Set somewhere in the world of Star Wars the Bad Batch.

Wrecker has had one too many drinks. At least, he thinks so. As the memory of the night before is still a tad fuzzy.

Wrecked ends up hauled into a detention centre by a bounty hunter. As having a price on his head curtesy by the all mighty Empire, just like the rest of his Batch has now is not a good way to be wanted at all :P

Finally ending up in the imps care, tucked away in a prison cell. Only to find someone else in the same place. Someone Wrecker had thought was misplaced both to him and his family. For good.

A Wrecker & Crosshair tale.

What the kark just happened?

'Binging, on anything really, is never a good thing, especially if it is done in a strange setting surrounded by too many unknowns and a bounty on your head!'

Wrecker woke up with a yelp.

The uncomfortable bed did not help any either. The cold dampness seeping through even if it was a sort of a mattress he was clearly lying on. Wrecker quickly patted around himself in the almost total darkness and realised his armour was gone.

Not a good thing!

Where was he? What had happened?

As there was no recollection whatsoever how he had ended from the establishment he had been in and into this place, whatever it was. Which was a worry in itself. Hardly having touched the drink he had been having. At least, not to his knowledge.

Wrecker's eyes soon settling into the darkness, he was able to see better. It seemed to be a confined area of sorts. Waking up in a room he had never seen or been in before, in total darkness no less and with complete memory loss.

Never a good sign!

Someone groaned just then as Wrecker had made some noise while moving around in the place while trying to figure it all out. Even if he had managed to do no such thing. Not so far anyway. But, that did not stop him from checking the place out.

Wrecker got up from the obvious bunk he had been on and made his way towards the heap of something right in the corner of what he had deduced was indeed a room with a few bunks in there. Getting a better overall view of the place as his eyes had settled in the darkness.

He followed the sounds to their point of origin.

The best he could see was, that it looked like a person slouched over. Or then it was a pile of rags making noise there. Perhaps Wrecker was still drunk and hallucinating after all. It would not have been the first time either.

So, talking pieces of cloth or other inanimate objects were nothing strange to the bulk of a man.

Wrecker stared at the heap for for a moment. Deciding it was real and there was a person there, even it hardly looked like one. And so, as it moved again, he decided to check the heap out. By simply asking a question.

"Hey buddy? Are you alright?"

The heap snarled back at Wrecker, the voice almost a low growl more than anything coherent.

"Go. Away."

Wrecker's eyes lit up, despite the darkness. Glaring at the heap with a hopeful smile on his face. Because the snarky voice was familiar and he could recognise it anywhere. There was simply no mistaken about it!

"Cross? Is, is that you?"

The heap of a pile of a thing tried to raise their head to look at whom it was hovering above them and trying to talk to them. The voice responding was coarse. Like their throat had eaten sand for several days without washing it down water.


As Wrecker's eyes honed into what he knew now to be Crosshair, seeing him more clearly now. Whether it was because he simply wanted to, defying the darkness in the process.

And boy, was Crosshair a great big mess!

His face was all busted up. The dried blood painting his features like someone had dropped a can of paint on a canvas never caring what the outcome of the piece was about. And the way Crosshair was holding his sides, Wrecker deduced Crosshair must have had several broken ribs too or then something much worse happening within his body.

Of them all, their Batch, Crosshair had always been the more delicate one. With his slender frame, there was hardly anything there to take a good punch in Wrecker's opinion. But as a sniper, he really was never in the line of fire. Mostly not.

But clearly, someone had really loved to use Crosshair as a punching bag.

"Hiya there bud! Yeah, it's me. What the kark are you doing in here?"

Wrecker looked at Crosshair. Really looked at him, as clearly, Crosshair had difficulty to even move in the spot he was in now.

Wrecker wasn't sure how he could make Crosshair more comfortable as clearly, he was in a lot of pain. But there was nothing there Wrecker could use to ease the other man's state, except, maybe, try to cuddle him? That had worked in the past, when Crosshair was still with them. Before Order 66 and all.

"And where exactly is here?"

Wrecker tried to ask, but Crosshair seemed to be to far gone at the moment to tell him anything. Wrecker himself could not even be sure. But as he glanced around, his eyes now used to the darkened space, the configuration of the place as well. And?

There was no mistaking about it. It was a prison cell they were in!

Crosshair let out a nervous laugh just then. He looked up as if finally realising it really was Wrecker there and not just some hallucination after all. Something Crosshair had suffered quite a lot ever since having been thrown in the brig for his supposed treachery.

"It's really you!"

Wrecker could hear the tear-filled voice of his brother, something of a rarity for sure. But clearly, Crosshair had been put through the wringer before ending up where they were. Wrecker internally cursed those having done this to Crosshair. Wanting only to strangle those Shitspits if he ever got his hands on them.

"It is Cross."

Wrecker seated beside Crosshair on the floor and drew the other man into his arms. After all there was nothing he could give Crosshair except his warmth and caring. Not right now anyway. Perhaps he could try to get some medicine from the guards later on. If there were any around. Surely there had to be?

But so far, he had only been able to hear the two of them in the space all by themselves.

"It's gonna be okay. I am here now."

Wrecker made a promise he wasn't even sure he could keep as he had no idea where he was and why. And how they could even get out of there.

Because Wrecker would not leave Crosshair behind. Not again.

Sharing closed quarters, together

'Cramped spaces, closed quarters, whatever the venue, being together is all that matters'

"Hey! You!"

Wrecker was standing by the cell door, the red ray shield keeping him from getting out of the confined space him and Crosshair were being held in. Wrecker was calling out to the guards passing by just then. One of the guards stopping and looked back at him, pointing his finger at himself in a question, as if not understanding whom to Wrecker was yelling at.

"Yeah! You!"

Wrecker had managed to warm up Crosshair and placed him on the bed keeping him more comfortable rather than lying on the floor in a heap of human flesh and cloth. Having torn the sheets for a makeshift binding across Crosshair's torso to support the injured ribs. But Wrecker also knew Crosshair needed something more than love and care for his injuries.

And he needed it, right now!

So raising a ruckus to get the passing by guards attention was a start.

"What do you want?"

The guard's tone was a snarly one.

"My bunk mate is sick. We need some meds over here."

Wrecker simply glared at the guard menacingly. Towering over the uniformed officer on the other side of the shield. Conjuring his best and most intimidating stare directed at the imp. Somehow trying to assure he would and could be the one to break free despite the ray field's energy level. And then go after the guards if they did not comply to his demands.

And Wrecker had not been wrong about his powers of persuasion either. As the imperial officer looked scared under the scrutinising stare of the big man. Clearly, these hires of the Empire were much more easily frightened than clones! As Wrecker totally looked like someone to be able to pounce out at any given moment.

"I… I will see what I can do."

The officer stuttered. Well, at least there was the possibility of that happening. The guard simply took a glance inside of the brig, seeing Crosshair lying there looking none too good. Nodding then, before disappearing from sight.

"You'd better!"

The if - else was clearly implied there.

As the guard left, Wrecker remained vigilant. Staring after the imp and keeping an eye on Crosshair as well. Wrecker swore then and there, he would get his wish and make Crosshair better. No matter what kind of tricks he had to do to make that happen.

"How did you end up in here anyway?"

Crosshair was already feeling better. The bacta helping him somewhat.

With thanks to Wrecker's intimidating stance, the imperial guard had come through for them after all, even if he had let them wait for a bit. But in the end, bringing a small med kit with their food. Most likely either scared or then taking pity on the imprisoned clones. Whichever the case, neither of them was complaining.

Wrecker had made sure Crosshair was eating too. As when he got something in his mind, usually, there was no say no to him. Crosshair had learnt that somewhat the hard way years ago.

"I had a few too many, I guess."

"You? And you were out drinking. Alone?"

"No! No, I'm not that stupid." Wrecker laughed then. "I stayed for one more after the others left for the ship. After that? Well, I really have no idea what happened."

They both glared at each other for a moment. As it was unusual for Wrecker not to be able to take his liquor. He was usually the one drinking everyone else under the table before long.

"Well, the bad news is, that you are now in an imperial prison."

Crosshair knew of course where they were. And at least for himself, the why as well.

"So, how did you end up here? I mean, you were all imperial and ready to fight for the Empire and all that kark! At least the last we saw you."

Wrecker tried to be polite even if there was a hint of blame in the somewhat snide comment for the sniper, somewhere there underlying his statement.

Crosshair had left the squad. Willingly. Wanting to be a part of the Empire's agenda.

"Well, it went well for a while there. Until it did not."

Crosshair sounded rather vague, then again, nothing unusual there.

"What did you do?"

Wrecker was somewhat surprised to hear Crosshair had not lived out his imperial dream after all. Having praised them to be the best thing since the invention of space flight. Then again, Wrecker was pretty sure it was something of Crosshair's own doing having caused the… well, rift between him and his new employer.

"Guess it was just something I said."

Crosshair snorted then. Laughing at his own inside joke. Thinking back to the incident which had landed him in the prison cell they were both currently guests in.

"What did you say to them then?"

Wrecker wasn't really following the train of thought behind Crosshair's comment nor his supposed joke of his situation either.

"Well it was really more what I did or rather what I did not do."

"Which was what exactly?"

Wrecker's curiosity had really peeked now.

"I let several regs escape."

"You? Letting regs go? Are you quite alright?"

Wrecker sounded even more surprised now. Pressing his large palm against Crosshair's forehead in a mock gesture of checking his temperature.

Crosshair slapped the hand, because he wasn't running a fever. Not any more, as the bacta was kicking in. Not that he suspected Wrecker thought so either.

Besides, the incident or several of them had already passed. Several clones having been charged and then to be executed, now free out there somewhere to do as they pleased.

"Yeah, go figure!"

"So, why? Why did you do it?"

"I guess, it was the right thing to do."

Crosshair knew it was. With the chip gone for good, the Empire had started to look less and less appealing each passing day and so, he had made his choice. Doing what he could from the inside. Helping those he could.

"And so you ended up here?"

"At first? No. But yeah. This is the place where the doomed go before they die."

Crosshair revealed much to Wrecker's surprise.

"We are going to die? In here?"

"Well, they will drag us in front of a firing squad. But yeah. We will die."

Crosshair wasn't sugarcoating the fact either.

Wrecker's eyes darted on Crosshair. As if trying to find the fact that Crosshair was joking there. But there was no gist, no deception. Nothing humorous at all. They were going to die. Together.

"We'll get outta here! Don't you worry."

Wrecker wanted to believe they could. After all, this was not his first prison cell and most likely would not be the last one either he had ended up in. At least not if he could help it.

"Wrecker, I don't think you understand what I am telling you."

The light mood from earlier was totally gone now. Crosshair sounding more serious. Sad even. Like he had simply given up all hope. And from the looks of it, he really had.

"This is the place where they bring prisoners to be executed."

Denial is such an ugly word, don't you think?

'Being delusional is not such a bad thing, especially when finally being able to realise said delusions!'


Wrecker's pitch was totally high, of the revelation of Crosshair's. It seemed to so… well, final. The fact that they had been imprisoned just to be placed in front of a firing squad? Well, why bother!? Why not just shoot the two of them on sight?


Crosshair had sort of come to grips with his fate.

But now Wrecker was there and Crosshair could not allow his brother to be taken down with him. Neither Wrecker nor the other Batchers deserved it even if Crosshair felt he himself did. Deserved to die. After all, he had done some really terrible things while under the control of the chip. Then again, a few even after the removal. So there was all that hanging over him.

But how could Crosshair protect Wrecker now? T

hey were both in the same situation after all. Without any means, without options, without weapons? Without any idea on how to get Wrecker off of getting killed? Crosshair's thoughts were rattling inside of his brain, while trying to figure out some option for at least getting Wrecker out of there.

"Why? I mean, you were an imp and all, and well…"

Wrecker was babbling now. Still confused as to why Crosshair had landed in this position. Even if he had been caught red handed in letting regs go. But why kill him? Crosshair was still useful, right? To the imps?

Wrecker hardly sure what to make out of this sudden and horrid news.

Sure, Wrecker and the other Batchers had been detained and all. Several times even. Facing enemies and impossible odds. The option of dying always present. But, they had never really faced this kind of finality, now had they? Not really.

Never like this, without hope. Because that is how Wrecker felt Crosshair was. Out of hope, out of options. Out of anything really, becoming only a shell of his former self. Simply having yielded to whatever was coming to him. At least Crosshair had sounded that way.

Not plotting his way out of this place, something inherit to the clones. Well, at least to the Bad Batch.

"There must be a bounty on you and the squad."

Crosshair's mind was still on trying to figure out Wrecker though.

Crosshair knew how the imperials worked. Sometimes sending out several ruthless bounty hunters after any targets they redeemed worthy of their wrath or research. And clearly, Clone Force 99 had ended up on the wrath side of things once again. Even if they had mostly been that. But not having been seen as a big of a threat to send out bounty hunters after them. That was for sure.

Of course Crosshair had tried to capture them. Unsuccessfully so. Most likely by design. At least, now that his mind was clearer, he thought so. But ever since their last stint in Kamino, Crosshair had managed to assure his superiors they had died there.

Drowned in the city. And it had worded too, at least as far as Crosshair knew.

"We have to figure some way to get you out before they come for us."

Crosshair was adamant it seemed, in wanting Wrecker saved. And not himself.

"Dank Farrik!"

Wrecker was becoming angry. There simply had to be a way for them both to get out.

Wrecker was trying to think. Hard. Not his strong suit for sure.

But he had been taking part in the teachings of a few techniques to calm himself down among other things. And then, to rely on his inner voice, his inner powers even. And a few times, the method had surprisingly worked. Not always having the need to use his brute force, rather relying on more, well, subtle methods instead.

"Yeah, could not have said it better myself."

Crosshair snorted, even if their situation was nothing remotely funny nor something to joke about.

"There has to be a way to get outta here."

Wrecker's eyes darted from Crosshair to the door and back.

There simply had to be something they could do. Why else would Wrecker have ended up in this cell with Crosshair? As they had had no contact in a long while. And then only having to end up in the exact same brig? Together? With Crosshair? Their misplaced batch member?

Well, like his new friend 'Soka always told him, the universe was trying to tell them something. And it was trying to do so in this case too. Right? So, it was simply up to Wrecker to sit down, become calmer, and listen what the universe was whispering to him, now wasn't it?

Simple, as that.

Wrecker sat down on the bed. He was trying so hard not to think. Closing his eyes and searching for something. Deep within himself. Letting the moment, the calm, the universe around him to take over.

Crosshair looked worried though, never having seen Wrecker act like this.

It was almost like Wrecker was giving up in Crosshair's mind. Going all limp and unmoving. But Crosshair needed Wrecker angry as it might be their only way. Well, if nothing else, then at least give one last blow to the imps before their time was up in this galaxy.

Beat up several imps or whatever before they would die. Together. Right?

"Wrecker, what's the matter with you?"

"I'm 'editatin'."

Wrecker wasn't making any sense. Not at least something Crosshair could understand. Then again, Wrecker's syntax along his babbling usually got much worse when being confused. Like he clearly was now. This was something Crosshair knew quite well of his brother.


This time it was a question.

"Yeah, as in trying to search for the answer. From the inside. Ya know, from my brain. To conjure the Force inside of me and all that stuff."

Wrecker tried to explain what the process was all about he was trying to do just then. Even if he himself wasn't too sure. About the whole process of it. And it was so totally out of character for him as well. To do anything like this. The power house settled and calm?

Well, the galaxy certainly had turned on its axis, if there was such a thing.

Wrecker's eyes were closed, his breathing slow and controlled. He was finally becoming calm and then, just like before, something started forming inside of his mind. But…

"To conjure the Force…. Wreck. You are scaring me right now. What's going on with you?"

Crosshair had no idea what was going on with his brother. This was all totally new and strange too. Whatever it was happening there. Crosshair was worried the man had suffered a blow to his head. Which again, was nothing unusual. Only this time, perhaps Wrecker had been hit a tad too hard.

"Ssh. Am seeing something. I will know what soon enough."

Wrecker shushed Crosshair and also warned him not to interfere on the same note.

And then, both of them simply sat there in total silence. Wrecker deep inside of his mind and Crosshair, rather confused and wide eyed, not sure what to do or say. But he did say something. Again disturbing Wrecker.

"How did you, um come about of this, conjuring up the Force from within you thingy?"

Crosshair simply had to smirk as the words were so foreign to be spoken by either of them. But needed to once again disturb Wrecker. As this was so totally way out in there. Especially for Wrecker. And so, the need to know outweighed the silence.

Wrecker cracked open one eye, clearly irritated of having been interrupted, from his 'editatin' once again.

"It's something Echo 'n' 'Soka taught me. You know, the Force kinda thing."

"Soka? Who is Soka?"

"A non-Jedi. You know, she is Rex's friend."

Crosshair seemed to contemplate for a moment, trying to jog his memory.

"Can't say I've heard of her."

"Well, she is and well, guess was a Jedi or summat like that. You know, a Padawan maybe? Am not really into the details. Guess, I was preoccupied when she explained it all. Anyhoo. I kinda learnt this, guess Jedi mind tricking from them, so able to do, ya know, small stuff. Like convincing that guard that I was gonna bust outta here and kick his shebs and all."

Wrecker chuckled then too, thinking back on the scared shitless guard from earlier.

"You! Using the Force! What the kriff Wrecker?!"

Crosshair's eyes were like saucers after hearing this titbit of news, totally unbelieving in what he was hearing.

"Yeah, well, if you hadn't so rudely 'rupted me, then I could've managed to think of a way out, now couldn't I."

"Sure you could."

Crosshair was in a denial still. Then again, what options did they have? So, simply leaving Wrecker alone to do his 'editatin' Crosshair took a seat close to Wrecker and closed his eyes. Trying to do some of the thing of his own.


The plan is, there is no real plan?

'With a brother beside, even where there once was a divide, is still a good thing at this time'

Crosshair's brows were knitted as he watched the other clone beside him. Supposedly meditating. Something which Crosshair had tried but failed miserably to do. His thoughts would simply not leave him be. Somewhat of a current mode for him. The good, the bad, all there, fighting for their spotlight inside of Crosshair's mind.

What the kriff was going on?

Crosshair had never witnessed anything like this. Sure, he knew Hunter and Echo had done it. But Wrecker? Meditating? Using Force tricks? As that was what he had called them. This was surreal. Unreal for sure. Something completely unfathomable for the sniper. The Force! Yeah right!

The galaxy was turning upside down and this was certainly a sign of that very fact.


Crosshair was becoming worried of the bigger man as Wrecker was totally in the zone now. Or what the kark the others called it. His breathing was shallow, almost undetectable and his eyes had been closed for a long while. Something totally unusual for the usually hyper clone. Only calming down while sleeping. And even then Wrecker was making a ruckus by snoring loudly.

There was no answer though.

Crosshair moved impossibly close. Way into Wrecker's personal space and leaned close to his ear.

"Wreck! Snap out of it!"

Still, nothing.

Crosshair was becoming more and more frustrated, even trying to shake Wrecker.

"Dank Farrik!"

Crosshair was quickly running out of ideas.

Guess the only option remaining for him was to simply wait out whatever it was Wrecker was trying to do. Crosshair was get impatient though. Knowing, that they really did not have long. Their execution time growing closer and Crosshair was in a bad shape himself even if the bacta had helped some. He wasn't hurting as bad as before at least.

There was no way the two of them could take on a small size armed squad by themselves. Not with what they had now. Which was nothing but their cunning, their skills and their fists. And with his current condition? Crosshair was pretty sure he would be beaten in hand to hand combat quicker than he could do any real damage.

After fuming for a moment longer, at a loss of how to get Wrecker snapping out of it, Crosshair finally settled, yielding to his situation. The injuries sustained during the several beatings the guards had liked gift him with, as they had laughing called it. The fatigue of it all getting to the sniper, and so, Crosshair dozed off.

His final thought of Wrecker actually being able to pull some Jedi trick, no matter how far fetched the whole idea seemed to be.

Crosshair was abruptly woken by someone shaking him. As Crosshair cracked his eyes open he could see Wrecker hovering over him. It looked like the meditation time was over and Wrecker had a worried look on his face, while trying to rouse the sleeping beauty of a sniper from his sleep.

"Cross! I have an idea! Are you okay?"

Wrecker blurted everything out in the same breath seeing Crosshair finally coming to.

"Wha- what?"

Crosshair felt groggy and out of it. The aches and pains coming back to him, now that the medicine was wearing off. He felt stiff, angry and hurting and not in a good way either!

"I have an idea how to bust us outta here!"

Wrecker was more chipper now that he could see Crosshair was wide awake and was only waiting to share what he had in mind for their great escape. The ploy of a thing he had contend in the Force mediation of a state he had been in.

"Well, what? What is your plan?"

Crosshair was none too happy of having been woken up. But he could hopefully manage whatever it was Wrecker was on about as long as he did not have to move too much. Not at least do battle. As Crosshair was in not feeling it currently. Any of it.

Yeah, so faking ones own death, let alone your cell mates? Well, it might just be stupid enough of a stunt it might just work too. Depending of course how stupid the imperial guards really were!

"Faking our deaths?"

Crosshair wasn't really buying what Wrecker was selling.

"That must be one of the most ludicrous idea you have ever come up with!"

"Nah, is all good. You just have to trust me Cross!"

Crosshair had his permascowl on as the glared at Wrecker.

But the big guy was unfazed by that specific stare and was not backing up. Assured that his approach gained from the supposed Force meditation would work. It was simply a matter of self control and playacting. Is all, right?

"Here, look, just do as I do."

Wrecker sat on the floor and started meditating again. His breathing and heart rate falling rapidly into a state reminiscent of, well, a comatose person. Of sorts. And soon enough, it really looked like he wasn't breathing. At all.

Crosshair had to check his pulse, and it was hardly registering. Then again, he knew what to look for. Those conscripted guards would most likely not.

Crosshair was startled, when Wrecker's eyes flew open.

"See. Told ya it would work."

His face had a big leer on it. Finally being the one with good plans and tricks up his sleeves other than simply blowing up things. Then again, that thought had crossed Wrecker's mind too. If only they had some explosives on them!

"Yeah, well, guess it does not hurt to try."

"Told ya! Cross. You just have to trust me on this one!"

Wrecker assured his brother. Even if Crosshair looked to still be more on the doubtful side of things. But, what choice did they have. It wasn't as if they could simply walk out of the place, no matter how Jedi Wrecker thought himself to be.

It took some time, which they totally had as where else would they go? Being in prison and all. But Wrecker managed to show the somewhat simple techniques he was sure would fool the guards thinking into the fact that they were dead.

"…And so when they step in here, to check on us, we grab them!"

Wrecker was explaining his full proof plan to Crosshair.

"That's your whole plan?"

Crosshair was still in disbelief of Wrecker's for sure stupid and supposedly easy plan.

"Yeah, that is it. Simple huh? Effective for sure!"

Wrecker positively beamed. Feeling totally secure and proud of what he had come up with even if Crosshair wasn't convinced. At all.

"Well I will give you simple! But what makes you think they will come inside and check up on us?"

Crosshair was pretty sure the guards would not care whether they lived or died. They were doomed prisoners after all. And if they died in their sleep all the easier for the imps, right?

Then again, one of them had brought them the med kit. So, there was that to consider. Either by Wrecker's suggestion or, why else? That was the question rattling in Crosshair's mind.

"They're imps! Of course they will check on us. Either by stupidity or just because they need to haul our shebs outta here as cleanup!"

Crosshair could not really find a fault in Wrecker's plan. At least not from what Wrecker was explaining. It was all so simple it might just work.

And Wrecker wasn't wrong either. They were imps. Storm troopers some of them called themselves! Go figure? Storm in and get shot was more like it!

Crosshair having witnessed first how incompetent most of them were. The Empire giving them minimal training if at all. And they made so many mistakes!

It was seeing these new recruits in action and phasing down the clones when Crosshair had had his change of heart. Deciding to help was many clones out from the Empire's grasp as possible.

And so, finally ending up in here, in this prison. Scheduled to be executed. Surely, a small price to pay.

"Alright, we'll try it your way!"

We are so bustin' outta here!

'Sometimes, even the simplest of plans might just work, if you simply believe it will, so click your heels three times and make the wish!'

And just as Wrecker had predicted, it all happened exactly like that.

The imperial guards having come to deliver the prisoners meals. Seeing the two men lying on the floor, not breathing, seemingly dead. The guards had literally stormed inside to check up on the two.

It might have been due to both clones being high value prisoners. The superiors wanting to actually kill them rather than letting the prisoners possibly take their own lives.

So, in the fear of having made a terrible mistake, the guards had immediately deactivated the cell's ray shield and burst into the room without much thought. Trying to search for any pulse on either man.

And just like planned, Crosshair and Wrecker had easily subdued the two imperial guards, totally unprepared to fight the heavily trained clones.

Wrecker and Crosshair then grabbed whatever weapons and other gear the guards had on their person and then started on their way out. Getting the Sith outta Coruscant!

"Just like I said!" Wrecker stated proudly as the two started running away towards their freedom.

"Yeah, just like you said!"

Crosshair had nothing more to add to that statement. Being only too surprised to see these so called Force powers the man claimed to posses were actually working.

Having left the cell behind them, the dynamic duo quickly made their way through the many corridors. Seemingly ending ones they were. But they needed to find a way out and possible means of transport.

There was little resistance thankfully though as they ventured further away from their cell.

But somehow, especially with Wrecker in the lead, the piles and piles of conscripted imperial soldiers were left behind, lying unconscious or otherwise as the bodies started accumulating on the floors of the corridors.

It wasn't really much of an effort for either of them to push through the several guards in the end.

The hired help as Crosshair had put it earlier. Because having seeing good clone troopers being exchanged for these, so called soldiers. The very fact having started grinding inside of Crosshair and so in the end leading him to help the clones to escape. Crosshair could not have been happier to kick some imp shebs on their way out of the hell hole they were in.

"Which way now?"

Wrecker did not except Crosshair to really know that. Having already indicated the fact this wasn't a familiar facility for him. At all.

"There is a console over there."

Crosshair pointed at the one nearest one to them on the wall close by.

"Do you think you can get into the system?"

Wrecker doubted Crosshair would be able to hack in, but maybe his access codes were still working.

"I can try to use my access code. Maybe those incompetent karks have not deactivated them yet."

Crosshair moved to the console and started typing in. And indeed, they were still very much in working order. Perhaps whomever had been in charge of the administrative work had not bothered to hurry as Crosshair was supposed to be under lock and key anyway until his scheduled execution.

"I am in."

Crosshair quickly scanned for any and all floor plans and easily found them.

"We are here."

Wrecked moved close enough to have a look-see.

"It seems the nearest egress is two floors down. Only we want a ship."

Crosshair turned to look at Wrecker then.

"We do indeed."

Wrecker agreed as wherever they were now, they most likely needed a vessel to fly out of there.

"Looks like three levels down, where there is a small hangar. We can get what we need from there."

Crosshair hoped at least as he checked the specs for their route one more time, memorising them before taking the lead.

"This way."

As they had reached the hangar bay and it was time to steal a ship. There were only three shuttles there to choose from. They checked the first one, which seemed to be stripped down for maintenance and so, unusable.

They quickly moved to the next one, anticipating more of the imperial troopers being on their way and trying to stop the force of which was Crosshair and Wrecker escaping. So, moving fast to keep ahead of them all was key.

The next one was in good order, ready to fly. As Wrecker was about to get comfortable in the cockpit, he sensed the hesitation in Crosshair. Turning to look at the the man who had suddenly stopped in his tracks, literally frozen in his steps.

As if realising something just then and making a decision.

As if sensing the doubt in Crosshair, Wrecker urged for Crosshair to move along.

"Come on Cross, we need to get going before they send more of those dum-dums after us!"

"I'm not coming back with you."

Crosshair tone was low but his words were sincere nevertheless. He meant what he was saying too.

"Wha- what?"

Wrecker could not believe what he was hearing. Even if the heard the words, he could not believe what Crosshair had just told him. That they were not leaving together.

"There is one other ship out there. I can take it, if it is in working order."

Crosshair explained then.

"What if it is not?"

Wrecker asked cautiously, because he really did not like where this was clearly heading to. Crosshair taking another ship. Most likely planning on taking a different route as well of where Wrecker was headed. Home.

"Well, then… I guess I loose. Don't I."

It wasn't even a question. Because Crosshair pretty much knew his game had ended. Going back with Wrecker had never really been the option, now had it?


Wrecker tone was positively low. Not really understanding what was going on. But he was trying. He knew he needed to stay calm and try to understand and maybe, try to reason with Crosshair. If even possible.

"But, you have to. Please. Come back with me."

Wrecker was positively pouting now trying totally hard not to pounce on Crosshair, grab him. Tie him up and make Crosshair leave with him forcefully. But Wrecker really could not do that, could he?


Crosshair asked the question then. Being most certain Wrecker would not have a proper answer as to the why either. As Crosshair himself sure could not give a good reason as to why he should go with Wrecker. Crosshair had made his bed and it was time to take the final nap on it.


"Because what?"

"Because you are ours, part of our family and we want you back. For good. Simple as that."

Wrecker wasn't making any excuses. Simply stating the facts.

Well, that was unexpected to hear for Crosshair. Perhaps.

As Crosshair had been prepared for some lame excuse like it is the right thing to do or because whatever. But hey, Wrecker had said Crosshair was theirs, so guess that was as good as reason as any, right? Besides Wrecker always delivered the most simple reasons anyway.

"Simple as that?"

Crosshair repeated the notion.

"Why wouldn't it be?"

As sometimes, Wrecker could see the simplest solutions in difficult things. His somewhat childlike mind thinking of the obvious solution to any problem. And he wasn't wrong either.



Crosshair had no counter argument to give.

He was tired of fighting, tired of the Empire, tired of being alone.

And, Crosshair would be doomed if he remained behind. Pretty much. But, Crosshair also feared going back. Back to his family. Still, the words of Wrecker's had struck deep in the core of the otherwise chilly man.

After a brief spell of thought, Crosshair had made his decision.

"Well, okay then."


Wrecker stated simply. Only too happy Crosshair was going with him and not somewhere else. Or worse, remaining behind.

"Well then, guess we'll take this one out for a spin then."

Wrecker started the engines of the small size scout ship. Crosshair joining him at the helm in the copilot's seat. With the ship now annexed, it was time to fly the kriff out of the imp infested base.

Fences being mended and family reunited

'Sometimes, it really is possible to go back home again'

The small imperial scout ship landed on the familiar platform.

Wrecker having commed ahead they were on an approach to the rebels secret hideout and not to shoot them down before they had even managed to land. Flying under radar was key to avoid being detected, so taking extra precautions before approaching the planet where the base was on. A slight detour just in case.

Gregor had been on the other end of the call, when Wrecker had made the connection to Rex's base after they were safely out of imperial space. Having explained his situation rather briefly to Gregor. Having mentioned only, that Wrecker had an extra passenger with him. But getting an okay from Gregor just the same.

There was a welcoming committee waiting for them already there as the ship had landed. Having had misplaced Wrecker for a moment there, the Batchers were only too relieved to hear he was on his way back home. But, what they had not expected, was…

"Is that really… Crosshair?"

Hunter, Echo, Tech and Omega were all positively gawking at the arrivals. Gregor and Rex were beside them too. Both of them having knowing looks on their faces though. As they seemed to know a bit more than the Bad Batch did as to whom Wrecker had brought with them, even if he had not explained as much.

Wrecker having played it coy and having failed to mention he was bringing Crosshair with him.

"Yeah. Did you except someone else?"

It was Crosshair's poor attempt of snide humour.

The whole reunion happening not really his thing. But Wrecker had tried to assure him more than once during their flight over that Crosshair would be welcomed back. No questions asked.

As to how Wrecker knew it? Well, it still remained a mystery to Crosshair.

"No, I mean, no."

Hunter was at a loss of words. After all, this was a rather unexpected but totally welcome surprise. For all of them. Clearly Wrecker wanting to surprise his family with bringing Crosshair back to them.

"I knew you would come back."

Omega was totally giddy and leaped at Crosshair without any hints of shyness in her. Hugging the man, reaching his midriff only in the process. But nevertheless, she did not let go of Crosshair, keeping him a rather tight grip too.

"Crosshair!" Echo was all over the sniper too. Hugging him from the other side, Omega still holding onto Crosshair's legs, being so short and all compared to the tall sniper.

"Oh, what the hell! Join them if you can't beat them!" Tech's apparent motto at the moment as he's too latched onto the unexpected arrival.

Hunter remaining in the side lines though. Looking on at the group of hugging people.

Even if Wrecker had already had his share of hugging Crosshair in the brig. Well, that certainly did not hinder him from joining the other three in the group hug.

Crosshair was happy too. But, in his own unique way. Of the clear but rather unexpected welcoming with open arms thing happening by his family. Crosshair glanced over to Hunter then.


It wasn't really a question though. Just the same, Crosshair had challenged Hunter to join in.

"Why the kark not!"

Hunter was all over Crosshair without warning. Joining with the rest of them. Crosshair was getting wet sloppy smooches all over his face. Not just from Hunter but the lot of them.

Rex and Gregor were chuckling on the sidelines. Happy to see Crosshair as well.

Gregor giving him a wink just then. Crosshair only nodding in return. After all, the two of them knew what Crosshair had done. To their vode. Helping them escape and leading them back to Rex. The tooka was out of the bag, as to whom the mysterious benefactor had been. The first clones arriving to Rex's base having told him all about whom it was having helped them to leave the Empire.

Crosshair could not help the tug happening at the corners of his lips. An unexpected smile forming there. It was good to be back. And clearly, none of the others were holding any past hostilities against him either. It was like Wrecker had told him. That Crosshair was welcome back.

As sometimes home was still there, only waiting for the wayward wanderer to find their way back.