Disclaimer: This is a one-shot, angst. Draco's thoughts on his former adversary turned idol. No Hogwarts. Just a few odd, angsty thoughts. I was bored. Harry Potter and all characters belong to JK Rowling, not me. There isn't even a plot fof me to own.


"You go home to your mansion and tell me you still envy my empty room. I have no parents to tell me they're proud, no mother to hold me when I have bad dreams. Maybe your parents don't do that either, but at least they're alive. And yet you support Voldemort, so others can lose their scant chances of happiness. All because of magic and power."

Draco Malfoy scowled from his armchair. It is hard to hate old friends, but harder still to like old enemies. But Harry Potter's words made him realize the true evil behind his former master, and even his father. Torturing and killing innocents, ripping families apart, bearing unjust ill feeling against the magically deprived and muggle-born wizards and witches.

Furthermore, it made him realize the Gryffindor trio's brilliance and extensive disadvantages. Harry alone had faced Voldemort four times and lived. Hermione had beat the entire grade in the finals. Ron had struggled to survive from a poor family. He was living, despite all the complications he had because he was a famous war-hero's best friend. And he was thriving. He was one of the top five in the grade, like Harry--except Harry was probably second. But Ron was still one of the smartest, and he was Keeper for Gryffindor.

Draco realized that while Potter did have a few friends outside Granger and Weasley, he didn't interact with them as often as he could. Those two were his only real friends, who liked him not because he was famous, but in spite of it. /I wish someone showed me such compassion. But no. I'm just a rich tool of an old pureblood family./ Compassion would be forever out of his reach.

But friends. Friends he may be able to make.