Title: Ice Cream and I broken' heart

Rate: PG-13. Will be R soon.

Note: Yaoi, and OOC.

Other Note: Nani = What, Naze = Why, Ai shiteru = I love you, Oyasuminasai = Good night, Iya = No, Hai = Yes, Kawaii = Cute, Youkai = Demon, Ningen = Human and Gomen = Sorry


This story goes to Alastair.

Story Time!


Hiei was walking in the ningen world looking around.

/Hn. It's so different without Yasha here. / He could remember what it was like with Yasha.

*Flash Back*

He was walking around the ningen world. He also had with him a giggle girl; she was standing next to him.

"Hey, Hiei." The girl says.

"Yeah?" he looked at the girl who had stopped walking.

"That child." She said, pointing to a little girl.

"Yeah... So?" Hiei asked.

"That child has to much sprit energy." Yasha said.

"Nani?" Hiei looked at the girl again.

Something about that girl had caught Yasha's eyes.

"Hiei..." Yasha trailed off.

"Hai?" Hiei replied.

Yasha then ran and grabbed the child.

"Hey lady! Look out!" Said a man.

Hiei looked to see what the guy was talking about. A truck was coming Yasha's way. Yasha saw the truck and jumped in the air. The truck missed her and the little girl. Hiei looked over at Yasha as she gave the little girl back to her mother. Yasha then started to look around as she walked back to Hiei.

"Naze did you do that?" Hiei asked.

"That child wasn't spore to die today." Yasha said in a flat voice.

"Nani do you mean?" Hiei asked.

"Hiei.... You really don't remember that I know all the people who are to die today and the ones who aren't do you?" Yasha asked as she still looked around.

"Oh.... Hai. You know them all by heart don't you?" Hiei asked as Yasha stopped.

"Hai." She said as she walked over to and ally with Hiei right behind her.

"Hiei do you feel any youkai energy?" Yasha asked.

"Yeah... But it's only a lit...." Hiei turned around with his sword and got the youkai.

Yasha turned too. The disappointments look on her face. But Hiei didn't see it.

"Well should have guess. Must of though I was weak or something." Hiei said.

"You got it." Yasha said in a low voice. The body was gone so it looked like nothing had happen.

"Yeah. You ready to go?" Hiei asked.

Yasha just sighed, "Yeah." They then walked out of the ally.

"Oh look! Kittens!" Yasha said as she ran to the store.


/Naze didn't I see it before? / Hiei didn't want to think about Yasha right now.

It always hurt to think about her. He really did take her for granted.

"Hey! Hiei!" Hiei turned when he heard his name called.

/Oh joy! Yuusuke's here. / Hiei though, then wanted to laugh.

Yasha always said 'Oh joy! Yuusuke's here.' She would say it in such a rude voice it made everyone laugh, and then she would give her a kiss on the cheek and say 'Just kiddin'! You know Ai shiteru!'

"Hello, Yuusuke." Hiei said in a flat voice.

Yuusuke looked at his friend. Hiei had the look. Kase had said that the look was that someone was looking far away. Yuusuke could tell, now Yuusuke understood the look. Hiei was still in the ningen world, and he was sitting down on one of the benches in the pack. His eyes looked like they were looking into space.

"You ok?" Yuusuke asked.

Hiei just nodded his head. Yuusuke could see that Yasha had really torn a hole in his heart. Koenma was right... How were they going to get through this? He could still remember him and Kurama finding out about it.

*Flash Back*

Yuusuke and Kurama are walking down to Koenma's office when the hear Koenma talking to someone.

"Nani?! Nani do you mean?! Yasha and Hiei aren't together?!" Koenma yelled at someone.

"Kurama, Did you hear that?" Yuusuke asked.

"Hai." Kurama replied.

They both stand outside the door to hear more.

"That's nani Yasha told me." Said a little girl.

"This isn't good. This isn't good at all." Koenma said as he sat down in his chair.

"Yasha said that she couldn't give Hiei nani he needed." The little replied.

"But.... But.... But that's not nani she said before." Koenma replied.

"She said that she was young and didn't know better." The little girl said.

"Now that's just Bullshit Rini. You and I both know that Hiei is younger then Yasha." Koenma said.

"True... But naze are you making a big deal out of it?" The little girl or Rini asked.

"Rini... Yasha and Hiei both work together." Koenma said.

"But they both are in two different teams." Rini replied.

"Iya. I had both teams become one." Koenma said.

"You have to be kidding." Rini said with shock.

Koenma shook his head. "I wish I was. Oh God! I told Yasha this was a bad idea. But iya! She wouldn't listen. I told her I was going to make one team and look! I think that the teams get along well and look nani happens! Koenma threw his hands up.

"But Koen.... It can't be that bad." Rini tried to help.

"Rini.... How is Yasha doing at home?" Koenma asked.

"She's not at home." Rini replied.

"Nani in God's name is she?!" Koenma jumped up.

"Now clam down Koen! She's with Sosh!" Rini replied.

"Oh, and that just makes me feel much more better." Koenma moaned as he sat down.

"Uh.... She said that she would be home around eight." Rini said.

"Naze is it that you know where everyone is and I don't?" Koenma asked.

"Cause I'm the youngest of this family!" Rini replied happily.

"Naze am I not surprised? I hate having older brothers and sisters, along with younger ones too." Koenma replied.

"Hey!" Rini said.

Rini then feel someone. No wait two some ones.

"Just a sec." Rini said.

Rini then ran to the door and grabbed the two people behind it. She threw them into the room. Rini was really happy that she caught the two. Koenma looked surprised.

"Hello Yuusuke, Kurama." Koenma said to the two on the floor.

"Hey Koenma." Yuusuke replied as he got off the floor.

"Hello Koenma." Kurama said as he too got off the floor.

"I'm guessing you heard Rini and I talking." Koenma sighed.

"Well.... Uh... You could say that." Yuusuke said.

Kurama looked at the little girl. She looked back at him.

"RINI!!!!!" Koenma screamed at his sister.

Rini and Kurama jerked. Kurama grabbed his head and moaned as Rini just giggled.

"Rini.... I will tell Yasha that you are using your powers wrong again." Koenma replied in a clam voice.

Rini stopped giggling. "You wouldn't." She replied.

"You said that the last time too." Koenma still clam.

"Fine! Gomen Kurama. I'll get you back for this at home!" Rini said as she left.

"Are you alrigth Kurama?" Koenma asked.

Kurama shook his head yes.

"Good. Looks like I'm going to have you things." Koenma sighed.

Yuusuke and Kurama shook their heads. This was going to be a long day.


"Yuusuke?" Hiei snapped his fingers.

"Huh?" Yuusuke replied.

"Was there a reason for looking for me?" Hiei asked.

"Yeah there was.... So how have you and Yasha doing?" Yuusuke had to asked.

"We're fine. I think I'm over her. I don't really know." Hiei replied.

Yuusuke blinked a couple of times. Hiei replied. What the hell did Yasha do to him?!

"You think?" Yuusuke wanted to make sure he heard right.

"Yeah.... Every time I think of her..... I don't feel so empty inside." Hiei said as he looked down.

Yuusuke had to cheer Hiei up. But how? Yuusuke snapped his fingers. Ice cream.

"Hey Hiei want to go get some ice cream?" Yuusuke asked.

"Yeah... Sure." Hiei replied.

As Yuusuke and Hiei were walking, their felt someone. They both kept turning their heads. But saw nothing. As soon as their walked under a tree Yuusuke felt something hit him.

"Ow! Nani the fuck was that?!" Yuusuke yelled.

"Yuusuke! Watch your mouth! There're children out here!" Came a female voice.

Yuusuke and Hiei both looked up to see..............


Have to stop. Neck hurt. I'll finish the rest later. Ja!