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"Nabe. Deal with Kh…." No, I want to see what necromancers can do, so I probably should do it myself. "Nabe. Deal with the woman somewhere out of our range"

"Yes lo…Momon" she looked back towards the insect that had displeased her lord. "Worm, we shall fight over there ". With that said, she walked far enough not to bother ainz ooal gown..

Clementine just smiled and gave a casual shrug, she then lazily followed Narberal as they walked away from his visual range. "Try not to die before I'm back sir knight-"

Now alone, ainz got into a fighting position "guess i shouldnt keep you waiting"

Khazit didnt wait for ainz to finish before casting multiple spells alongside his minions

[magic arrow]

[ Lightning]

[magic arrow]

All were weak spells that ainz just either ignored or dodged, 'seems nothing so far can damage me, I should take this opportunity to practice my sword techniques.'

Khazit was impressed, so far the dark warrior had not slowed down under the barrage of spells, he had even cut down most of his students by now. Still he wasn't worried as he had enough time to summon his most powerful summon. [ Skeleton dragon].

With just a thought , khazit ordered his dragon to attack the warrior

'That should….' khazits mind momentarily stopped when his dragon alongside his remaining apprentices got cut in half, with a clumsy sword slash. impossible ,he had lived long enough to see many warriors in his life, yet the being In front off him looked like a amateur. While displaying strength to make that irrelevant, 'no I can't quit now, I'm so close to accomplishing my dream'

Before the warrior could switch over to attacking him, he used everything he had.

[ray of negative energy] to heal his summon.

Then while holding onto his orb of death, He summoned a second [skeleton dragon]

But this wouldn't be enough, he buffed both at once

[reinforce armor] [lessor strength] [undead flame] [shield wall]

Ainz paused momentarily ' ohh, he seemed to know quite a few Yggdrasil spells, but if this is his best I should end it here'.

Khazit could only stare and hope the combined strength of both dragons could stop him, It even seemed the warrior was worried as he momentarily stopped. That is until he spoke "Narberal Gamma! Display the power of Nazarick". With those strange words spoken, the warrior disappeared and where his dragons had been only bones remained. A ominous sound brought his attention back to reality ,clank, clank, clank. Like a clock counting down, the warriors metallic steps represented the time till his death. Then as if to mock him, the warrior's armor disappeared and the being he sought stood a few inches from him, DEATH.

Yet his fear and dread disappeared as hope once more could be seen. If it was death, then surely his dream could be easily accomplished. So he did what was natural for a mortal to do before a god, He knelt and begged forgiveness for offending him.

To say ainz was confused would be an understatement of an understatement, sure he had assumed his appearance would cause some reaction, but not this. 'Ok , should I kill him…Hmm but he is promising to swear his allegiance and he does seem to be the most powerful magician I've seen so far. Then again I just blew my cover as Momon. Ahh why does this keep happening to me and why is he crying while happily smiling at me. God it's creepy seeing such a old man like this' "I require information, so I shall decide your fate based on how helpful I deem your knowledge" .' Ok, that should give me enough time to think it over'.

With that khazit spoke: about the crown of wisdom, Zuronon, clementine, even about information on the theocracy he felt would please Death. While khazit could not tell what Death was thinking, the oppressive feeling has settled down, so he must be doing well.

Inside the Lord of Death's mind Suzuki was doing flips of joy for not killing Khazit 'yes this guy is a gold mine of information, Godkin, previous players, and secret necromancer organizations all information that will be useful. Most importantly he got confirmation that the theocracy was hoarding players' items , maybe even world items'. The collector in him was screaming at him to get them.

Now what to do with khazit, he did waste my time but this information was worth it. Ok, I'll see if I can get his loyalty , if not ill just kill him or send him to neuronist.'ok salaryman experience, time to be put to use'.

When the following words were spoken, Khazit had to keep himself from crying once more "Swear your loyalty to me and if you serve well you shall be rewarded. Now speak of what your heart desires and so I can decide the cost" And khazit was like a man who finally reached the toilet after holding it in for hours, bursting with everything. He spoke about his mom's death ,about his guilt, and how everything he has done was in order to save her. When done he felt fear that he went too far, that he wasted Death's time, Finally so close to his goal and yet he had wasted his chance.

Ainz may be a cold undead, but the Suzuki in him understood too well the guilt and sorrow of losing one's mom so young. His respect for this man grew as he understood such determination and drive. 'Hmm, her resurrection should be easy, but I can't just go using my items. Damn but watching an old man cry does make me feel awkward and I probably would have done the same if I could resurrect my mom…' " Very well, under my name Ainz ooal Gown, I promise to resurrect your mother once I feel you have earned it.

Khazit shouldn't have been surprised by how trivial Death made resurrection sound, he was once more reminded that it was not a typical undead, but Death itself in front of him. Nothing else mattered, he would sacrifice everything and everyone to Death if that is what is needed. So the deal was struck and Khazit began his new life under the service of the king of death

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