I… I can't breathe.

…so this is how I die. You'd think I would be panicking, but I literally don't have the energy to do so.

As I lay on my bed dying I think these useless thoughts. There was nothing wrong with me, at least I didn't think there was. Clearly I'm no doctor. One moment I was sleeping, and then I woke up having troubles breathing, granted I was tired after a bit of exercise, but that's it. It was just some casual exercise It's supposed to be good for you.

…and now I'm dying..

Well, more specifically I woke up in a panic; breathing hard, and mild fever. But only for a moment. I try to scream, but it comes out as a weeze, and than nothing at all. If theirs any consolation on dying of suffocation it's that I don't have the energy to panic, so It's probably less painless than other ways.

Lord knows it's less painful than getting hit than a truck…probably.

In any case, painless or not, I'm not accepting it. Granted, my life isn't the most distinguished. Weak, injured, unemployed, apparently sick, and didn't know it, and dying without friends. Well, unless one can count a laptop their friend.

Of course not.

I'm a loser; no work, no friends, no lover. The only thing I have is family, but… even then, I've only become a burden. But I'm not delusional. Only lonely.

Someone… anyone… please save me…

I can not say those words. I hope that whatever this is passes, and I wake up in a hospital bed resuscitated. But I need to make some noise.

My vision is getting blurry, and I don't have the energy to get of the bed anymore. I fell asleep reading lightnovels, like usual. Go figure, I died as I live, a total weeb. That said I reach towards my laptop, and get ready to tip it of the corner of my bed, and hopefully the sound of it falling over, can get the attention of my parents that sleep next door.

I open it up, and…

"Ahhhn!" an erotic moan escapes the screen.

Crap it's porn. PUNCH!

I punch through the computer screen, making a small computer screen, and making some small smoke.

Ah, I think my heart just gave out. And those were my final thoughts as I embraced oblivion.



Zenith! Anipa bayhebu! La took!


What's with all the noise… can't a man rest in- WAIT A MINITE!

"Epabuhia! Tauwka seio kwa! Pahail za!"

"Ah…" someone makes a more relax noise as I raise my… hands.

"Ivin kav Zenith! Pahail za! Zevaiah bazalfben kifu zivaikah kwav!" a gibbering man says to me. Did not think that would be my first sight, after waking up. I should be telling him off for waking him, after I had a heart attack…probably, but…

He is ridiculously tall, and I am ridiculously small…

I am…

"Evun on. Nora iv aihen kap." says a blond beauty as I am put onto her lap.

Placed onto her very large lap, looking up at her as well…

AH! I see. I must be a bit delusional because of the loss of oxygen. Because, there's no way that I've been reborn as a baby, right?

That was my final thought, on the first day of my new life.

AN: So, this is my first time writing a story in a loooong time, am a bit rusty, and can't promise I will finish all the way through. BUT! I can promise that I'll end it on an arc, and even had my old Naruto end on one as well. So I will try not to leave you readers wondering if this story is dead or not. Hate it when it happens to me as a reader, and would try to avoid that to my readers as well. In the event that I get writer's block, or know I won't be able to continue, I will write HIATUS, so U the readers know whether to wait on or not. Anyways, hope you enjoy.