Standard Disclaimer: I own nothing in regards to Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit. All properties therein are those of their creators. I am just a simple writer working on my skills with characters and worlds that I love.

Note: This idea has been stewing in my head for a while and only recently did all the final pieces fit into place to begin working on it. I've been a fan of the Lord of The Rings franchise since I was a small child, and I've been dying to create a work of my own set inside that world.

Note: That being said, the standard "Harry just falls into Middle Earth" plot line has been used before, and I wanted to try something a little different with my take on it. This is a very dark 'creature' version of Harry, with just as much reason to hate orcs as anyone in the franchise, Thorin included. I want a reason for the light side to be wary of the boy who lived, and one that dwarves especially would not really care about so much.

Note: Though I love the franchise from the bottom of my heart, I am in no way a Tolkien scholar, so I will be crossing over with the movie versions instead of the books. Apologies to die hard book lovers, and I just wanted to make that clear from the start.

Note: This story will start slightly before the events of the Hobbit An Unexpected Journey, and carry on through the end of that trilogy. If this is well received as I hope it to be I will continue with a sequel that will cover the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Note: Anyone questioning Harry's friendship to Thorin in this piece, I'd remind you of Gimli and Legolas. Races that literally hate each other became the best of friends.

Chapter One - Wizards, Vampires, And Orcs, Oh My!

"Fall back!" Harry shouted, ducking under an ugly colored spell before returning fire and making his way out the door of the room of prophecies into the greater bulk of the Department of Mysteries. "Fall back!" he repeated when he thought his compatriots weren't moving fast enough. Spell fire rained down upon his Defense Association, but he'd trained them well, and they Covered their retreat from the greater force with high powered shields and conjured obstructions until everyone was out, the door slammed shut, and every reinforcement spell he knew was placed upon it.

Though as his troops took a moment to catch their breath, something heavy and powerful started beating against it, causing the aging wood to creak dangerously against its hinges. It wouldn't hold long.

"Follow me!" Harry shouted and took off down the halls. He didn't know where exactly he was going, one look back at the lift showed the death eaters had already severed its cables, but anywhere was better than here. As he and the others ran, the boy who lived took a moment to think about how he'd come to this particular place, hoping it would give him an idea on where to go next.

It had all started several months ago when the idiots at the ministry of magic had sent their little toad/mole Dolores Umbridge to teach defense against the dark arts at Hogwarts. She'd towed the government line, removed all practical lessons of the craft and class, and taught some watered down children's version of the course to every year in the whole school. Needless to say, those studying for the OWLS and NEWTS were losing their hair from stress at the result.

Everyone and their mother (literally in the case of the Weasleys) had tried to complain to the staff and get something done about the crippling blow to their education, but they had all refused to act; stating it was too dangerous to risk angering the woman. The underlying message however was clear; Dumbledore was afraid of losing whatever political clout he had left and had forbidden them from interfering in any way. It became worse when the woman singled Harry himself out and forced him to write lines with a blood quill. An evil item that scarred the wielder's flesh with the lines he or she was forced to write. At that event McGonagall had shown where he loyalties truly lied and had confronted the toad of a woman, threatening to call her out to the dueling grounds if she ever tried to hurt one of her students in such a way again.

She'd earned Harry's trust that day, and the toad's ire. Minerva had quickly found her position as the Deputy Headmistress torn away, and managed to hold onto her position as the transfiguration teacher only by the skin of her teeth. It was very revealing that when all the other teachers stood in her defense and threatened to quit and leave the school with no educators at all should she be fired, Dumbledore was not one of them.

It was around this time that Hermione had come to him, begging him to start teaching the students defense because no one else would. He was hesitant, but then Luna Lovegood of all people had come to him, sat herself down in his lap, and declared that she would kiss him as much as he wanted if he said yes.

Now, Harry had actually been nursing a bit of a crush on Luna since his third year, and as bad with girls as he was he couldn't make himself turn down the offer. The chance of actually getting a girlfriend was one he had never really hoped to have with how often he was nearly killed at that school. Though he capped the number of students he was willing to teach. Hermione had at first tried to convince him to teach every student taking their OWLS that year on the grounds that everyone deserved the chance to pass, but he had argued the point extensively, refusing to waste his time teaching any student that had called him the Heir of Slytherin in his second year or worn a Potter Stinks badge his fourth.

In the end he had twenty hardworking students and the progress they made was so astounding Hermione couldn't argue her own point if she had tried. For four months they trained, advanced, and grew tighter as a unit. Eventually introducing group tactics and advanced dueling techniques they found in an auror training manual in the restricted section of the library. It was also during this time that he and Luna had fallen in love.

Luna trained beside him, supported him, and sensing the deep pain he held inside that was so similar to her own, gave everything she could to make him smile. For his part, her odd sense of humor, near elfish laugh, and naturally sunny disposition lifted the constant shadow over his soul like a stage curtain, introducing emotions and feelings to his heart that he'd not even known himself capable of. She saw who and what he really was and accepted him fully. The first time she gave herself to him, it was like he'd finally seen sunlight for the first time, and he'd sworn then and there to be hers for all time if she would have him. It was an oath that she readily reciprocated.

It had taken a startlingly long time to realize how much of her absentmindedness was real, and how much was a defense mechanism to deal with her house's bullying, and he'd made all of Ravenclaw suffer for the harm they'd caused his girlfriend. (Luna had forbidden fatalities so he'd pranked them relentlessly. By the end that bitch Cho Chang was loosing her hair from the stress.)

Then the visions had started. Brief snippets into the mind of Voldemort and the sick twisted acts he was committing. Hermione had told him he should go to Dumbledore, but he'd shot back that he'd never really helped any of them before so why would he start now. Instead he asked McGonagall for help and she'd begun to teach him the art of occlumency to protect his mind. It was rather startling how easy it was for him to pick up with a dedicated teacher like her. For the most part he was able to block the genocidal asshole out, but eventually one last vision had slipped through the cracks.

He'd seen Sirius, alone on his knees before Lucius Malfoy, being ordered to give something over, and being tortured when he refused. The vision ended with an image of an official looking door designating the space as the Department of Mysteries - Room of Prophecy.

Harry went to Luna first for advice and she'd suggested going to Minerva. Only when he got there he discovered the woman being arrested by Umbridge and two aurors for 'teaching dangerous techniques to impressionable minors'. Ergo, the toad had learned about the occlumency lessons. It didn't take more than a second to stun all three and free his favorite professor.

When he'd asked her how the toad had learned about that, she had not been sure. Apparently the only one she'd notified of these lessons was Dumbledore, as she'd needed to request certain reference books from his personal collection. This was merely the latest in a long line of facts that proved to the boy who lived that the bearded asshole really did not have his best interests at heart.

When he brought up his vision, Minerva took him seriously and told him to go back to the common room with the others and wait for word from her. She was going to alert the Order of the Phoenix to go and retrieve his godfather at once.

He followed her instructions and nervously held Luna's hand as he waited, and waited, and waited, until he finally had enough and opened the Marauder's Map. Her name was to be found in the headmaster's office, and it wasn't moving.

Unwilling to risk anymore clear interference from the old goat that ran his school, Harry called his Defense Association together and asked for volunteers to journey with him to the Ministry. It warmed his heart that everyone agreed to go. From there it was a simple matter of using the unconscious Umbrige's floo to get there, and travel by lift to the lower levels where the Room of Prophecy was located.

However when they arrived, Sirius wasn't there. But a prophecy with his name on it was. He'd had just enough time to pick it up before a slow clapping sound had alerted him and his group to the presence of others. Thirty death eaters, wands raised, and Lucius Malfoy at their head. The bastard opened his mouth to demand the prophecy but Harry cut him off, literally, with a cutting curse that removed his head from his shoulders.

Taking his cue, the others followed suit, attacking before their foes had a chance to get off shots of their own. Ten enemies fell before the rest apparated to further corners of the room for distance. Which was when the true fight had begun. Thirty cowardly death eaters was one thing, with Harry's training the DA could handle them easily, but those assholes had not come alone. Eery shrieks announced the arrival of no less than twenty-five vampires, and as the death eaters continued to rain down spellfire Harry had called the retreat, which brought things right back to the present.

Harry's group exited the hall to the open space of some great chamber, a large covered arch took up a central place of honor. Some kind of sheet moving in a breezeless wind. That however was of less interest than the sound of fresh shrieks coming behind them. The room was a perfect circle, with no other way out and no place to put a solid wall at their backs without being outflanked. Thinking fast the boy who lived ordered his friends up to the highest ground around the strange arch and they settled into formation around it. Two circles of ten, wands ready, one to shield and one to attack.

The attack came swiftly. As one the screams stopped, and an instant later the doorway was filled with a torrent of bats, blazing through in a wild swarm of chittering fury to overwhelm the teenagers at the veil.

The defenders attacked with fire, with force, and wind, and eventually the swarm retreated back into the distance and reformed into twenty-five battle ready vampires. Eyes blood red and full of a haunting level of intelligence and bloodlust. The clear leader stood a head taller than the rest, dressed in a floor length leather long coat. He stepped forward, confident the distance would keep any random spells from accurately hitting him, and hissed across the distance, "Surrender the boy who lived and the prophecy, and the rest of you may leave."

Harry was a bit confused. "You would just do Voldemort's bidding? I thought the vampires were too proud to serve one such as him?" It was one of the few things Sirius had told him of the Order meetings conversations.

The vampire shrugged. "We do not serve him. His goals align with our own. When he takes control of this world, my kind will finally be free of living in the fringes of the shadows."

"He will never honor the deal he made."

"Perhaps, perhaps not. But we would rather try than watch our people fade. Surrender, Potter."

Luna scoffed, "You'll get Harry after prying him from our cold dead hands!"

"That is our exact purpose." The vampire intoned.

Harry grimaced and gently moved his love behind him. "Bad choice of words there, Luna. But perhaps this will make our intent clear." He raised the prophecy high for all to see and dropped it, smirking at the shocked faces of the vampires as it shattered at his feet.

"No you fools!" The wizards and vampires turned to see the remaining death eaters entering the chamber just in time to see the last wisps of prophecy fading away. Bellatrix Lestrange having replaced Lucius at their head. They weren't the only newcomers however as at that very moment The Order of the Phoenix also chose to show up. Apparating right into the middle of the coming conflict, and from the looks on their faces not too thrilled about it.

No more words needed saying at that point. Harry wasn't surrendering, the prophecy was gone, and all that remained was the need all four groups held to destroy the others. A need that was quickly met when Bellatrix cast the first spell and battle was joined.

The Order kept itself focused on the death eaters and as those two made battle, with the Order of course crippling themselves with a lack of deadly spells, the vampires came for the children.

It was a game of cat and mouse, attack and retreat, whenever the blood suckers got close to the teens they fired off bombarda's, reducto's, and infiernos, killing a few and driving the rest back. This continued for several minutes, giving the students hope that they could outlast the legendary night hunters, until a high pitched keening laugh erupted in the air and Bellatrix apparated right in front of their line and broke it with a silent avada kedavra. Padma Patil fell in an instant, the line collapsed in on itself at the shock of the sudden loss, and with a roar Neville Longbottom broke ranks and rushed forward to gain revenge for his parents.

As the two locked in an epic duel the vampires moved in once more, no longer hampered by the well trained defense, and the high ground surrounding the strange arch and veil devolved into a series of harsh duels between small groups of students and high speed hunters.

Harry had no time to see how any of it was going however. He and Luna found themselves back to back in front of the arch, fending off lunging vampires left and right, and firing off support spells to their comrades where they could while trying to stay alive. It was bloody, messy, and already a few of his own had hit the ground to join the slain blood suckers beside them, but the enemy numbers were steadily dropping, and for a moment he let himself believe that at least the majority of his friends would make it through this alive.

Then…. several things happened in the space of an instant. Bellatrix separated from Neville long enough to change her aim toward's Harry, letting out a gleeful Avada Kedavra before turning back to her own quarrel. Luna, seeing the spell leave the insane woman's wand, jumped in front of the man she loved, taking the full force of the killing curse in the chest. Finally, the same head vampire that had before been speaking, saw the grief that overcame the boy who lived's face, and the slow drop of his wand as he scooped the still form of the blond girl beside him into his arms, and charged him full force.

With a screech of triumph his arms latched around Harry's body intent on driving his fangs into his exposed neck, only for the boy to react in an instant, kicking his own feet out from under him at the moment of contact and letting the momentum of the charge carry them both, along with the body he carried, forward. It just so happened, that the charge carried them through the still fluttering veil of the arch. A moment later they both knew no more.

The Place Between

Harry came to in a place he did not know. A rocky outcropping floating in space and surrounded by dark storm clouds, crashing with thunder so powerful it deafened all other sound. Sporadic lightning lit up the expanse in vivid hues of electric blue and crimson. It was the latter that alerted the boy who lived to the epic fight taking place in the distance.

He saw the vampire that had attacked him, and a spectral form that looked a lot like what had come out of Quirrel his first year at Hogwarts doing epic battle on the other side of the temporary island they found themselves in. They were ripping, tearing, and driving each other into the ground over and over again, each vying for dominance without getting a foothold. Harry could only stare at the carnage around him, and then at the strange patterns of the storm clouds. They were moving in an unnatural fashion, taking shape, and forming… a head? His last moments came to him then, and that along with his current circumstance was starting to provide a heady sense of dread.

Then, against all odds, his favorite voice in the world spoke in his head. {Harry, love, this is your mind and those two are battling for control of it. Once there's only one left standing he'll turn his attention to you.}

"L-Luna?" Tears started building up in Harry's eyes. "You're alive?" He started looking around for the telltale silvery blond hair, and found nothing.

{No, Harry. I'm gone, but not entirely. I'm still with you in spirit. Now listen, you need to end these two while they're still distracted by each other. It's the only way to keep control of your body.}


{It's your mind, my love. This is the world you create. These specters only have the power that you allow them. Make it your own.}

As if the veil had been lifted, Harry felt an.. awareness of the world around him. He could sense every cloud, every rock and crevasse that surrounded him, and with a jolt he realized he could change them too.

Standing on shaky legs he stared at his still quarreling foes and brought his hands to the sky, imagining in his mind's eye the desired result, and then he brought them down. For several moments nothing happened, and Harry began to worry he'd been wrong in his assumptions. But then the clouds overhead parted beneath the weight and bulk of an object of massive size, and with a cacophonous boom a meteor slammed into the ground, right on top of Voldemort and the vampire, silencing them both for all time.

An instant later Harry's body seized up in a rictus of pain. Every muscle and joint locking in place and spasming with an unholy agony worse than fire. It felt as if his very skin was tearing free of his body and warping into something new. It could have been minutes, it could have been days, but slowly, oh so slowly, the pain started to fade away, leaving him lying on the cold floating earth with a slowly receding headache and rather annoying itch in his jaw and fingers.

{Good job, my love.} Luna's soothing voice filled Harry's mind once more, filling him with an innate sense of peace. {Now conjure a mirror and take a look at yourself. I think you'll like what you find.}

"Luna, how are you doing this? I saw that spell hit you."

{It did. But think about it. We swore our love to each other and we meant it. More importantly, I swore to always stand by your side. I guess my magic made it real. That avada kedavra separated my soul from my body, and I latched onto yours instead. I'll never leave you.}

The tears did fall then. "Thank you, Luna. I know its selfish but thank you."

{For what?}

"For not leaving me alone."

{Never. Now make that mirror. The veil fused your wand to your bones so it should be no matter.}

Not really sure what to expect he flicked his wrist in a manner reminiscent of his wand movements and did just that, and stared. The first thing he noticed was the curling of his fingers around the edge of the crafted mirror. More specifically, his nails. They extended out of his fingers a good half inch and each was razor sharp. Then came the reflection itself. His skin was ghostly pale, and his eyes, the emerald irises that everyone always likened to his mother had taken on a blood red hue. His hair was longer, straighter, and his teeth… well that itch made a bit more sense now. The canines had all sharpened noticeably and twin sets of extra long fangs extended from the top and bottom of his gums.

"I-I look like a monster." He whispered.

Luna actually laughed at that. {I rather think you look very dashing.} She mused. {My handsome vampire savior. Is it wrong that I find the new look incredibly sexy? I did always fantasize about you with a ponytail.}

"Not at all. So I'm a vampire now?"

{Of course. The veil merged your body with the monster that attacked you, and since you won the fight for mental control you have all the benefits of his form with none of the weaknesses.}


{Well sort of. I guess the weaknesses are technically still there, but they aren't lethal for you. I imagine the sunlight won't be too pleasant but it will in no way kill you as it would them. Silver will also irritate you quite a bit but it won't be debilitating. And what's better, the monster that attacked you was a Master vampire.}

A bit confused, Harry asked, "Um, Luna, why is that a good thing? I'm not a magizoologist like you and your dad."

{Oh, sorry love. Master vampires, or as they are better known, the Lords of Night, are the pinnacle of their race. They have super enhanced senses, speed and strength. As well as dominion over the beasts of the night, like bats. Oh you'll be so cute as a swarm. What's more, only Master vampires can create other vampires.}

"I'm not sure I'd ever want to make more of me, Luna."

{We'll see.} She responded cryptically before breaking off into a fit of giggles.

Finally coming to terms with what he had become, Harry looked around himself and took note of the fact that the edges of the cloud cover were beginning to fray and fade. "What's happening now?"

{Your purpose here is done. I imagine you're going to wake up wherever the veil sent you.}

"You don't know where that is?"

{I'm in your head, Harry. I only know what you know. Admittedly I can see a bit of space around you, so there is that but it in no way makes me all knowing. Only the great Bewilderbeast knows all.}
"Alright then, but shelve the Bewidlerbeast for later. That sounds awesome and I want to hear me. At least wherever we end up we'll be together."

Middle Earth

Mountain Outpost Near Moria

Azog the Defiler was bored. His forces completely occupied the fortress of Moria itself, and there were no worthy foes or battles yet to fight. True, he'd sworn to end the line of Durin, but those cowardly dwarves were still smarting from the loss of Erebor and hiding in the wilds to 'heal' from the damage wrought them. It was sickening that they'd wait for their wounded to recover when they could just move on with those healthy enough to march. That was the orc way at the very least.

His captains had grown weary of his constant pacing and suggested he might find a bit of sport in the goblin fighting pits at one of his outposts. They were a cheap way to keep the troops entertained with violence and bloodshed on the part of their prisoners, and he wouldn't deny he enjoyed the sport every now and then himself. However there hadn't been a decent competitor in years and one could only watch goblins slaughter each other so long before the act grew tedious.

Nevertheless he had nothing better to do so he'd gone, watched a few death throws, and begun to take his leave, planning to take his warg for a hunt, when a rent in the air over the covered pit split open, revealing a world of a storm and darkness for all of five seconds before a man, unlike any other he had ever seen, fell out of it to land on the edge of earth before the trapdoor. The portal closed, he staggered in place, and when his eyes found the white orc they blazed with crimson light and intelligence.

Trusting decades of instinct and muscle memory, Azog didn't give the strange being time to think or act. He lunged across the expanse, mace torn from his belt, and crashed it into the stranger's head, feeling an unearthly glee at the way the man's skull cracked beneath his blow. Something inside him was screaming that he didn't want the stranger to have a chance to collect himself in the open space.

The human staggered, tripped on his own feet, and fell into the pit to land on top of the most recently slain goblin. Azog signaled his men to close the trapdoor and as it slammed over the fighting pit he stared down through its segmented holes. Too small for even a hand to escape, but numerous enough to offer unimpeded view.

What he saw both delighted and shocked him. The being was still alive, and he was pulling the dead goblin's head up level to his shoulders. Then, his jaw seemed to unhinge as four elongated teeth came into view and he clamped down hard on the corpse's neck, visibly drinking of the still warm fluid in his veins. A few seconds later and he released his meal, his skull repaired and barely a hint of a bruise where the blow had landed.

Azog felt a flutter of glee in his dark heart and bellowed loudly for all to hear, "Behold, orcs and goblins of Moria, our new champion!" As the rank and file cheered on the declaration, he led the pit master to the side and instructed, "Do what is necessary to keep this one alive, but do not let him leave that pit until we know what he is capable of. Challenge him, hurt him, send other slaves to fight him, and if you can, break him. I feel power inside him and I want it for my own."

Wary of angering his patron, the pit master, an aged goblin with sagging lines around his eyes, said, "I will do my best, but there are always some who die before breaking. What if he is one of them?"

"Then at least the troops and I can enjoy watching him kill for a while before he must be disposed of. You have your orders." So saying, the famed White Orc took his leave, and the pit master returned to stare down at the now standing and shouting human. Yes, there was certainly something strange about him. That skin, those eyes, and the way power seemed to radiate from his form. The more he looked the more certain he became. This was not a creature that would break. In his head he plotted out the best slaves in his kennels, those that would offer the greatest spectacle to Azog and the other higher officers. His master wanted use out of this stranger, and he'd supply it.