Ship-of-the-month weekly prompt "Haven" Wolffe/Hardcase /collections/Clone_Haven_Ship_of_the_Month faq Ship: Wolffe/Hardcase Set somewhere in the world of The Clone Wars, non-canonically, of course!

Sometimes, a safe place, a safe haven if you will, is just the setting, for letting one's hair down.
As the troopers keep on trooping, Hardcase and Wolffe need some alone time to go - camping? Well, at least that was the very plan anyway! Part of the Wolffe/Hardcase series

The horrors of war 'War, what is it really good for? Fighting the good fight until the very bitter end? When, does it all really ever end?'

"Hardcase, on your flank!"

The blaster shot just barely missing him.

With the pace of the battle being brutal at best. The enemy approaching from two sides. Boxing in the squadron of troopers having been sent in advance as reconnaissance and to assess the status of the enemy front line only to have ended up being ambushed.

"Everyone! Hold your heads down!"

The sound of a blaster canon fired booming somewhere above them.

"Keep your eyes on those clankers!"

"Hold the rear!"

"Hardcase, concentrate your fire to your left!"

"Six o'clock, enemy approaching from your six!"

"I see them. Damned clankers!"

The several commands, orders, warnings sounding out. The sometimes fear filled shout outs inside the helmets of the soldiers echoing. A constant for sure.

Trying to keep their position, before backup would arrive. It wasn't supposed to have been needed. But the enemy's surprise attack had caused the small squadron to take cover. And being pinned down, was never a good place to be.

"Cover fire! Use cover fire!" A few of them having been misplaced from the whole, were now running towards the safe place, the brief respite of haven the soldiers had found for themselves while waiting to be rescued.

It would not take long now.

The others were already rolling towards their position. At least the comms had promised as then, they would all be saved.

But, the enemy just kept on firing. The noises of fighting around them growing ever stronger, in their ears and the minds of those soldiers in the middle of the battle field… stuck inside their supposed haven of sorts.

Would any of them get back to real safety, ever again?

A break from it all 'Looking for a respite, a safe place to lay low, for a moment at least, to set aside that eternal beast, of war. A true haven for one and all.'
"Hey, hon? Are you alright?"

Wolffe's touch was gentle. Not wanting to startle the sleeping, nay, nightmare tormented man lying beside him.

"Wha- what?"

Hardcase had been deep in sleep that much was a given. The latest battle playing inside of his mind, in a nightmarish mode. The fear of death having been a constant during the battle, even if the admittance of the same had not been spoken out loud. Expect to his partner. Wolffe.

"You were having a nightmare."

Wolffe waited patiently until Hardcase had fully woken up. His hand on the man, the calmness radiating through to his partner. The horrors endured in the war felt by both. The nightmares ever present and familiar for both of them. Only taking turns in consoling the other whenever the bad dreams hit them.


Hardcase felt at odds. The images of the dream still fresh in his mind. But the soothing tone and the soft touch was there to moor him into the present. He was safe and secure in the arms of his partner. Wolffe.

"Don't be."

Wolffe assured Hardcase, his tone never wavering, never blaming.

"It was your turn anyway."

Wolffe wasn't joking, but still a soft smile emerged on his lips.

They had talked about the war, the battles, the following nightmares and it had helped them both to cope with their situation much better than trying to deal with it all alone. Still, the unconscious mind sometimes played its dirty tricks on the soldiers the two of them were.

But, Hardcase let out a laugh just the same.

It was all too absurd anyway. The whole war. Even if the clones had been bred for it. None of them could have realised in the beginning, the full meaning of it all. Not to mention the war dragging too long.

So, coping with it all? Besides sharing the bad thoughts of one's mind? Laughter was the only other medicine.

"Guess it was."

Hardcase rubbed the sleep from his eyes, looking up at Wolffe who was now hovering above him. With a somewhat worried look in his face catching with Hardcase's stare right back at him.

"Hey, I am fine now, sweetheart. You don't have to worry."

Hardcase assured Wolffe, placing his palm under Wolffe's chin. Drawing him in for a kiss. A gentle one, before both of them growing more hungry. The passion flowing between them, as the two lovers continued soothing each other, the pain of it all, soon fading away.

This was their time, their place, their little nook in the corner of the galaxy for them alone to be. Their very safe haven. Being in the others's embrace. Skin on skin, lips on lips, the battles all but forgotten. As nothing could tear the two lovers apart, not even a raging war outside.

Gone Fishing 'The sign at the door of the cabin says it best; Gone fishing! As in do not try to find us!'

"I think this was the best decision we could have made in a longest while."

Hardcase had set his fishing pole aside after some time of trying to catch something, anything. It was attached to a hook securely. Only keeping an eye on it though, just in case the fishies would finally decide to bite. Not that it was the main purpose of this trip. At all.

Taking the boat out to the small lake beside their cabin, was simply to be.

"I agree."

Wolffe had completely ignored the activity of it all. Rather being settled at the stern of the small row boat they had steered to the middle of the lake. The Commander laid out with his long legs stretched out. His stylish hat covering his face from the direct sun. A good protective cover if anything for sure.

Hardcase had laughed out loud seeing the stoic man donning the wide brimmed head gear while dressing up for their little escapade of the day. But it had looked good on Wolffe, making him look more, well, far more distinguished than any fisherman Hardcase had seen. Or any other man Hardcase had ever seen.

Hardcase simply loved Wolffe. Was in love with Wolffe.

Hardcase looked at the view, the ocean, the sky, his gaze finally turning back to his man. Admiring it all and feeling the moment of it all. Taking one final glance at the lure bopping gently on the soothing waves of the rippling water's surface. Taking a good long glance at Wolffe.

Deciding it was enough of fishing for the day, Hardcase made his way to the supposedly napping man.

After all, it was far too alluring position Wolffe had placed himself for Hardcase not to take advantage of.

"Hon? Are you asleep?"

Hardcase could see the even breaths on Wolffe's chest, rising and falling.

"Almost. Why?"

Wolffe's tone was low now, half sleeping as he responded, having sensed the other man hovering close by.

Hardcase lips curled into a smirk.

Taking his place at feet of Wolffe's, Hardcase gently nudged the lean legs apart. Wedging his own body between there, snuggly settling himself in his favourite place to be. Because nobody was there to interrupt them. And Hardcase wanted to take his time to please his partner, now that he finally had gotten some peace and quiet to do it all. The day was calm and warm. Without a cloud in the skies. The pleasant winds on their backs, the sun in their faces, Hardcase and Wolffe were enjoying the moment frozen in time. The idyllic setting of the blue waters till the endless horizon.

A true respite, away from it all, for those seeking to be safe and warm. At least for a short moment in time. A haven for sure.