Hunter is injured having fallen down from a small mountain side while pulling a daring stunt in rescuing a kitten tooka after the animal had been trapped there.

Crosshair is playing the nurse for Hunter. Reluctantly so, as that is what he keeps telling everyone asking him and letting his ever constant sighs indicate it as well. But even if he won't admit it out loud, Crosshair is loving every moment of being the very nurse mate for his beloved Hunter.

A Crosshair/Hunter Pairing

Scratch that itch!

'Sometimes the itch is just too much to bear and wanting to scratch it even if it gets worse in the process? Well, that all depends on what kind of itch we are talking about, now doesn't it!'

Hunter was lying on the bed. Both of his arms having been broken due to a rather nasty fall he had taken after quite the heroic stunt he had pulled, just to rescue a trapped animal.

Lying there in one place, all packaged up, to let the appendixes heal, well, suffice to say it is rather hard for the active man he is. Even if Hunter has his own designated nurse mate by his side all the time.


Hunter sounded all needy again. But, Crosshair was trying very hard to not to let it affect him on any level. After all, Crosshair had made a promise. To stand by Hunter's side at all times no matter what, hadn't he just.

So, swallowing whatever frustration he might just have for being on the constant beck and call whenever Hunter rang the proverbial bell and not to lash out to his patient. Even if Crosshair had initially, and secretly so, revelled in the very fact of becoming Hunter's nurse.

"Yes Dear?"

Crosshair sounded all casual, cool and calm after taking a deep breath before addressing his patient.

"I have an itch on my nose. Can you, please, scratch it?"

Crosshair did let out a soft sigh though, as this was not the first time Hunter had asked him to scratch an itch while laying decommissioned for the moment.

"Sure, Hunter."

Crosshair rose from his comfy seat close to the man on the bed. Leaning over Hunter, Crosshair started gently scratching the nose area. Seeing Hunter scrunching it rather vigorously when he started the process. Then trying to follow the movements Hunter was making as the itch clearly seemed to move around?

After a moment of gentle scratches, Crosshair seemed to have managed to sooth the itch as Hunter stopped wiggling his nose. But to make sure Hunter was fine, he decided to ask anyway.

"Is that better?"

"Yeah, it is. Thanks!"

Crosshair only raised an eye brow, but finally nodding and giving Hunter an over glance just the same to assess Hunter's overall condition. Then placing the covers better on top of Hunter, tucking him in all neat and nice before being satisfied Hunter would be comfortable.

A moment of silence had passed in the bedroom, after Crosshair had seated himself back and picked up his data pad, while trying to continue with his reading from earlier.


"Yes, Hunter."

Crosshair sighed again. Not that he didn't like taking care of Hunter, because he totally did. It was nice feeling needed after all. But sometimes, it felt like Hunter went out of his way to be needy. It usually only happened when he was injured and assigned bedrest. But, Hunter was surely the worst patient, ever!

"Could you give me a little bit of water, please."

Hunter wasn't asking anymore, rather demanding, even if his tone was all low and velvety, making sure his demands were met, naturally. Knowing well, Crosshair could never resist that specific tone of his.


Crosshair rose once again. Picking up the mug of water with the straw in it, before placing the aid onto Hunter's lips so he could get a sip without spilling the liquid all over.

At this point, Crosshair knew he needed to went out some of his frustration. As it was getting to him. Really gnawing at his insides. Playing all nice. Making him even wonder his own sanity of promising to take care of Hunter during his recovery.

It was wasn't really about playing the nurse part bugging him. Rather more the worry of Hunter having been, well, totally karking stupid while ending up where he was at now. The stupidest stunt pulled in the recorded history for sure. Not that Crosshair had not voice his sentiment already. But, it bore repeating just the same.

"You know you would not be in this predicament if you hadn't decided to play some dumb-shebs hero and save that kriffing trapped animal!"

Crosshair spat out a tad angrily, even if he wasn't really angry. Not that much anyway.

"He is cute."

Hunter countered. Letting the straw slip his lips. And totally not fazed by Crosshair's tantrum.

"Sure he is."

Crosshair sounded rather snide. Because having watched Hunter roll down the hillside and into the crevice. Well, Crosshair's heart had beaten so fast and so loudly he was sure it would burst out from his ribcage then and there.

"He is cuddly and loving and…"

Hunter really tried, to make excuses as to why he had done what he had done. Despite the injuries.

"We are not keeping him, Hunter."

Crosshair warned then, moving the mug back to the nightstand before turning back to look at Hunter.



"Aww. That will break their little hearts."

Hunter positively whined then. Acting the kid he felt at the moment having been denied his pet.

"You mean Omega's."

Crosshair, knowing very well it wasn't simply the Kid having taken a liking to the tiny feline.

"And Wrecker's, Tech's, Echo's… but mostly mine."

Hunter pouted. Playing all the cards from his suggestive arsenal at the moment.

Another sigh escaped from Crosshair's lips just then, before yielding to the puppy dog eyes Hunter was making. Because Hunter totally knew which strings to pull where Crosshair was concerned.

"Fine, you can keep him."


Hunter was back to all smiles again. Not that he had ever doubted Crosshair would not fall for the cute and cuddly animal himself. Nor Hunter's charms either.

"But," Crosshair raised a finger in trying to make his point. "You will have to take care of him. Tookas aren't easy animals after all. They will tear everything in their path if you let them."

Crosshair warned Hunter again how difficult said animals could be.

"Just like a certain sniper I know."

Hunter had a coy smirk on his face. Trying to make a really bad joke as he was.

Sure, Crosshair behaved like rabid animal, of the feline kind at that, sometimes, but…

Crosshair tried to conjure up his best scowl, aiming it at Hunter. Alas, the other man was not buying it. At all.


Crosshair admitted as much. Because he did, like the tooka. And he did behave, destructively. Sometimes. But, he wasn't as bad as a tooka or any other animal. Was he?

"Thanks hon."

Hunter was leering now. Only too happy to keep the small animal he had saved in the first place.

Not unlike Crosshair either. Hunter having saved him from the Empire. The one Hunter had finally been allowed to keep.

"Don't mention it. Like I said. I am not the one to feed him or clean after him."

Crosshair gave Hunter a stern glare. A warning, he supposed it was.


Hunter simply had to snicker. Knowing how Crosshair was. Especially with small animals, having saved plenty of them in his youth. Having found them on whatever planet they had visited during their training missions. Then snuck them to their barracks and then nursing them to health before releasing them back to the wild.

"I am not taking care of it!"

Crosshair tried, but knowing he was loosing this battle for sure.

"Fine. I believe you."

Hunter didn't really though. Because Crosshair was as smitten of the little animal as the rest of the team was.

They both settled back again, to their thoughts and simply being. Several long moments passing by. Both of them falling into a slight slumber for a spell.



Hunter roused Crosshair from his light slumber after having woken up himself.

"Yes sweetheart?"

Crosshair, having had a somewhat pleasant dream though, did not have the slightest hint of anger in his voice, not even after having been interrupted by Hunter from his rather pleasant dream. After all, the star of Crosshair's fantasy Hunter had been.

"I have another itch."

Crosshair did sigh though, just for the show, still, for the most likely umpteenth time.


"On my, um backside."

Hunter acted like it was something really bad, even if it was really not.

Crosshair was by his side in no time. Feeling around the skin under Hunter's shirt with his hand hoping to find the right spot of the specified itch.

"Where exactly on your back?"

"The back side."

Hunter tried to change his position ever so slightly.

"Is this it?"

Crosshair tried very hard to figure out the spot.

"Um, slightly on the right from you."

Hunter was totally making Crosshair touch him all over, that much was clear.


"More to the front."

"Your belly?"

Crosshair sounded surprised, as the itch seemed to be moving everywhere.


Hunter hummed gingerly, making Crosshair wonder though, whether it was all in Hunter's head, but continued with his light scratching.

"Is this it?"


"This okay?"

"Um, lower, please."

Hunter's tone was positively raspy now.

"If I go any lower I will… oh."


A little moment later.

"Is this okay?"

"Um, yeah… (incoherent noises). Tha- that… is really… good. Ah, scratch that itch!"

As Crosshair continued to "scratch Hunter's itch' he could only leer. Because Hunter had totally had him tricked. But it felt too good to assist Hunter in any way he possibly could. After all, nurses were there for their patients every need, right?

"Next time, I will be the one to go and rescue the animal. That much is for sure!"

But, Crosshair could only hope to become as wounded as Hunter and then taken care of every which way, just as Hunter was taken care of right now.