lets go outside and go get the girlz flowers or something... *nervous*

Nick: K.

Boyz: *runs out of house*

Vash: Coming!! *Runs after them*

DL: Oh that's mature.

Greg: *Having fun in Paris*

Girlz: *snickers evilly*

Nick: I think Kels likes white roses...

Knives: Im gonna get Ace a dozen red roses.

Ace: *goes outside*

Kels: *spazzing*

Greg: *Lays bombs* Die, Sweet Tooth!

Sweet Tooth: Ahhh ahhh ah!! *Dies*

DL: Um. . . Kay.

Vash: *Picking flowers* Hello cousin. . . hello cousin. . . Oh! It's neice Cannie!

DL: Hmm. *Follows girls* Whatcha doin'?

Girls: *blank look*

Vash: Aha! I've been looking for you! *Pets gardenia*

DL: Um. . . . *Backs back into house*

Girls: Waiting for the guys. . . . . . . .

DL: I'll just leave Vash alone. . .

Vash: Cousin Mertle!! *Waters rose*

Greg: *In sahara desert* Flame flame flame. . . Special. . .

DL: Every guy I know is insane. . .

Kels: Except Nick............. or is he?

DL: Okay then. *Zaps us all - minus Greg - to a four-story mall*

Vash: Why are we here? Oh no! *Holding pink tulip* I killed him!! Billie!!! No!!! Speak to me!!!

Everyone else: O.o;;

Kels: *blank look*

Ace: MALL!!! *goes on major shopping spree, pulling Knives along to carry my bags*

Knives: V_V;;;

Kels: *gives Nick a ''your comin with me'' look*

Nick: Noo!!

Vash: I don't have to. . um. . carry, do I?

DL: I don't shop well.

Vash: Whoo-hoo!!

Ace: *comes back with Knives following*

Knives: *carrying a thousand bags*

Nick: *same with Kels' bags*

DL: Well, I guess I could go shop for once. *Drags away Vash*

Vash: Noooooooooooo!!!!!!

DL: By the way, where did we get the money for this?

Kels: Ace's backing from her kingdom

DL: Ahhhhhhhh. *Starts buying art and computer gadgets*

Kels: Come on Nick, on to the next stores

Nick: NNOOOOO!!!!!

Greg: Mwahahaa!!

Roadkill: Ahhh ahhh ah!! *Dies*

Vash: I don't wanna carry this stuff!

DL: Would you rather carry around Meryl and Milly on your back?

Vash: That only happened ONCE.

DL: Whatever. Let's go. *Hands him ten bags*

Ace: *Has Knives put all bags in car*

Knives: Thank you!!

Kels: *Buying everything in sight*

Nick: Torture...

DL: Oh! Another random gadget store!!! *Goes in*

Vash: *Sighs* v_v;; *Follows obediently holding twenty bags* I thought you said you never shop. . .

DL: Did I say that? I don't think so. All I said was that I wasn't big on shopping. But every now and again. . . heh heh. . . Just try and stop me!

Vash: Aw, man. . . .

Ace: *Going through art store*

Knives: *Leaning on wall waiting*

Kels: *Going through Limited Too*

Nick: v_v

Greg: *Goes after Minnion*

Vash: When do I get to shop?

DL: You haven't been? Oh, poor thing. *Takes bags back* Here. *Hands him a wad of cash* You start buying stuff; I'll put these in my car.

Vash: Whoo-hoo!! *Very very happy*

DL: Ooh, another art store!! *Runs to put bags in car*

Vash: *Looks around stores* This ain't so bad.

Ace: I want this... and this... and this... and this!! *pays for it all and heads for Limited Too with Kels*

Knives: *carrying the few bags from the art store*


Cashier: How are you going to pay for all of this????

Kels: *pulls out a wad of cash* count it and weep Bitch

DL: *Puts all bags in the backseat of her silver Firebird convertible, juiced up to be faster than a viper* There we go!!

Vash: *Wandering* Hey, a book store!! *Goes looking for the adult section*

DL: *Comes back* Oh, Vashy-chan. . . Where are you? . . .

Vash: HEY!!! *Gets thrown out of book store - literally*

DL: Hey!!! What's going on?!?! *On Vash's side no matter what*

Cashier lady: He grabbed me!!!

DL: Well why shouldn't he, what with you flashing those things around?!

Cashier lady: *Gasps* Get out of my store!!

DL: We're not IN you're store. *Points at store carpet* See?

Vash: Let's just go.

DL: Whatever. This chapter's done anyway. See ya!

Everyone else: *Says good-bye and waves, then continues torturing the guys*