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A month had passed and memories of the event had begun to dim in everyone's heads. School life resumed to its normal habit… that habit being Snape was a bastard as usual, and on occasion Jessica had wished she had let Snape get sacked. But when she saw how happy McGonagall was, and how they weren't swamped with extra homework anymore, she took back her thoughts only to have them back again with vengeance by the next potions class. She and Harry had become closer since that night and were nearly inseparable, spending only nights alone. And even though their love for each other grew, their courage didn't and neither could tell the other what he or she felt, much to the frustration of Ron and Hermione and half the teaching staff.


It was one of those rare days when Jessica would find herself alone in the Gryffindor tower. At that moment, she was bent over her charms homework, trying not to think of the wonderful weather they were having and what the other students might be doing on that bright and sunshiny day. It finally sunk in that NEWTS was just around the corner, and whenever she wasn't studying, she'd start to feel extremely guilty. And besides, Harry, Herm and Ron had a prefects meeting and it wouldn't be fun without them.

"Hey, Jessica?" a voice interrupted her studying. She looked up at Parvati.

"Hey, Parvati," she greeted the girl. Parvati held out a book to Jessica.

"Justin just passed me Harry's book, and I was wondering if you could pass it to him? Lavender and I are going to Hogsmeade this evening," said the girl. Jessica nodded and reached out for the book.

"Sure," she said. Parvati smiled at her and left. Jessica looked at the book. Harry's transfiguration book. She was about to put the book on the table when it slipped out of her hands and fell onto the floor at her feet. It opened to the center of the book and a thick envelope fell out.

"Oh, great!" Jessica groaned and bent down to pick up the book. She picked up the envelope and a piece of paper fell out, followed by some pictures. She didn't mean too, but the parchment was exposed and she couldn't help but read it.

Harry, just a little something to ease the longing ~ CC

What longing? She thought and curiosity got the best of her. She picked up the pictures and turned them around. A hand flew to her throat. They were pictures of her. There was one of her talking animatedly to Hermione and Ginny, another of her at the quidditch pitch, jumping up and down, cheering at something… or someone, the third was her curled up in one of the oversized Gryffindor armchairs, a book in one hand and a mug in another, and the final picture, which looked more worn out than the others as if it had been caressed countless times, was a picture of her at the Lover's Ball. On the balcony outside the Great Hall, with the moon casting silvery highlights onto her hair. She was staring at something far off, a dreamy but sad look on her face. She remembered that. She had just seen Lavender and Harry hunched over in some private conversation over something and she had stepped out into the balcony to clear the cobwebs in her head.

Jessica head was reeling. Pictures of her eased his longing? He's been longing for her? Could it be that he felt the same way she did? But he's never shown that he even thought of her more than a friend did. But just as that thought crossed her mind, another flashed through her memory cells. It had been after she and Harry had left from Snape's quarters after he and McGonagall had gotten back together again. They had returned to the tower and were standing at the landing of the boy's stairways. She was just telling Harry, how love worked in weird ways. He had just shrugged and said nothing.

"It almost makes me want to swear off love," she had said. "But I guess, I will fall in love someday,"

"Well, when you decide to love someone, I hope it'll be me," Harry had answered.

But he had said it so quickly, she wasn't sure if she had heard what she had heard. And since he had turned and gone up to his room, she had assumed that it had been her imagination. But now she wasn't so sure…

"This room is getting too stuffy!" she said suddenly standing up. Her breathing was erratic and in sharp gasps. She had to get out. Stumbling over a chair, Jessica ran out, but before that, holding her wand up to summon something.


Jessica inhaled deeply. It was dark already and she had been wondering around the school grounds for hours thinking. But the more she thought the more disoriented she became. Once the sun had set, she mounted her broom (that was what she had summoned before she left) and flew to the quidditch pitch. Why she flew there she didn't know, but it was like her broom had a mind of its own and took her there. She flew around the pitch, climbing higher and higher, until eventually she could almost see the whole pitch. The chilly wind in her face and hair calmed her down a bit to get her thoughts back into order. And the first thing that occurred to her was that she was flying at high speed 200 meters of the ground. Quickly but steadily she began he descend downwards. And just as her feet touched the ground, Harry appeared next to her his face contorted in rage. Oh yeah, he was pissed.

Pissed was an understatement. He was furious, livid. Anger that had resulted from fear. When he walked out of the Quidditch storeroom and saw her flying about at top speed at such a high level, he nearly suffered a heart attack. He was tempted to fly after her, but if she was startled, the consequences could be harmful. He wasn't prepared to scrape her off the ground yet. Then he saw her slowly fly back to the ground. He quickly ran up to her, and reached her just as she her foot touched the ground.

"Jessica!! Are you insane?! What the hell possessed you to go flying like that so late at night?" he yelled at her. She just looked at him, her big black eyes staring into his. No way, if she thinks she can soothe me by putting on those big doll eyes of hers, she can think again, he thought.

"Do you realize how dangerous that was!? What serious damage you could have done to yourself?!" he continued.

"That was completely reckless! I should give you detention for that! What if I hadn't been here and something happened? It could be the day after, before anyone found you!! Didn't you consider all this before……"

She watched his lips move furiously, but she couldn't concentrate on the words spoken, her mind still somewhat scattered.  It was all a big muddle to her. As Jessica watched him rant and rave at her, thoughts of the pictures, her pictures, floated through her mind. Was it a coincidence? Was she reading too much into something that was really nothing? And what is he babbling about? She thought, dazed. He was making too much noise and she wanted to shut him up. So she did. She flung her arms around his neck and kissed him.

Harry was flabbergasted. He was so stunned that he just stood there as Jessica, the girl of his dreams, the girl who he dreamt every night, kissed him. He had waited for so long to kiss her, and when she finally locked lips with him, he froze like an iceberg. By the time his brain thawed enough to send impulses to the rest of his body, Jessica was gone. He only managed to glimpse her running off the field towards Hogwarts. He chased after her but she was too far in front. By the time he reached the school, she was nowhere in sight.


C'mon, where is she?? He chanted as his eyes wildly roamed around the worn out parchment in front of him. She couldn't have disappeared out of thin air. She has to be here!! His mind shouted. C'mon, marauders, don't disappoint me, this is my entire life we're talking about here… dad, help me! Then as if James Potter had answered his son's prayers, Harry caught sight of a dot at the furthest end of the map. Jessica Stanford.

"Thanks guys," he said and held his wand to the parchment.

"Mischief done." And before the faded lines had fully disappeared, Harry was already out of the tower, running at high speed.

He found her where the map had told him she would be. In the abandoned charms classroom. She had her back to him and showed no signs that she was aware of his presence. Her shoulders were quaking a little. She was crying.

"Jessica?" he whispered. He didn't think she would hear him but she whirled around to face him. Her cheeks were streaked with tears.

"Harry, how did you find me?" she asked, hastily wiping her eyes.

"I had help," he smiled slightly at the thought of the marauders.

"Really? But who… oh, it doesn't matter!" she cried suddenly, turning her back to him again.


"Harry, wait. Me first. Look, I am so sorry about what happened at the quidditch field. I didn't mean to kiss you," she said. Harry's heart sank. So, it had been a spur of the moment.

"So you didn't mean it?" he asked trying to keep the disappointment out of his voice.

"I did mean it, but I didn't. I wanted too but I didn't… ARGH!" she answered then screamed in frustration. Why oh why didn't she think before acting? As for Harry, he had heard all he wanted to hear. A smile played on his lips. He looked at her tenderly. Her hair was sticking out of her ponytail at odd ends. Her face was all red and blotchy. She was the most beautiful being Harry had ever seen.

"So why are you sorry?" he asked, gazing tenderly at her.

"Because, you don't think of me like… y'know, like that…to you we're just friends," she said, running a hand through her hair. More hairs came loose from its hold.

"And how did you reach that conclusion?" he asked, visibly surprise. He had been wearing his heart on his sleeves for nearly a year already.

"Well, the most obvious one would be; you didn't kiss me back, so DUH!" she cried. Harry wanted to laugh.

"Did it ever occur to you that maybe it was because I was too stunned to react?" he said. She fixed her eyes on his.


"You ran off before I could say anything," he answered. She moved closer to him. What was he trying to say that she couldn't seem to hear?

"And if I had stayed, what would you have said?" she asked. He reached out and placed his hands around her waist, drawing her near.

"Action speaks louder than words, don't you think?" he whispered huskily and bent his head to catch her lips in a lingering kiss. Oh god, this can't truly be happening, Jessica thought happily, fresh tears forming at her eyelids, as she wrapped her arms around Harry, pulling him nearer into a deeper kiss. When they pulled up, both were breathless. Harry reached up and wiped her tears.

"Am I that bad a kisser?" he asked jokingly. She laughed and shook her head.

"Don't talk rubbish, Harry, you kiss well," she replied. He smiled at her and pulled her even closer to him.

"I love you," he said so softly, Jessica initially though she had misheard him. But the love shining in his eyes confirmed what she had heard.

"I love you too… Potter," she answered. Harry laughed but was cut short when Jessica pressed her lips against his, this time, her tongue gliding across his lips, which parted so his could meet hers before plunging deep. They kissed each other hungrily, as if they had been starving for a piece of each other. Adonis was reunited with his Aphrodite. And high above them, gone unnoticed by the lovers were showers of red and gold fireworks, and from the walls was the tenor voice of Andrea Bocelli.

                                                                            VOGLIO RESTARE COSÌ                                                                                                                                                           (I WANT TO STAY LIKE THIS)

                                                                            Voglio restare così, (I want to stay like this)

                                                                            magari fino in fondo.  (if possible to the end.)

                                                                            Il mondo attorno ormai (By now the world around)

                                                                            non mi interessa più.  (No longer interests me.)

                                                                            Mi basta averti qui  (It is enough that you are here)

                                                                            e stringerti così.  (And I hold you like this.)

                                                                            Mi basta un gesto tuo, (A gesture from you is enough,)

                                                                            un sorriso, (a smile,)

                                                                            una parola, (a word;)

                                                                            e un attimo così (and a moment like this)

                                                                            vale un'eternità.  (Is worth an eternity.)

                                                                            Accendi un fuoco e poi  (Light a fire and then)

                                                                            restiamo soli!  (Let's be alone!)

                                                                            Noi.  (Us.)

                                                                            Voglio restare così, (I want to stay like this)

                                                                            magari fino in fondo. (If possible to the end.)

                                                                            Il mondo attorno ormai (By now the world around)

                                                                            non mi interessa più. (No longer interests me.)

                                                                            Mi basta averti qui (It is enough that you are here)

                                                                            e stringerti così. (And I hold you like this.)

                                                                            Mi basta averti qui (It is enough that you are here)

                                                                            e stringerti così.  (And I hold you like this.)


                                                                            ~*~*@*~*~The end ~*~*@*~*~

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