The sun rose upon the red planet. Whereas before, she would merely shun the sight, Carmeara had found herself undergoing a change of heart. In her last moments, Kengo Manaka had shown her that light and dark did not have to be enemies, that they could coexist. But unfortunately she had not lived long enough afterwards to act on this. The injuries she suffered had proved unwilling to support her new lease on life.

But then, after 10 years, she had been revived by a parasite that sought to control her, use her to destroy the same planet she had failed to destroy. While she had wanted to resist, their voice in her head was too strong for her to actively resist. "Obey! Obey!" The voice in her head had compelled her to attack this new warrior, all while Trigger appeared to attack with a new weapon.

Dual Deracium Impulse! A cut appeared in the shell of Megalothor that had formed around her, through which she was able to make her voice heard, using the one phrase she knew wouldn't cause confusion. "Kengo Manaka!"

She tried to get out, but found herself unable to force her way out, forced to keep watching as she lost more and more control of her body. "Your old existence is irrelevant.", the Spheres had blurted into her mind. "You are ours now. We claim ownership of your body."

"No!", Carmeara blurted out. "Never! All you control is this shell. My body is still mine to command. All I need do is get out and crush you with the shell. Without the Eternity Core's power, this is nothing but your cells, given form by my darkness. And without me, you'll be unable to draw upon it."

"Which is why you shall be kept where we are unable to be separated until both our enemies are vanquished." The voice echoed. "Soon, you will no longer resist us. We shall become one."

But Carmeara resisted, an act of defiance that paid off in the end. With the aid of Kengo and his new ally, she managed to break free from her prison, and together, the three of them had destroyed the Sphere-animated Megalothor for good, freeing her from their mental commands. And then, she had made her peace with Kengo, making a pact with him. He took her with him to Mars, and from there, she was left with the energies of her allies Darrgon and Hudram, so that they too may regenerate. After that, they would set off to rebuild their original civilisation anew on another planet. No longer would they destroy or oppress others, now would they use their power for those ends. Now, they just wanted to rebuild a life for themselves, free from the chaos that seemed to be enveloping the humans. Of course, she had no way of knowing if the other two would share her change of heart, but that was simply a matter of waiting for the opportunity to ask them. And if the Spheres came, then she would fend them off.

"I spent my entire existence looking to create a paradise.", she thought to herself as she observed the sun rising. "It looks like I've finally found it."