Set around the time of SW The Book of Boba Fett, Chapter Seven.

Din Djarin visits the former town of Mos Pelgo. Recently given the name of Freetown.

Din is there to see his old friend, the Marshal of the settlement, Cobb Vanth.

The idea for said visit?

Well, to asks a favour and also, to offer the man a drink!

And thus, ending up delivering the worst pick-up line ever!

An interlude in the life of the hard-shelled Mandalorian and the more soft-core Marshal.

What really happened when the "cameras stopped rolling" after the scenes were in the can? (The fourth wall and all that :p).

A Din Djarin/Cobb Vanth pairing.

A short stand-alone tale.

Set in the world of Tales from Boba's Palace.

"I could never resist that smile of yours, now could I?"

'Chit-chatting never comes easily, especially if there are other intentions behind said chats'

Chit-chatting about a ship might have been fun for those admiring the workings of a fast silver bullet of a thing. Someone obviously did. Like the chit-chat and the silver bullet of a thing!

Well, it kind of reminded of that. Only it was much bigger and even more complex than a projectile. As it was after all, a space ship. A mighty old craft at that! Having been totally rebuilt for a new lease in life.

So, standing around and chatting about the craft and what had happened since the two of them, Din and Cobb, had last met? Well, it was just like catching up between two old friends, now wasn't it? All regular and normal, right?

But, perhaps there was more there, to be read between the lines. The unspoken words. More than simply the idle chat about this big ol' toy to be played with and what so easily could have been making one's heart sing? The toy that is. The big silver bullet of a thing? Right?

There was a pause as it seemed Din and Cobb had finally caught up with the news. At least with most of it anyway. And, even if there was a short silence between them, it did not seem too awkward at all, now did it?

"Can I buy you a drink?"

Din finally asked of the Marshal after they had ran out of things to say about the vessel, the missions, the Kid and about all the other things too. Or then they weren't as good as friends as either of them had thought them to be?

But as Din was hearing the words echoing in his own head - Can I buy you a drink? - He ended up berating himself internally for the totally lame line he had just spoken out loud.

"Worst pickup line ever!"

But this wasn't a pickup after all, right? Just a friendly drink shared between friends?

"More than a drink I do hope!"

Cobb response was immediate and without hesitation, with a coy smirk plastered on his face. It was supposed to sound all friendly and what not. Well, perhaps. As clearly, there was more to the meaning of the words than were spoken out loud. Making Din raise his eyebrows in surprise. At least it looked like that, as the familiar helmet was there blocking anything from showing out to Cobb. Still, the surprise was clearly painted there, as a day without a cloud or rain.

As that is what was really happening, beneath the surface. Under the helmet Din was still hiding under. Having never shown his face to the Marshal, as why would he. It was in the creed after all. So what if others had seen it earlier. Because it had been for the benefit of Grogu!

"Of course."

Din was trying to sounding all cool and calm despite the lingering surprise of the Marshal's rather suggestive tone. Or was there something there? Din was doubting for a moment, not sure if he had read the Marshal correctly after all. Analysing the situation for a bit.

Understanding fully the meaning of what Cobb had just responded of course. But then, as soon as the words hit Din, the underlying meaning of the words? Nitpicking the sentence apart as Din had. The very fact that the two of them were actually flirting dawned on him. Because they were, right? Din felt himself flush into a pinkish hue.

Luckily, the bucket of a thing covered yet another embarrassing moment for the Mandalorian.

"I would be honoured to spend some time with you. With drinks and good food of course."

Din was taking it all back a notch just then. As he could not really be sure if this was indeed, flirting. Or then just something happening between friends. Din wasn't so good with friendships either. And honestly, any other types of ships. Never really had been.

"That sounds like a great plan to me!"

Cobb replied still housing the same trademark smirk on his face. Because Cobb knew how to flirt. And he also knew how to push the buttons of a man. Especially, this one. And he was not about to let go of what they had just started either.

The comment once again making Din to flush further if even possible. As Din felt the increasingly growing heat on his face. Mostly likely the colour having changed to red as well. But also other places were starting to heat up of his well hidden never-nude body covered securely with armour, was becoming heated as well.

With the kriff was going on with him? This was just, talking!

Cobb really and totally knew how to push Din's buttons!

"Of course it is."

Cobb laughed out loudly, sending more of the warm kind of chills down Din's body. The very good kind indeed.

"I am full of all kinds of ideas! Good, better and totally great!"

Cobb listed and laughed even louder making the Mandalorian warrior a tad uncomfortable. Steaming in his gear now. As clearly, Din was stepping out of his comfort zone with this man once again. Socialising of course not really being his forte. But also this, suggestive banter, which was getting more and more hinting as it went on. Or was Din reading thing totally wrong?

"Well, that is really good to know."

It was not much else Din managed to utter. As what else could he add to that, after all?

Din then followed the Marshal into the well known cantina of the Mos. Hot on the other man's tail like a puppy being led by a tight leash by their very own Master.

As at this point much to Din's own surprise, he felt quite adventurous. Despite the brief feelings of awkwardness just a moment earlier. Din felt rather ready and waiting to find out more what this, Sherif of this small town was really hinting at.

Then again, with his own hangups and insecurities, the doubts slowly creeping in, Din could have been reading the whole situation totally wrong. Still, Din was not about to turn away either. Not yet anyway.

If things went south, he could simply leave and retreat to some dark corner to lick his wounds, if he was wrong about Cobb's intentions.

But for now, following the motto: If the opportunities come a knocking, no matter how tad the possibility, one really had to grab them at the… well, whatever!

And that was what Din was prepared to do. Damn the consequences!

Cobb turned back to look at the helmet covered face and could not help but laugh once again.

As clearly, despite the somewhat expressionless outlook, the Mandalorian was showing all kinds of signs of interest on top of the perma-mask of his. The subtle hints. Or then none too subtle hints. As the suggestions of Cobb's were slowly but surely sinking in.

And who knew? They might both be in for a great surprise as their little tête-à-tête progressed.

After all, what had started as an encounter to slay the dragon, literally, had turned into somewhat of a friendship between the duo.

And there had been times, the Marshal had had some very interesting, well, day dreams about the Mandalorian while the two of them had been a part. Wondering when they would meet again. And perhaps, if those dreams could be realised.

So now, here they were once again, together. Even if the agenda of their ad-hoc meeting was really not what Cobb had been excepted. Then again, it never was just a simple visit now was it?

And wasting another moment? Well, Cobb was not about to do that again. Not this time around. Cobb had had far to many losses and what-ifs happening in his life. So, this time, the perfect stranger who had entered his domain before, was now back again?

A friend for now, but maybe more soon enough, as Cobb was only daring to hope.

"I could never resist that smile of yours, now could I?"

Cobb then commented referring to the offer of a drink, or few of course.

But still, the comment was making Din shake his head a little just then. And even, if it might not have been as visible, Din was smiling, widely, under that helmet of his.

"Well, I hope that sentiment holds though."

Din then stated somewhat seriously. But then realising again, as the words escaped his lips, that he was totally hinting to the something else. And it had nothing to do with the drinks.

Then realising his mistake, again, Din felt the reddish warmth of a flush on his face return.

After all, Din had a favour to ask from the Marshal and his people as well. And if it indeed was a smile that would make the Marshal say yes to his request, then all the better. But, Din totally hoped, it would be of several things he could convince the Marshal.

"Because if it's a simple smile which makes you decide, then I can easily accommodate."

Din then joked, just a little. Even if he was totally serious about the promise of smiling. And more, if asked. Yeah. Din was totally trying his best to flirt.

Somewhat baffled but interested in the counter comment his friend was making, Cobb could not help but tease the man a tad more. Because a helmet and armour or not, Cobb could definitely read the Mandalorian warrior.

"Well, you just have to try your very best then, won't you."

Cobb was smiling possible more widely now. The comment, the smile on the handsome Marshal's face, was making Din heat up further. The lukewarm turning to a scorching heat, with the Beskar definitely multiplying the sensations on his skin.

Yup, never wear full Beskar armour to drinks between, um friends?

"And see how far you can get with that pretty smile of yours."

Cobb's laughter was certainly, sending all those good kinds of tingling sensations Din's way. All of them starting venture down Din's spine and further down south.

Yeah, they were definitely flirting now. That much was sure!

The banter between them having become so much more about what the words not spoken. Both of them having realised it. Even Din!

But for now, it would just be that, words and innuendo. Right?

Because neither was quite ready to ask out loud what they really wanted from the other. Even if it was the same thing. Something totally obvious. Still, words were easy, actions less so.

Call it pride or solidarity. Whatever the word was, which neither man could say out loud as to what they really wanted from the other? Well, guess they would simply have to continue with the innuendo, or then, really say the thing out loud?

So, perhaps, a drink or two would remedy the situation? Let their ever-protective guards down and all that? Not the best of idea, though. Offering drinks to get laid? But still, perhaps something to loosen up a little at least?

But it was also likely what they both needed at this moment.

To relax a bit and let their hair down.

As Humans be strange creatures after all. With all kinds of hang-ups and what-knots. Clearly the most repressed race of the so many around the galaxy! Or so it seemed at least at this point in time and with these two people. No matter what the banter might just have suggested!

"I have a favour to ask of you"

'Small favours to be asked from friends, new or old, well, there is really no harm in that, right?'

The two friends were laughing and chatting in the small cantina of the small mos. After the initial awkwardness, with the bravado of then failed flirting had passed, Din and Cobb felt rather comfortable in each others company.

As it was Din was on a mission. With a favour to ask of Cobb.

Having come to Freetown to ask the Marshal and his people to join in the good fight against the Pyke Syndicate. The spice traffickers who had literally taken over control over the planet while moving the illegal substance to various locales. As it was, their drug trade was harming a lot of the people living on the planet.

And so, possibly joining in the mission of the Daimyo of Mos Espa and Din's friend, Boba Fett, had set in motion. It was also something, which Din had promised to help out with. To recruit more foot soldiers for the cause. For the pending battle against the Pikes.

Explaining to Cobb what his friend was trying to do for the planet. Because Din had grown to admire the former bounty hunter and all the things which Boba was now trying to do. Turning his life around and doing something good for a change and for others no less.

Having sprung the question on Cobb after just two drinks, the Marshal had been quiet for a moment. Then having started asking more questions about the whole deal. After all, Cobb had had personal dealings with the lot already. Those pesky traffickers! Having interrupted an exchange just a few days earlier.

After some debating back and worth, a small argument of the pros and cons for the town itself, Cobb Vanth had promised to take the situation under advisement. And also to talk with the town folk about helping out in this, cause of Boba's as they called it.

As it was still day and most of the folks were still out working in the mines and fields out there on the land. So, the two had some time to spend for themselves. As Din was clearly in no hurry back, rather enjoying the time spent with his friend.

Chatting casually about the happenings since they had last seen each other, Din was telling Cobb about his son Grogu and how he had gone to see the Kid at the Jedi Academy. Sounding like the proud parent Din was when talking about his son. Explaining about the so called special powers, being a Jedi and all, the Marshal was simply nodding in awe.

But, after a couple more drinks had been consumed and even if the two of them were not really drunk, the two men had levitated closer to each other while seated in the almost empty bar.

Huddled together rather cozily, the alcohol shedding some of the inhibitions both men still might have had and soon enough sharing the same air between them.

The discussion having taken a direction away from all other mundane things and going right back to the innuendo the two of them had started with as soon almost as soon as Din had landed. The flirting kind of thing.

It was nice for both of them though, being able to flirt a bit more freely now as the catching up was done and they had loosened up. With no small thanks to the somewhat intoxicating blue liquid having them both warming up rather nicely.

Both with their worldly output it seemed. But also the effect having on other places of their persons. The bodies of them both starting to tingle and fire up. The human kind of kindling as the Spotchka was all about, so it seemed.

Loose tongues and such, which could easily lead to something they were both hoping to experience with each other.

After all, this play of theirs, albeit subtle since the first time they had met, had to move forward at some point. Or then, it was time to end it, without any winners at all.

"So, when do you have to be back at Boba Fett's Palace?"

Cobb was deliberately using the name of the former owner's reference of the dwelling where he assumed Boba Fett was staying at even now.

"He is not at the Palace."

Din revealed much to Cobb's surprise.

"Boba is actually staying in the ruins of the Sanctuary."

Din explained to the Marshal, who was by mostly privy to what had happened in Mos Espa and the happenings leading to it. Also the main reason why Din was in Freetown now asking for his friend's help.

"I see."

Clearly, Cobb had misunderstood some of the points Din had been telling him. But he could not be blamed for it as Cobb was distracted by the still helmeted man and the velvety low tone Din had been telling Cobb about the events in the first place.

"Sounds like Boba is taking his stance there then?"

"Well, it is mostly for the benefit of the town folk Boba is trying to save. But it is a good choice in my opinion. Staying there in town rather than his Palace."

Din shared his opinion of Boba's plan. "I can understand that."

Cobb knew well what it meant to be seen as a sort of a leader of a settlement, much like he was in his own small town after having chased the enemy away with the aid of Boba Fett's armour years ago. In a way, Cobb felt like he owed the man something for that.

"How you fight and where you fight is as important for those who follow you."

Cobb then added, thinking he really needed to convince his people to join in the fight. As it was as important for them in Freetown as it was in Mos Espa. To rid the planet of the Pikes.

"But like I said before, I cannot make any promises on the others behalf, but I will talk with the people, try to convince them it is the right thing to do."

It was all Cobb could promise Din for now.

"That is really all I can ask."

Din told Cobb as much as he then opened up his visor just a tad, making it hiss in the process in taking a sip from his glass again. A familiar sight and sound during their interaction of the moment.

"And to answer your question."

Din said after lowering the visor again.

"I am not due back until tomorrow."

Din had put a time frame on his recruiting project before leaving Mos Espa after all.

This information made Cobb raise his eyebrows in a kind of a surprise as he had been worried that Din might simply take off after the drinks. But now, Cobb had new hope again. As clearly, the Mandalorian was not in a hurry after all.

"So, then you have some time on your hands?"

Cobb was probing now, hoping he had not been in the wrong.

"I do indeed."

Din chuckled lightly.

"Perhaps the two of us can do something. Together?"

Din then boldly stated very much to Cobb's surprise. Then again, it could mean anything, like tinkling on the ship or going vomp rat hunting just for the heck of it. Maybe even find another dragon to slay?

Still, Cobb hoped Din had meant something more, well, personal.

"That, um, that sounds like a really great idea."

Cobb felt all warm and fuzzy all over his body inside and out. Perhaps, this was the chance he had been looking for after all. To get to know the elusive Mandalorian more intimately. Getting Din alone was at least a start!

"Well, then. Let's finish these drinks and get out of here."

Din was clearly smirking as far as Cobb knew. At least from the position of his head was tilted in.

And Din totally was, even if he was still hiding under the helmet.

Being so bold and forward was new to Din. But then again, he felt as determined as ever. To finally get some alone time with this man who had haunted his daydreams ever since the two of them had met the first time. Din might not have been much in words but he was hellbent in showing what he wanted with his actions. And so, needing his words to achieve just that, was now.

"Oh, okay."

Was all Cobb managed having been taken totally by surprise in how forward Din seemed to be at the very moment.

Then again, the first time they had met, Din had literally ordered Cobb to 'take it off'. Words which could have been taken in oh so many ways!

But, Cobb was not going to doubt the moment nor the suggestion. And so, donning the rest of his drink, mimicking Din, the two of them stood up. Cobb then led Din out of the bar and towards his place just across the main street of the small mos.

My place or, well, my place?

'Suggestions, innuendo, making a move? All fine and dandy, until the moment of real action is finally upon!'

Back at Cobb's place, Din was standing somewhat confused in the middle of the leisure area of the house.

Leaving the bar, even with the brief trip to Cobb's house just a walk away, the alcohol's effects were kind of wearing off. And so, once again the bravado from just moments ago, was dissipating.

The two men were simply standing there and glaring at each other not sure of what to really say to the other. Something which seemed to be a frequent reaction between the two whenever things were getting too much.

The awkwardness from before was back for sure. And so, trying to figure out things to say, was becoming hard. Even if the kind of decision to hook-up had been made. Or was it just their imagination that had caused both of them think it was that? A hook-up?

Neither of them was making the move. How sad!

Cobb was the first to react though, as he really wanted this, whatever it was between them, to work. And so, perhaps, continuing on the one thing Cobb knew had worked earlier. Not the best idea. But as the last resort.

Deciding to act, as otherwise this whole scene was turning into a glaring match between them at best.

"Do you want a drink? I sure could use one, right about now."

Cobb let out a nervous laugh just after offering.

Din was relieved too.

After all, he was nervous and sweating. The helmet and his armour was not making things any easier for him. Half cooking inside of the Beskar at the very moment.

Then again, Din could not very well have started removing the heated up shell of his either now could he!

Not while Cobb had not moved things along. Not the way Din had expected things to move along once in private. Even if Din himself had been the one who had been the more bold one in his suggestion to take their, whatever this was, elsewhere from the bar.

"I could use one. Thanks!"

Cobb moved to the small kitchen area and pulled out a bottle from the cupboard with two glasses. He placed them on the small table there with two seats around it. Motioning for Din to join him.

Din quickly moved towards the area, but halted before reaching Cobb who had already seated himself at the table, pouring the liquid into their glasses.

"What's wrong?"

Sensing the hesitation within Din, Cobb was sounding almost disappointed and afraid that Din was actually going to bolt just then.

Din did not say anything at first. But, he was about to make a huge decision. Just for Cobb's benefit. Something which Din had done only two times before. Both occasions having been for Grogu's benefit.

While having been able to drink without fully removing his helmet, Din wanted this moment with Cobb to be different. So, without further thought, Din touched the locks on the sides of the headgear and soon enough, the familiar hissing sound filled the now silent room.

And then, the helmet was off.

Din's face exposed fully, visible for only Cobb to see.

Din was eye to eye, finally, with the surprised Marshal. Placing the helmet on the counter, Din removed his gloves as well. Then, taking a seat opposite of Cobb's at the table.

Cobb simply stared at the man, in awe.

Admiring the scruffy but handsome face which was now fully exposed to him. Cobb pushed the glass closer to Din. Din taking a sip from the glass and making a face in the process of it. Because it was quite strong. Nothing like the blue Spotchka they had been sipping at the bar.

After a moment of openly staring at the Mandalorian, the initial shock of finally seeing Din's face subsided.

It was something which Cobb had been looking forward to and had dared to hope would happen sooner than later. And now, the moment had finally passed. And so, Cobb was totally digging into what he was seeing in front of him. A half a smirk emerged on Cobb's lips.

"I knew you had a nice smile."

The duo had moved to the more comfortable area of the small house. Lounging in the large sofa taking half of the space of the leisure area. Din and Cobb had once again become submerged in small talk of mundane things. Especially after taking a few more sips of the rather strong whisky Cobb had poured for the two of them.

As soon as the encouraging liquid had set in, the awkwardness seemed to have disappeared once again. It was nice to just hang out and be. Especially with the right person. Something both of them had thought while they sat there, glaring at each other more and more intently as time passed.

They could only hope thought, that this, having alcohol resolve their issues of not being able to connect with the other more deeply would only be for this time, their first time together. As getting drunk before being able freely be around the other one was never a good choice.

But yeah, for now, it would have to do and work as they needed it to work.

This was the first time Cobb could actually see Din's face. Not that he had not imagined what the man might look like, underneath his silvery hideout.

But it had been a far more pleasant surprise to see the real man behind the mask. The rather handsome face with the nice smile. Something which Cobb had totally thought it would be, even if it had always been hidden behind the ever present helmet.

The ambience in the room was far more relaxed than it had been when they arrived to Cobb's house. Now, that they were both sitting on the comfy sofa, the conversation flowing between them, they had inched closer and closer to each other, with their thighs almost touching.

Almost. The tingling sensations caused by the closeness was present in both of them. The electricity between them crackling ever so lightly, but the fire had only begun to slowly simmer.

The time was still early and as Din had stated. He was not excepted back, not until the next day.

It was as if Din had tried to hint about the possibilities between them, even if neither had been quite sure if it was what the other meant or even wanted. Self doubt could easily be such an evil bitch after all!

But now they both were starting to become more and more sure. About what they wnated.

The air filled with a certain kind of magic as the conversation was becoming more and more hinting, intimate even.

When Cobb had cracked a joke he had made Din laugh. Really hard. The action causing Din to move in his seat. Which in turned caused their bodies to touch. Really touch. And perhaps not by accident either?

As Din's laugh finally subsided, his eyes were in tears as the joke, albeit having been somewhat mild in Cobb's opinion even if he himself had laughed just because Din had.

Cobb was so close to Din now, the other man's scent filling his nostrils.

The natural musk and something else? Some kind of cologne the man had clearly put on before riding to town in his shiny space ship.

Cobb stared at Din as he was wiping his eyes and reeling down from the euphoric state caused by alcohol and laughter. And whatever else was there now too.

Din being only a brief spell away from Cobb. Their faces ever so close, Sharing the same air for breathing. Din could have easily pressed his lips on Cobb's.

Their eyes locked. Din was licking his dry lips. Cobb unconsciously mimicking his actions. The air around them crackling with heat. The want and all the good things between them they could ever imagine at this moment.

The heat level rising between them. The electrical charges almost visible in the air around them. Soon there would be no reason whatsoever to deny what was about to happen and then… to simply, kiss.

There was no backing down now. There really was no need to for it either.

As this was what they both wanted. Had done so from the moment they had met.

So close now.

It would only take one of them to lean in ever so slightly and close in the gap. Their lips would meet.

The room around them stood still, frozen in time. All else fading around the two. Nothing moved for a long spell.

And then, as if by design, both of them leaned in ever so slightly at the exact same moment. Their lips finally meeting. For the first time.

A gentle touch of the soft flesh at first. Before deepening into something, much more demanding.

"Take it off, or I will!"

'Desire, want, need, whatever you may want to call it, it's still mostly, about the sex, right?'

Somehow Din and Cobb had managed to get into the bedroom.

It was certainly more comfortable a place to be having of daylight there as well. The twin suns light still lingering on the outside for a moment, before it was time for them to set. And while having hot naked sex in the middle of the day was hardly a problem for neither of the men, the more darkened ambience was a preference.

Their clothing having been shed on their way to the sanctuary of the bedroom, leaving a trail of discarded armour and cloth in their wake. Both of them completely naked, lying on the bed exposed, without any kind of masks to hide behind. Not any more. Letting the other see the true self of the person Din and Cobb were.

Bare hot naked skin on skin, feeling the other for the first time like this.

Kissing softly, lips on lips, the exposed skin heated from the moment of each touch given.

Both parties exploring the other's body for the first time without any obstacles between them. Without any urgency, with the gentle slowness getting to feel the other. As there was no hurry for either them to hasten the pace.

As even if there was some kind of trouble always waiting, lurking on the outside the two of them were taking their time getting to know each other. There was always something going on out there anyway. Only creating the excuses for those trying to seek for a brief respite, a place in an other's arms.

But for Din and Cobb, the excuses were no longer.

The drug traffickers could wait, Boba could wait.

And now, finally after such a long courtship, if one could call it that, Din and Cobb had reached the place where they wanted to be. Nay, needed to be at. And that was with each other. In each others arms.

For now it meant in a soft bed, being naked, just the two of them, stealing kisses and touches from the other. Limb for limb, mouth to mouth, the slow burn which it had started as, was slowly but surely turning into a fiery heat.

Lips locking once again, tongues sliding into the others mouth, fighting tenderly for dominance. Each taking turns on being the dominant one as there was no reason for either to be the one in control. The sounds emanating from the two while the touching and exploration got ever more bold, were as soft as the voices spoken with. None of them being the vocal one, it seemed.

Soon enough, the kissing was getting more and more heated and the demand of something even more had risen. This time though, Cobb had made the decision of taking control. At least for the moment, as he reluctantly left the pliant mouth of his lover and started moving ever downward Din's body. Kissing and nipping the exposed skin on his way ever further south.

Marking his way down his lover's jawline, his neck, leaving ever so small love bites in the wake of his journey. Licking and sucking on the erect nipples, nurturing each, eliciting more sounds from Din, the more Cobb paid attention to the nubbins saluting him. The voices finally found, getting louder for each action administered.

Moving along on his journey of his partner's body, Cobb was leaving several more love bites while trailing ever further downward. Dipping his tongue inside the navel. Tasting the salty sweat covering the skin of his lover while teasingly licking the taut stomach of Din's.

Cobb paused for a moment, taking a good look at the man he had wanted to touch like this for a long time and now, he was finally here. Staring perhaps a moment longer, there was a complaint sounding out from Din just then, realising it was time to get going again.

Reaching the destination of his desire, seeing the evidence of arousal already present in his partner, mirroring that of his own.

Smiling of the effect Cobb was having on Din right at this moment taking his time in teasing his lover before getting into his intended position. Getting a few urging sounds from Din to move it along. Which sounded more like demands really. Cobb's smirk growing wider, but he kept on suckling and kissing the skin of Din's the belly before getting into position.

Licking and kissing the insides of Din's muscular legs Cobb kept going on, the tension building in his lover. Not that Cobb was in a better place either. The results of his soft assault on Din now in plain view. Alas, the demanding words were getting more and more frequent, and so, Cobb decided it was time to let his partner of the hook.

Positioning himself more firmly and then pushing Din's legs wider apart to get some room to manoeuvre, Cobb licked his lips looking at the erection saluting him after all the effort showered onto his lover, only waiting for the rewards to be plucked. Cobb could hardly wait to wrap his lips around the length of his lover.

But Cobb simply wanted to admire his handy work before anything else. A lewd smirk forming on his lips and with that thought in mind, Cobb reached for his price. Touching ever so gently at first, causing as ripple to run through it and the body splayed in front of him not to mention the rather audible gasp being released from Din's lips.

Smirking Cobb got more bold and adjusted his position snuggling between Din's legs leaning in with his mouth. As the thought of teasing for a bit longer was still on his mind, Cobb was taking his time in getting where he wanted to go. Touching with the tip of his tongue ever so lightly, the noises elicited getting impossible loud now. Cobb counted his gentle and torturous assault of nip and lick along the length of Din, savouring the salty tastes coating his lover.

Din was shivering beneath him, the soft moans somewhere above Cobb's head sounding in the otherwise silent room. Cobb smiled wider and decided it was time for a more direct approach. His mouth was ready and dripping with drool. Cobb wanted to feast on the mighty mound in front of him. When the word 'please' came from above him, Cobb realised he had spent too long a time admiring and sampling.

The teasing having stopped and now, all Cobb could think of was how to please this man he was totally enamoured with. Because that was what it was. Without any further hesitation, Cobb dipped his lips over the length of Din's and slowly and gently devoured Din into his mouth.

The cursing followed by the actions caused thrills run through Cobb's spine through to the stiffness between his own legs. But Cobb did not care about his own comfort right now as all he could think of was making Din feel as good as possible. Cobb kept on suckling like it was the life essence he needed to survive, using his tongue for pressure. But all too soon, sensing Din was close for his release, Cobb pushed on. The incoherent noises of Din's were filling the otherwise silent room.

Soon enough, Din's release was upon as the warm liquid filled Cobb's hungry mouth. Swallowing it all until his lover was totally spent and finally having calmed down.

Moving back up, Cobb laid himself on top of Din, placing soft and calming kisses on his face.

Without any words, Din moved his hand between their bodies finding his target. Din's hand found its way around the hard length of his lover, making sure Cobb was not left hanging. His release quick, but they had all day and night to take things slow.

Worst pickup line ever? Guess not!

'A pick-up line at a bar, well, it could have gone worse, right?'

The morning sun had woken up the two lovers.

Feeling tired but still very good as Din and Cobb had spent way into the late night exploring each other. Getting familiar with what made the other one tick. The familiarity of the other so utterly good, as neither wanted to move out from the comfort of the bed.

With their bodies still tangled with each other after falling asleep after their last bout somewhere during the night. It had been good and slow, sometimes quick and rough, but mostly, gentle love making with some breathers in between to catch a moment of simply being in the same space with the other.

Neither of them had wanted to stop, even if they needed to sleep. Not wanting the moment to end. As they were both still afraid, this was only temporary despite the assuring words they had spoken to each other in the heat of passion.

"Good morning."

Cobb's voice sounded sleepy still.


Din's was even raspier with his voice lower than usually.

"Sleep well?"

Cobb asked feeling the hours spent with sex on his body still, but in a good way. After all, there was no need for any other type of exercise, not on this day at least.

Din let out a soft chuckle as while trying to move, he too felt the rigours of the night on his own body. Clearly, neither of them were getting any younger. Smiling at his lover.

"Like a baby bantha. All thanks to you."

"Well, can't say we got much sleep last night, but whatever time I dozed off, I feel it was all good and relaxing."

As it had been a long time since Cobb had actually gotten a good nights sleep anyway and after all the physical strain he and Din had enjoyed? Well, Cobb had literally fallen asleep after the last thing they had done, feeling safe and secure in the arms of the man of his dreams.

"Me neither."

Din did not want to move as the warm naked body beside him was a too comfortable place to be in.

"But, it was all good, like you said."

Din seemed to hesitate for a moment before the next words.

"I felt, secure, safe here. With you."

But, voicing all the same sensations which Cobb could easily agree to as well.

Cobb only nodded. But knowing they had a duty calling out to them. To help a friend in need. And so, both of them needed to get going even if their bodies were arguing against their brains.

"So, guess we need to start moving then?"

Cobb did not do what he suggested though. Not moving one inch.

"Yeah, I kind of promised Boba I at least will be there some time today."

Din said and was equally as unresponsive. Not wanting the moment to end.

"So, if I get the town folk to help, I will join you."

Cobb stated simply.


Din was still pretty much half a sleep.

There was something Cobb wanted to ask, now that Din was all open and relaxed, before he himself choked on what he was about to say. So, deciding to utter out it. Right now.

"So, do you think we can have dinner afterwards? I mean after we sort this thing with Boba?"

Cobb sounded somewhat reserved now. Asking the question out loud.

"Only dinner?"

Din asked sounding worried as he definitely wanted more than simply a shared meal with this man. Something of the same which they had already enjoyed. More, he needed more of Cobb.

"You know what I mean."

Cobb joked, only too relieved they were totally on the same page of what or rather whom they wanted.

Din turned slightly, to look at Cobb. Wanting to do more, but he was way too tired to do anything at the moment and simply said.

"You have a deal."

"Good, then I will make the plans and let you know."

Cobb smiled at his lover. With the promise and future to look forward to.

"You know how to find me."

Din was smiling too.

Cobb managed to move enough to kiss his partner. Getting a response from Din immediately, but as soon as the kiss broke off, Cobb fell back to his side right beside Din.

A few moments passed in silence. Neither of them wanting to move only to remain in the closeness of the other. It was warm and comforting, a really nice place to be in. All those sensations neither of them had experienced in a long, long while.

Cobb laughed then.

"Well? Shall we get up?"

"Five more minutes?"

Din pleaded. He really was half a sleep.

"Five more minutes."

Cobb could let Din have the time after all.

"Then we get up and have some breakfast."

Cobb promised Din before they fell into a light slumber, both of them snoring slightly. It had been a long night after all. The good kind of long night.

Din watched with teary eyes as Cobb lay unmoving inside the liquid filled bacta tank.

Stricken down in cold blood by their enemy's henchman. Having happened before Cobb had even been able to join in the mission to save Moss Espa. And Tatooine.

Din stood there in total silence. Watching over his love. Sending out silent prayers to the Force and a big thank you to Boba Fett for saving his partner after having been left for dead by the infamous bounty hunter, Cad Bane on the street of Cobb's own town which he had been trying to protect.

Din's one and only wish at the very moment only, to be able to hold the beloved Marshal in his arms again.