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Prologue Part 2

Mekkan, Western Basitin Kingdom, Northern Countryside, Y475

As the sun rises over the horizon, its rays illuminate the beaches, along with a village situated just a walking distance away from the great blue sea. As the darkness of the night retreated from the sun's great glare, the inhabitants of the village slowly arose from their slumber.

These inhabitants were not the more common creatures of man, however. In fact, they resemble a more feline-like appearance, but with longer ears.

These creatures are known as Basitin, a native race to this world.

As time went on, more and more of the natives awoke, then returned to their own daily activities in the village. Eventually, the village became much busier than it was during the night.

As the night further receded into the corners of the world, something became noticeable for the inhabitants of the village, as some raised their hands to point at the direction to the beach facing it.

It was a wall of cloud. Unlike the clouds of a raging storm, it was just pure white.

Some raised one of their eyebrows at it, some scratched their heads, as they try to figure out what it could possibly be. Eventually, they dismissed it, and returned back to their usual pastime.

While it may seem like an unnatural occurrence that hasn't happened before within their kingdom's lifetime at all, they are not that curious as to just sail there, and take a closer look. They have abstained themselves from going further beyond the borders of their fishing grounds, and have remained ignorant of the world, and that's fine for them.


Human Empire, Morlin Hall

The Human Empire's relatively humble capitol city. Its huge castle sits atop one of the only large hills in an otherwise flat region of land, surrounded by fields and forests. Farms and smaller outlying villages dot the landscape, extending for miles in all directions to provide food for the city center.[1]

In one of the castle's countless rooms, stands a certain woman garbed in a white robe- her uniform of a certain Order, peering through the window, and into the horizon.

"What in the name of the masks is that?"

Mary Silverlock, Grand Templar of its order, muttered as she squinted her eyes towards the far ocean. The object she was trying hard to see was some sort of structure of cloud, which could be seen due to the castle's height.

What was initially thought to be a huge storm, was instead a giant dome of clouds, suddenly had light piercing through its center. In all her years of being the head of the Templar Order, which came with all the experience of studying magic, she had never seen, nor heard of this occurrence before.


A realm beyond Mekkan, The Demigod Realm

As this is happening, three of the most powerful beings, (other than the primary God of Mekkan) the Masks, can be seen looking down on a top-down perspective of the entirety of the world they supervise.


One of the Masks muttered. The owner of this voice is the one with an all black cloak, which seems to look much more shadow-like, far less corporeal than his fellow Masks with feathered black wings, a grey mask, though his is cracked down the middle, and finally, with horns.

The mortals of Mekkan called him "Chaos."

"This is… peculiar." Another one of the three Masks surmised.

Similar to 'Chaos', she has a grey cloak, with an equally grey cracked mask with a strange marking under its left eye and a crack over the right. This one is called "Neutral" or more commonly known as Ephemeral.

"Quite," answered the final, and third of the Masks.

Seemingly different from the the two, it has an all white cloak, with a black mask and seems to have some wings as well. This Mask is called "Order."

'Order' then turned its mask to glance on a note on the floor, it said:

"Hi! I am REALLY sorry for the inconvenience, but please take care of everyone for me!" -H.

'Order' only has the slightest clue (which is none,) who this "H" is, and neither does it assume one of the other two would know as well.

"So, what do you think we should do about this?" Ephemeral questioned to 'Chaos.'

'Chaos' for a moment did not say anything, only seemingly weighing his options, when finally, he shrugged. "I say we should wait. What's your opinion on this?"

"...While I despise you, and I still do, I will have to agree with you on this." Ephemeral responded, before turning her mask to the image of Mekkan, particularly to the white ever-growing dot of clouds.

"This type of magic… It is unheard of, and likely powerful."

'Order' started, then elaborated further. "Even with all of us combined, I'm afraid we could not perform a similar feat like this, without reaching our limits, and without crumbling an entire continent during the process."

"Not to mention, while also leaving a half-assed note like that in our realm." 'Chaos' pointed at the note, which is still on the floor, with his hand, which has fairly light skin, almost yellow, and sharp claws.

"Then, what is your stance on this, 'Order'?" Ephemeral asked.

"I say we should observe, for now." 'Order' responded.

"Either way, I doubt that this possibly powerful entity will care enough about what we could do to their creation, as they basically just gave up their responsibility to us. More importantly, I am rather curious to see how their creation fares in this domain." 'Chaos' spoke.

"I am, as well." Ephemeral also said.

'Order' doesn't say anything, only turning its mask towards the image.

I hope that this is the key we needed. 'Order' muttered in thought.

To end this game.


The Grand Sea, East of the Western Basitin Kingdom and South of the Tiger Territory

As the water boils at its highest temperature, the gigantic dome of mist grows ever so slightly, until a beam of light enveloped the mist.

Then, it stopped. The boiling water no longer being heated, as it stopped producing mist. As it slowly flows away, the objects become even more clearer.

One particular object looked like a flag. As the mist slowly cleared, it can be shown clearly in all its green, white and yellow glory.[2]

To be continued.

Author's note: Hey guys! Welcome to the remake of my Two Kinds fanfic, Arcane Summons! I have completely made up my mind on which direction I should go with. How about it? Did you notice what year this now takes place? Do you like this direction I am going for? Until next time!


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