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Kai was sitting on the sofa in the living room, staring blankly at the screen. He was watching some anime on television but wasn't a bit interested. He would usually do that if he was bored or when he was waiting for his boyfriend, Tyson, to come back from the shower. And right now, that's exactly what Tyson was doing; taking his sweet time in the bath.

A while later, Tyson returned from the bathroom. He walked slowly to where Kai was sitting and smiled sweetly. Kai noted this and switched his glance to see the beautiful face of his Tyson.

"Honey, can I sit here?" Tyson asked with a slight hint of seductiveness yet full of innocence in his voice.

His boyfriend gave him a weird look and replied, "of course. Here." He motioned Tyson to sit on the space next to him.

"I mean, I want to sit -in between- your lap." As he said that, he gave Kai a little innocent blink.

Tyson spreaded Kai's legs apart, so he could sit in the middle of his thighs. He turned his head backwards and looked at Kai, smiling. Kai smiled back, enjoying the sweet scent on Tyson. Tyson brought his face up and nuzzled into the crook of Kai's neck.

"You know what I want to do?" He kissed his boyfriend's neck.

Tyson rubbed his bum up and down Kai's organ and started to stroke his thighs. His hands went inner and inner while his bum rubbed faster and faster.

Kai moaned at Tyson's touch as he started to get aroused. Tyson smirked mentally when he knew Kai was slowly getting stimulated.

Just when he felt Kai's organ start to stiffen and press against his back, he stood up and said, "I want something to eat."

Kai got up and growled. "Tyson, you little devil, not this time...!"

"Ack!" Tyson squealed as Kai tackled him, pinning him down onto the sofa.

"No more teasing now, baby."



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-DNA [04/07/2003]