Title: In the Still of the Night

Author: Vix

Category: Remus /Sirius

Rating: PG-13 (cursing)

Summary: The night after Voldermort leaves Sirius and Remus are all that are left.

Disclaimers: I own nothing

Sirius laid his head against the window tears streaming silently down his face.

Remus, not far behind him, bite his lips while his own eyes stared blankly into the night, "Sirius, would you like some tea?"

Sirius remained silent as ever not bothering to acknowledge the question.

Remus sighed deeply in grief and edged quietly forward not knowing if his mate would appreciate a comforting touch or shun it away, "Sirius?"

"They took him." Sirius croaked out shutting his eyes tight, "All I have left and they fucking took him!"

Remus breathed deep as a wave of clashing feelings rolled over him; jealousy at the protectiveness, hurt at the neglect, and pain... At the loss. Swallowing his own feelings he approached the grief-ridden man in front of him. Not saying a word he attentively placed a hand on his shoulders to find it trembling.

Remus, doubting Sirius would notice if a boulder slammed into him, slid up behind him pressing his lover to his chest wanting to shoulder both their pain.

"They had to Sirius. It was what was best for Harry." Remus tried to sound reassuring but found his voice cracking under the emotional strain.

"Best for Harry was it?" Sirius repeated his voice flat, "being without what is left of his family is best for Harry..."

Remus rested his head against his pack mates, "We're going to get through this."

Sirius scoffed at the feeble attempt at cajoling.

"We are." Remus voice strengthened, "We are going to fix this, and we are going to get Harry back."

Sirius turned around to face his lover. Everything he had ever had was gone. The man he had grown to love as a brother, Lily, his only god son, and now he stood before a man he didn't know whether to take solace in or blame... Sirius bit the inside of his cheek painfully. He had lost everything and he could feel that it was only going to get worse from here, as if he was waiting for the other shoe to drop, "It's not getting better soon."

Remus watched Sirius's face recede into a dark twisted leer. Without much thought he brought his hand up to wipe the tears from his lover's eyes. Sensing Sirius' train of thought his expression turned to one of great sorrow, "I'll always love you."

Sirius understood. Neither of them knew and they were both suspects, but never the less, they would always be soul mates, "And I you Moony."

Sirius evaluated the man in front of him. Tears were real, and he could not think of one reason as to why this man would harm the people he loved the most, but dark blood ran thorough his veins, and all the horrible times had caused paranoia in even the safest of places. But tonight he was not a suspected traitor, tonight he was the love of his life, the only person he had left.

Sirius looked Remus in the eyes, cold wet blue meeting the same in amber, tonight they were all they had, and no matter what changed later, there would always be tonight.

Sirius enveloped Remus into a hug not letting go as he was gripped back fiercely leaving no room for more talking, thinking, or breathing.

They leaned gently against the wall next to the window until Sirius's knees gave out and they slid slowly to the floor still deep in the embrace. They stayed there. Not saying a word. Listening to the sounds of the coming dawn. A day which would be celebrated by everyone, Voldermort was gone... Everyone but them because their family had left with him.

The End