Yes, this is it. This is the end. Please don't get emotional. I know it will be hard. *Sniff* jk

Char and Ella decided to go back to the ball and announce the good news. When Lela heard she was the first to run up and congratulate them both. Matthew wasn't standing too far off and was quite confused by the whole thing. Char, Ella and Lela explained to Matthew the whole story. In all the excitement about getting rid of the curse Ella had forgotten Matthew's proposal! He was a little sad at first but considering he'd only known her for a few hours he was all right with it because he really like Lela better. He hadn't proposed to her because he thought she and Char were getting married.
A month later the two couples got married. Ella's step family was not invited. They pretended they didn't care by having Hattie's wedding the same day. Yes, Hattie was married. To Lord Vladimere! They lived wretchedly ever after. Olive never married so she and Mum Olga spent the rest of their days stuffing their faces with second rate food.
Mandy and Drakin had a wonderful evening the night of the ball and at Ella and Lela's reception they announced their renewed engagement. Mandy and Drakin moved into the palace and took care of Ella's children. Ella and Char had seven children. Lela and Matthew had five. Lela and Matthew visited Char and Ella often.
Oh yes, and at their first anniversary party Char made Matthew Lord of Snettering on Snoakes.

So that was it! I hope you all liked it. This was my first fan fic ever. I think it was pretty good, personally. Thanks so much for reading it. I'll probably write more, as soon as I get ideas. Hope you enjoyed this! Ciao!