The caves of Emenisveer were dimly lit tonight. The deep chasms surrounding the ancient Dwemer Ruins that were called home making it a risk to travel with such lighting. But I had grown accustomed to the dark, and knew the path I needed like the back of my hand.

After barely three minutes, I entered a opening in the cave that my people had carved during our time being enslaved by the Dwemer that we had long since renovated into a grand hall of plant growth and farm on the ground and a simulated night sky looming over us in the cave ceiling, created my the glow of gems and light enchantments that we had place on them. I stood in the Ethereal Glade.

"Papa," I heard a young Snow Elf I recognised to be Chief Ednar's son query from across the Glade,"Why do we live like this?"

A saddened chuckle echoed across the Glade, as I saw the tall Chief Ednar pick up his son and lift him closer to the fake sky. Knowing I may have to wait to attend to business."Well Taisul, my boy," he began, a soft sigh leaving his lips,"that is a long, painful story. It shall leave you either enraged or distraught. Are you sure you wish to learn of this? You may still be to old for this tail."

"I'm ready father," Taisul replied, staring up at his father's weathered face and the fake sky once more.

"Well," Ednar huffed,"we started as most Mer did, with a deep connection to the Aldmer, originally being the only Mer to keep to the traditions and culture. We were the first to set foot on Skyrim, and built a society out of the cold tundra to the north. We had a great aptitude for both blade and magicka, and used our talents to strengthen our society. We rivalled even the Altmer of the Summerset Isles, and were seen as the epitome of the Mer, and were wealthy beyond fathoming. But that all changed when the Atmoran's arrived. They built colonies on our land, and we both attempted to get along with one another, but as all things eventually do, our relationship began to rot.

"We are not sure why, but a war began, and we lost. We attempted to surrender, but the Nord's would not have it, they sought our annihilation. They killed us in innumerable swathes, and destroyed our society. In desperation, we asked the Dwemer for help, for sanctuary. But they used our weakness to their advantage, and forced us into slavery, to make it easier for them to get the materials they required for their evil machines. Many of our fellow Snow Elves caved to time, and became blind monsters from the lack of sunlight and abuse from the Dwemer, becoming the Betrayer Falmer, but we survived here in our Lost City of Emenisveer, the last true Dwemer city untarnished by Man or Mer because of its seclusion in Eastmarch, being on a lonely western mountain that few dare venture. And for the last few ages we have worked to build a new society out of that of our lost oppressors and regain full control of the city from their Automatons, that we now use for ourselves."

As he finished, Ednar sighed and put his son back down on the ground once he spotted me, but before he could come to me, Taisul asked him another question,"Has anyone ever left here since we came here? And has -" Taisul cut himself off once he started to cough violently, clutching his small chest as he fell to his knees.

I quickly sprinted over to the boy and pulled a potion out of my satchel and fed it slowly to him, while his father watched on in shock. His pale had been boiling to touch, but the fever slowly left him, and his chest pain seemed to subside as his body language relaxed. Once he seemed to relax, I turned to Ednar,"Were you aware he caught the sickness, my lord?"

"No," he sighed, caressing his sons forehead,"I shall have him placed in his chambers to stop the spread. Was that your last potion, Nesilvinear?"

I shook my head, and lifted the child up and passed him over to his father,"I have a few more sir, so no concern. But I must ask, why have you summoned me? Is there another Chaurus infestation in the lower caves?"

"Not quite, Nesil," Ednar grumbled as he started to walk back to the main city, me fallowing closely behind,"The sickness is spreading at an uncontrollable rate, if we don't stop it soon we will have enough bodies filling these tunnels that it reminds us of our great failure."

"Do you need me to go to the lower reaches to get more materials for potions," I questioned, fishing through my satchel,"I'm pretty sure I could find a skeever hole, but I don't think we have any of the other ingredients at our disposal, not since Zenithier caught the sickness and burned down the Alchemist Laboratory."

Ednar nodded his head and stopped in his tracks, turning to look me in the eye,"I understand that my friend, and I must ask something of you," the Chief avoided my gaze for a moment, before confidently reaffirming it,"Nesil, you are the best warrior in this place, and your talents for the ancient magics makes some of the Priests of Auri-El jealous. Your honour is unquestionable, and your love of your people is far beyond most. I would trust no other man to do this task."

"What task?" I didn't really didn't need to ask that question. I already knew that we were running out of options, and that he wouldn't be giving me this talk unless he knew I'd need the motivation for what we knew I had to do.

"We can't supply ourselves with the potions we require, but the Nords may," Ednar answered, a sombre expression crossing his face,"I hate to be the Chief who threatened our peoples safety, but we need help, and they are the only ones who can give it to us, and you are the only person I trust to do this. You need to go to the nearest Nord city, which you will have to locate yourself, sadly, and you will need to strike up a trade deal with the leader of their settlements, I believe they are called a Jarl."

I nodded my head slowly, and swallowed nervously,"What should I offer in the trade? Chaurus parts? Glowing Mushrooms?"

"Sadly, I believe we shall have to trade something with the Nords that we know they always appreciate. Metal," He spat, taking care not to catch his son in his display.

"But we have saved up that metal over multiple ages, we can't risk such a vital part of our society being tampered with by the Nords, not again!" I exclaimed, a power behind my voice.

Ednar patted my armoured shoulder, and leaned closer to me,"I know this as well as you do, as well as all of us do. But there are three thousand of some of the last possible true Snow Elves in this Dwemer Ruin, and we must take the risk to ensure their survival," the strength and conviction in his voice reaffirmed to me why many voted for him to be Chief. He stepped away from me and stared up at our large city further down the path,"Nesil, please, we need you."

"I'll do it," I muttered, continuing the trek down the path as I looked through my satchel once more,"Do we have any gold left, I have a feeling the Nords will appreciate that quite a bit on my travels."

The Chief chuckled as he walked along side me, and patter my back with his free hand,"Someone's been reading their history books."

We went our separate ways after Ednar handed my a bag of one hundred and fifty gold. And my fellow Snow Elf requested I leave as soon as I could, so as too move as swiftly as possible. Before I could leave though, I put on my slightly better armour, which was a shabby light leather armour that had seen better days. I didn't want to take my good armour in case of bandits attention being caught, and I didn't want to wear anything bad for obvious reasons, so this armour was perfect. I then grabbed an iron sword that I had sharpened quickly by my sister, Dragtha, the blacksmith.

"Why are you needing this hunk of junk tended to? It's worthless," she grumbled as I placed the weapon on her grindstone.

"I need it for a quest Ednar has sent me on," I answered, while checking on her children, that were playing with her husband, Fian,"How are they all doing?"

"They are fine, I keep them away from any with the sickness, and your assistance makes sure they're fed," she sighed, finishing on my sword,"What does he have you doing that requires poor weapons and armour? Did Snaders get drunk in a Hunters Nest again and need to get a little extra scared to gain some perspective?"

Through a light chuckle, I remarked,"I wish, but since alcohol became finite, Snaders has straightened out," she raised her eyebrow, reaffirming her first question,"He wants me to get potions for the sick -"

"That's great!" Dragtha interrupted.

"- from the Atmorans," I finished.

Dragatha stood in shock for a minute, processing my words, then she nodded her head slowly asking,"Outside?"



"Uh huh!"

"Will you be safe?"

"I'll try to be."

"Oh, let me rephrase that you sarcastic bastard!" she yelled, grappling me in a bear hug,"Be safe!"

"I will," I sighed, peeling her off of me,"Send the kids and Fian my love."

"Of course," my sister nodded, wiping an escaped tear from her face, before her eyes shone with excitement,"Wait! When you come back, can you bring some new ores? I'm so tired of using only Dwarven and Iron metal in my craft."

I chuckled again, opening the door before answering,"If I can!"

The trek up to the exit of Emenisveer and into The Forgotten Pass was the only path I had not travelled in my life, but I discovered on my journey to the grand Dwarven doors that the view I got of my home was stunning. I would miss this place while I was gone, and hoped to return soon. What a foolish desire for someone walking into Skyrim proper for the first time in his life.

When I left the safety of The Forgotten Pass, I was met with - warmth? I wasn't sure, the Ruins were usually cold, and this was slightly warmer, not as hot as a forge though, thank Auri-El. I was also met with another thing, the sky, but it wasn't covered in stars, and two moons, but one sun. The sun.


I was the first Snow Elf in years to feel the sun on my face.

With that thought in my mind I walked through a forest and found a trail, that I followed uninterrupted for hours.

That was until I heard yelling and combat down the road.

I quickly dove behind a tree and looked down the hill, seeing humans fighting one another. Some were in leather, and were surrounding others that were in blue with their horses. I was about to leave, unconcerned with the affairs of humans, before I realised there was a second wave of leather wearing humans ran down the hill, straight passed me, and I knew one of them noticed me, as he locked eyes with me.

"You, who are you?" he said in an urgent tone, him saying this made some of his allies take notice of me too.

"I'm Nesilvinear," I stated, stepping out from behind the tree,"I am not involved with this battle of yours, I'm just travelling."

One of the men approached me with his sword drawn,"What's up with your skin, elf?"

"Nothing," I spat.

"Julius, watch your tone!" the man who spoke to me first ordered.

"Sorry, Hadvar," the man grumbled,"But you've got to admit, this elf looks weird, and kind of suspicious."

"How!" I exclaimed, backing up,"I'm just travelling."

"Well then," Julius said, following my steps, pointing his sword at me,"Where from, paley?"

A fury I had never felt before filled my body, this man was in a battle, but instead of that he was taking his time being an ignorant twat. I had to teach him a lesson. I drew my blade, and swiftly disarmed him, then hit upside the dead, knocking him unconscious.

That was obviously a mistake though, as another one of his allies pushed me back into the tree as Hadvar yelled,"Wait!"

Authors Note: Thanks to anyone who read this. It's just some ideas I've had floating around for a while. Enjoy.