Birthday presents

What gifts Aya got for his birthday and what he did with them

Warnings/notes : shounen-ai (not Aya/Ken)

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz.

written at 2nd july 2003, by Misura. part 1 of 2 [?]


Aya normally was an early riser. Even at his birthday, the redhead wouldn't grant himself a single moment of extra sleep ; it just wasn't his nature to be easy on himself.

In fact, if Omi hadn't programmed his computer to let him know when any of his teammembers was going to celebrate his birthday within the next two days, everyone might have forgotten about it ; Aya himself definitely hadn't informed anyone of the fact.

When Omi had found out, he had e-mailed Nagi about it. Nagi's mail was, of course, read by Crawford, who asked Ken for any ideas for a gift, which was in turn overheard by Schuldich who spread the word to Farfarello.

All in all, everything had moved pretty quickly from there ; he and Nagi had coordinated things so that Aya wouldn't have two birthday cakes or something. Further it was agreed upon that they would close the flowershop for one day and surprise Aya by waking him up with a well-sung 'Happy Birthday'.

For this good cause, Omi had felt more than justified to put a harmless sleeping-draft in Aya's evening-coffee to make sure the redhead wouldn't wake until well in the morning. This was necessary in part because both Yohji and Schuldich had declared there was no way they would be able to drag themselves out of bed early enough to be there at Aya's usual rising-time.


"Is everyone ready?" Omi asked nervously.

Three 'yes's, one nod (from Crawford who hated to waste words) and two snores (from Yohji and Schuldich who had fallen asleep again) were his answer.

"Can I wake them up?" Farfarello begged eagerly, a gleam in his eye.

Omi looked questioningly at Crawford who lightly shook his head. "Uhm, no thank you, Farfarello-san. Nagi-chan and me can handle this."

"Nagi-chan?!?" Ken sputtered. Omi merely smiled and nodded at the youngest member of Schwarz. With a grin, Nagi lifted the two sleeping persons, shaking them -more or less gently- awake, while Farfarello muttered in disappointment.

"We are going upstairs to Aya-kun's room now. Remember to wait for my signal to start singing ; I want to do this right. Does everyone have their presents?"

Six nods.

"Any questions?"

Six people shook their heads.

"All right then, let's go!" Omi jumped up excitedly.


Aya, Omi had to conclude to his disappointment, was grumpy this morning. This may have had something to do with the headache he was having from being drugged (though Omi thought that was a big word for something so small) or with Farfarello's and Schuldich's singing voices that weren't exactly the most soothing to an already painful head.

Still, Omi considered, Aya should have made an effort to try and hide his grumpiness ; after all everyone had done their best to make this morning a happy one for him.

True, Ken had burnt his breakfast-in-bed a little. Omi was sure it had tasted just fine though ; he had never heard Ken complain about it and the soccer-player ate his own-made breakfast all the time without looking anything the worse for it.

And then there had been the gifts ...

Figuring it might be best to start with the worst, Omi had told Farfarello to give his present first. To everyone's surprise, the Irishman had given Aya a jar of polish for his katana, bought in the same shop Farfarello bought stuff to clean his own knives.

Aya hadn't exactly jumped for joy, but Omi could tell he liked the present. It was practical, useful and –most important of all- bloodless. (Though he was pretty sure Takatori's head in a bucket would have been a very welcome gift as well, even if Aya would probably prefer the man to die by his own hand.)

After Farfarello had come Schuldich (Omi had tossed a coin to see who would go first, Yohji or Schuldich, knowing those two would probably give equally apalling and/or embarrassing gifts), who presented Aya with a date-coupon, entitling him to one date with Schuldich.

As everyone (except Yohji, who had turned an interesting shade of purple) glared at the telepath, he shrugged and replied Crawford had cut his allowance short so he hadn't been able to afford anything more expensive. "Besides, a date with me is priceless. Lots of people would kill for such a chance."

To which Ken had murmured that 'worthless' was a better word and that he personally would rather kill himself than ever go out with a redheaded psycho.

Schuldich had chosen to ignore him, and Yohji handed Aya his –suspiciously flat- package which turned out to be the same as Schuldich's and earned him a lot of angry stares, especially from Schuldich, who accused Yohji of stealing his idea and Omi who had given Yohji a quite extensive list with all kinds of things he could have bought for Aya.

Next up was Ken. Omi had high expectations of Ken's present since he knew exactly how much money had been spent on it. (Normally of course, Omi would never even think about hacking into other people's bank-accounts, but on this special occasion he had made an exception.)

He felt slightly panicked as Ken's present seemed rather flat as well, though he reassured himself Ken was way to shy to give someone a date as birthday-present. Still, he was rather curious what it was then that had costed Ken so much money and yet looked so small.

~to be concluded in the second part~