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# And so it was the final defeat of an evil reign, of a man so feared his name spoken with a shudder, with his final fall in the hands of a wizard, so absolute that he may never rise again. There was much rejoicing following, from the magic folks who understand the significance of the defeat as well as from the muggle folks, who feel the release of a burden without truly knowing why it was there to begin with.

The story of Harry Potter, the boy who lived, immortalized by those who love him and by those who would exploit him.

In the meantime, away from the intruding world, Harry Potter, a great wizard, but a young boy nonetheless, recovers within the sweet cocoon of those who would heal him and allow him to partake in a normal life… or as normal as the boy who lived possibly could. A relationship was forged, between Harry and Ginny, the youngest of the Weasleys, greeted with a sigh of 'it's finally happened' from tolerant friends, delight from Hermione and slight discomfort from Ron.

Unfortunately, during the time they were together, Ginny realized her crush for what it was, admiration for Harry's legend and his extraordinary abilities to stay alive after being attacked by the dark lord six times consecutively. It had none of the firework they both had expected and there wasn't music in the air. So they agreed to walk separate paths but not without a promise to never lose sight of each other. Conclusively, Ginny hooked up with a new and improved Colin Creevey once school started, Ron had Hermione, Fred and George had their joke shop and Harry… was alone. Was the Boy-who-lived doomed to be alone forever?

Perhaps this could be his story…

(Harry's final year in Hogwarts)

Jessica gulped hard as she looked at the great doors in front of her. It was her first day in Hogwarts and she was a week late. A tight lipped woman, with kind eyes had introduced herself as the deputy headmistress, Professor McGonagall, and had met her at the gates and escorted her up to the great big doors she was staring at right now. She had been informed that her luggage would be arriving independently and would be put in her room once she had been sorted.

What's that suppose to mean? She thought. Sorted to what? Will it be by hair color? She thought again, subconsciously twirling a lock of black hair. She let out a sigh.

"Why couldn't I have gone to a normal school for non-magical people, like normal human beings? Why the hell did I have to be born a witch?" she muttered her normal lament, rocking back and forth on her heels.

Where she came from, calling someone a witch could earn you a bloody nose. Who would've thought, some people actually went to school to earn the right to be called a witch. And she was one of those 'some people'. She had been studying magic for six years and had not enjoyed a single day of it. Sure, she was good and aced all her classes, but doing well and enjoying something were two very different things.

Then on her final year, she had been yanked from her familiar surrounding and thrown into this huge, building that looked like it had come out straight from some cheap horror flick. An image of her previous school flashed through her mind. It wasn't big but it was cozy and much friendlier looking, though she couldn't say much about the students. What does it matter what the school looks like! She hates magic! Everything about it. The stupid wands and the even stupider acceptance of a broom as a mode of transport.

The world all around was preparing to enter the 21st century, with the possibilities of flying cars driven completely by a tiny computer chip, cloning human, animals and plants alike, and who knows what else hi-tech stuff, while she, Jessica Stanford was stuck in a world that looked as if it hadn't moved from the 13th century. She sighed again, agitation replacing her nervousness. If the halls didn't look so eerie, she would've bolted and hitch hiked a ride back to London.

"A shit, I don't even know where I am! I could be all the way across the world, for all I know," she muttered again.

"Not exactly, Ms. Stanford. Hogwarts really is no further than Scotland," said a crisp voice behind. She turned to see Professor McGonagall had returned from where ever she had gone too. Jessica smiled sheepishly at her.

"Come now. We are ready for you," she said then turned on her heels and walked towards the large doors.

Ready for me? Why does that sound so ominous? She gulped hard and her over active imagination went into hyper drive as she imagined all the gruesome ways a person could be 'sorted'. She stared with eyes the size of saucers as she watched Professor McGonagall open the huge doors. But instead of the iron maiden she had pictured in her head, she saw four rows of tables, filled with quiet students, looking at the door curiously. She was momentary blinded by the sudden brightness of the room, a contrast to the dark and gloomy halls outside. Once her vision adjusted, she proceeded to follow Professor McGonagall towards the front of the room. Her eyes darted left right and up, trying to take in the enchanted ceiling, the floating candles, the colorful tapestry and the students all at once.

Well, at least the students don't look like they want to wear my skin and roast my meat, she thought, and if she had been truly honest she would have even thought some of them were pretty cool. She passed a tall boy with specks with a lightning bolt on his forehead.

Cool tattoo, gotta remember to ask him who does his tattoos, she thought and walked up the small steps to a raised platform that supported a long table filled with wizards and witches. She assumed these must be the teachers. A tall man with long silver beard and hair stood up from the middle of the long table.

"Welcome Jessica to Hogwarts, I am Professor Dumbledore," he said kindly and his lips through his bushy beard curved up into a smile. Despite herself, Jessica smiled back.

"Come, Ms. Stanford, please sit on this stool," said Professor McGonagall's voice from behind her. She turned and looked at the stool. Cautiously, she lowered her backside onto the stool, for she didn't believe the decrepit stool could support a fly much less her heavy bum. But nothing happened and the stool safely supported her weight.

Her hairline was wet with sweat and she looked around the hall, trying to figure out in vain how she would be sorted. A troll was too big to hide, so she wouldn't be battling one, no iron maidens or other torture gadgets in sight, that's a good sign… maybe she had to duel one of the teachers, she hoped it was the one with the greasy hair and pinched expression, he looked like he could use a few hexes thrown at him… or maybe… but her thoughts were cut short when a hat of some sort was thrown over her head. Her first instinct was to grab it off her head, but then it began to do something quite extraordinary… it began to talk.

"A wily one aren't you? Lots of feisty and ample amount of rebellion" it said.

"What are you?" the words formed in her mind.

"Why, I am the sorting hat, and the cleverest hat you must agree. Nothing swimming in your head will escape the likes me," it answered.

"Get out of my mind you psychopathic piece of rag," her mind hissed. The last thing she needed was a musty hat going through her deepest and darkest thoughts.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, so much attitude and disdain. Slytherin should be your domain. Yet a loyal friend, to those whom you don't offend, but hardworking you aren't so to Ravenclaw you shaln't. So, Hufflepuff it seems, yet it shall not be. You are courageous and bold, with a heart made of gold… so it has been decide… to where you shall reside….


The hat shouted. The table at the furthest end erupted into cheers and clapping. Jessica, still dazed at the experience walked towards the cheering table. She couldn't help but grin when her hand was shaken left and right and her backed thumped by happy faces. Realizing that this couldn't be more than a façade, she refused to let the happiness affect her. A girl with brown fuzzy hair and a sweet complexion came up to her.

"Hi, I'm Hermione Granger, head girl," she said, smiling widely. Jessica gave her a half smile. What a stereotype goody two shoes, she thought taking in the perfectly non-creased robe to the blindingly shiny prefect badge on her chest. Gotta remember to stay out of her way, she thought again.

"I'm your new roommate," was the next thing Hermione Granger, head girl said. Jessica groaned inwardly. Whoever it is that's doing this to me… I hope you're happy, she cursed.

She gave another smile to Hermione and walked away to the furthest end of the table and sat down. Soon, the table was laden with food and without a word; she dug into the juicy chicken and lamb, not realizing how hungry she was. Any attempts to start a conversation with her was easily thwarted by her indifferent one-word answers. Once all the food had been eaten and the tables were sparkling clean again, a few of the students got up to return to their dormitories. Jessica got up too and began to walk out. She had no idea where this Gryffindor tower was suppose to be, but she figured if she followed those wearing the striped scarlet and gold ties, she'd make it there. She didn't expect however to be accosted by the head girl itself.

"Wait up! What's the rush?" Hermione cried out to her. Jessica rolled her eyes and slowed down her pace. Hermione caught up after a second.

"Hey, you left so fast, I didn't get to introduce you to my best friends," she said panting slightly. Oh great, a group of giggling girls who believe they're only second greatest to God, who are gonna judge my clothes, criticize my hair and practically rip my personality till I'm shivering in my bones. But she was wrong by a mile… no make that a light year. Hermione Granger's best friends were… well… hot. One was the tattoo guy she saw earlier, only she hadn't noticed then his bright green eyes and another was a red head, whom she bet had a personality as fiery as his hair.

"Jessica, this is Harry potter and Ron Weasley," she introduced to them and her loving gaze at the guy named Ron did not go unnoticed.

The three watched her expectantly, as if waiting for a response, but her indifferent expression remained indifferent.

"Harry is the Gryffindor captain and Ron's head boy," she said again. Great, now even prefects came in his and her duo. She smiled briefly then turned back and continued walking. If Hermione was taken back by her rudeness, she didn't let it stop her from pursuing Jessica. She ran after Jessica and walked beside her, running slightly to match Jessica's fast pace. The two boys followed closely behind.

"So, which school were you in before Hogwarts?" she asked.

"A wizarding school."

"Oh… well, of course, but where?"


"And does it have a name?"


"Turn right here. What is it?"

"What's what?"

"Your school name. Whoops, don't take that stairs, go down here,"


"Aren't you gonna say anything that's more than one syllabus long?" finally Hermione cried. They had reached in front of the fat lady portrait.

"Moon cherries," Hermione said again then turned back to Jessica.

"Herm, I don't think she wants to be friendly," said Harry, clearly very annoyed by Jessica's behavior. Jessica gave him a one over, grudgingly admitting to herself his sexy body, then settled briefly on his lightning bolt, covered slightly by his black hair.

"Nice tattoo," she said then walked into the hole.

Once inside, Jessica took a good look around the room, her insides dropping lower and lower, till they were a lump in her feet. The Gryffindor common room was as common as its namesake. No television, definitely no playstation and worst of all… not even a radio!

UGH! She screamed inside. This is the worst day of her life! No, wait that was the day she realized she was a witch, okay; fine the second worst day of her life. Nothing to do but to… talk to other students. Where's a good plague when you need one? Her shoulders hunched in defeat and she slumped into a nearby armchair. The other students stared at her and whispered amongst themselves about the weird girl with the funny accent.


"Jessica," she corrected harshly, not looking at Hermione. Hermione was a little startled at her abruptness, but continued.

"Jessica, it's not that bad being a new girl. I'm sure you'd fit in nicely," she said kindly. Jessica focused her black eyes onto Hermione's brown ones.

Fit in huh, into what? A toilet seat? A cramped cupboard? Maybe… inside a stupid flowerpot. Jessica wanted to shout at her. But instead, she said,

"Granger, where's the bedroom?"

"Oh... Uh… up that stairs all the way to the top," stuttered Hermione.

"All the way to the top? And how many floors is it all the way to the top?" Jessica moaned.


"FOUR! Oh hell, if I don't die from exhaustion, then I'm gonna have calves the size of Texas," she muttered walking up the stairs Hermione had pointed to her. She could hear someone say in the background;

"The sorting made a big mistake this time. She should've been sorted to Slytherin!"

I wish I had been sorted to an isolated galaxy; she thought and continued the treacherous climb up the steps. She finally reached the top most floor. It only had one room, so she assumed that must be the one she's to share with head girl. She opened the door and groaned, wanting to throw herself down the stairs. The room had pink wallpaper with small red roses and the two canopy beds had twin colored bed sheets also pink. Her trunk was at the foot of the bed on a fluffy pale pink carpet and her school clothes lay neatly across a chair that looked as if it had come straight out of a Barbie catalogue.

I have officially stepped off the planet earth and fallen into the Brady Bunch TV series. To tired to do anything, she whipped out her wand from her trunk and gave an angry swish. Once she had changed, she crept under her pink duvet and went to sleep, hoping that'd she'll wake up the next morning and find out it was all a dream. She didn't even realize Hermione's quiet entrance a couple of hours later.

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