Hello all, this is my first fanfiction. As such please bear with me as I stumble though this. As for why I chose this particular crossover. RWBYxLittle Nightmares. I have always felt that the main character had so much potential and she kind of I hear that Ruby is a flat character in the show. I have seen the work of dozens of others who do justice to ideas that floated around during the first volumes. There is nothing on this particular crossover so I thought I would take advantage of that for my opening voyage. I know, I'm a opportunist. Also, spoilers for those who have not played any of the Little Nightmares games. Also, thanks to SupperHorrorBro for providing most of the material I will be basing this story off of. Check out his Youtube channel if you are interested.

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Prologue: Fading Dreams

The world was ending. Everything was breaking apart. The walls were cracking and falling. The floor split open, revealing something fleshy, squishy and sloshy underneath. As the building fell apart more and more if the strange slop oozed out of the cracks in the corridor's framework. It was gross. If she was not running, she would be gagging.

She did not know where she was. She did not know why she was here. Nor did she know what that sloshy stuff was. What she did know was, that stuff, whatever it was, was dangerous. She did not want to be anywhere near it. So, she ran. Ran as fast as her legs would let her and even beyond that. If she ever had the chance to look back on it she would have marveled at how speedy she was. Especially with how malnourished she had become.

As she sprinted down the hallway, the cracking sounds became more distant, but the oozy, bubbly sound of the fleshy stuff became more she would dare to look back she would see the entire passage being flooded by the mass of flesh that pursued her.

The floor before her cracks and rises. Revealing the flesh underneath, trying to bar her escape. She reacts quickly, with a jump she reaches the remains of the concrete floor above the flesh. The platform shifts as she sprints across it and leaps from the edge to safer ground. Up ahead stood the door leading out of the passage. She quickly closes the distance and runs through. To emerge into a vast space with a single narrow stone bridge ahead. Beneath it looked what appeared to be a bottomless abyss. Whether it was truly bottomless or not she cared little for finding out. She had not stopped running as even this space of almost nothingness was shaking and breaking.

Sprinting across the bridge she felt it break under her bare feet. She was almost to the end of the bridge where she could see a bright light. Drawing closer the light took on the shape of a very large doorway. The way it shimmers, and bends causes her to slow. The act of which confuses her. Why had she stopped? The way out was right in front of her. She did not know how she knew it was the way out. Just that it was. So why had she stopped?

"Hey!" A voice shouted from behind.

Looking back, she saw a boy running up the bridge too. He must have been following her. Then came the pieces of debris falling from above. One fell of the bridge's center, breaking it in two and creating an expanding gap between them. The boy's half was moments away from plummeting into the abyss in its entirety. The boy seemed to know this and ran on with desperate resolve. She knew he would jump, even if he could not make the distance. Again, she knew why, though she still did not know how she knew. he was expecting her to catch him.

Kneeling at the broken edge of the bridge she stretched out her hand. The boy leapt and for a brief moment time appeared to slow as he reached out to her. In desperation she leaned out further and grabbed tight when their hands met. She looked down at him, he was dangling now. with no way to get up on his own. She could see had messy brown hair and was wearing a weathered trench coat that somehow almost fit his tiny body. it was a little silly. He looked up at her, revealing his face and more importantly, his eyes. they were pitch black, yet she could see little specks flickering in them. Despite his lack of pupils, she could tell he was looking directly at her. He smiled, his face showing signs of relief. He trusted her. That thought stung somehow. But why? It should make her feel good that there was someone out there who trusted her. Yet she did not feel good, instead she felt afraid. Of what? Of the boy? He did not look scary. The eyes were strange perhaps, but he did not look like someone who would want to hurt others. Least of all someone he just bet his life on.

She wanted to pull him up, she really wanted to. She tried to, but her body refused to move. Instead, they just stayed there for a few seconds. With the boy's expression shifting from relief to confusion. That confusion turned to shock as she suddenly ripped her arm away from him. That look on his face, it stayed with him as he fell. he did not even panic. He just stared at her in disbelief. Never taking those black eyes off her. Then he was gone.

Why had she done that? She could have easily pulled him up and escaped together. Instead, she dropped him. There was no way he could survive a fall like that. No-one could. She had killed him. She had killed that boy. She wanted to panic. She wanted to scream. Yet she did not even utter a gasp. Instead, she stood up, still looking down into the darkness. The strange place was collapsing even faster now. Yet she felt no need to rush anymore. Slowly, calmly she turned to the door and walked toward it. As the approached, the horror of what she had done started to set in. Perhaps in an attempt to ward off the shock, she started to hum. She was not sure if that was the real reason, and she did not feel like she cared. That frightened her, more than this place and that boy. Now at the strange doorway, she reached out her hand and touched the light.

With a sharp gasp she sat up. Her heart was pounding, and her breath was heavy. Vision quickly focusing on her dark environment, she turned to the lamp on her bedside. With a click her room was illuminated. Small, comfy, cozy and safe. Just as it had always been. It did not have much. Closet, wardrobe, wooden shelf layered with little toys, knickknacks and mementoes she took a fancy to. Finally, her cozy wooden bed and nightstands. One with said lamp and the other with pictures of her family. Herself, her elder sister, her father and her uncle.

Throwing the bedsheets off she slid herself off the bed with a groan. Standing brought her strange sense of vertigo. Like she was suddenly much taller. Had she grown? If so it was probably due to her drinking so much milk.

'Just you wait Yang. You won't be calling me short stack for long!' She cheered in her mind.

Yawning and stretching her back, she wobbled to the closet. Grabbing her towel and shampoo, she straightened herself before making for the shower. Down the carpeted hallway outside her room, she found the bathroom. The door was open to show that it was empty. Stepping inside she shut the door. The tiled white room, with bath, shower and basin with mirror greeted her. It felt odd. Being in a completely safe place. But that feeling itself was normal for most mornings. She does not know when this paradox of Deja vu started, but it did not matter. Shrugging it off as always, she made her way to the shower. Passing by the mirror, she stopped to review her appearance.

Standing in the mirror was a teenage girl about fifteen years old. Her skin was smooth and slightly pale. Her hair was messy at the moment, so she quickly padded it down into the neat side undercut she liked. Short too. She never liked having long hair like her sister did. Last time she tried it always got in her face when she practiced her scythe work. Now she could see the red tinge in the tips of her black locks. She paused a moment to stare at the face she inherited from her long-passed mother. It was something she secretly strove to maintain, to help keep a form of connection with her. None of which symbolizes this more than her silver eyes. Some call them cold, some call them sparkling. But above all else, only she and her mother had them. Most of the time she never gave them any notice, but when she did, she could not help but smile.

Today was going to be a good day. You can wake up in the morning and just feel it. Good thing because she has a busy day planned. Stepping off of Patch and heading into the big city of Vale. Her elder sister had been accepted into the best huntsmen academy on Remnant, which she herself planned on joining two years from now. For the moment the family wanted to celebrate, so she wanted to get her sister a present. This was going to be a great day for Ruby Rose. Future huntress extraordinaire.

That's it for the small introduction my tiny brain can conjure. Hope you enjoy and let me know if you have any ideas to help me out. Advice would be appreciated.