The question hang in the air, as all eyes were on me. I could tell that while I had gained all of their respects from my actions in the dungeon, this new information had caused a bit of unrest among them, which was admittedly fair. From all of their perspectives, the Snow Elfs as we had once been had died out shortly after our war with the Atmorans and our enslavement by the Dwemer, the only remnants of our blood being in the blinded and evil Falmer, the Betrayed.

Grumbling softly under my breath, I began,"Yes, I am a Snow Elf, and there are more of my kind in the mountains West of Eastmarch which hold a forgotten Dwemer Ruin called Emenisveer. We have developed a sickness and are in need of potions and healers, so I was the first of my people to reenter Skyrim since our defeat by the Five-Hundred Companions of Ysgramor, in hopes of negotiating with the Jarl of a Hold near us to help us."

"Why were you so far south that you got caught up in our ambush?" Hadvar queried, curiosity written across him that I knew had been lingering since he first met me,"The closest Holds to those mountains are Riften and Whiterun, and you weren't near any of them."

"Do you honestly expect someone who's been living under a rock their entire life to have a map or knowledge of the world?" I snarked, earning a chorus of laughter from our group, which quickly died down, Lokir's death and the events that just transpired in Helgen still fresh in our minds.

Suddenly, echoing through the cave, we heard a scream of fury, that's voice seemed to belong to a man I thought was trapped under tons of rubble. Ralof took note of the noise and ordered,"We can play 20 questions on the road. We have to get moving, now!" Nobody refused him that, as we all began to move, the two men who promised to bury Lokir carrying his body between them,"We're on our way to Riverwood."

And so began our journey, our walk down to the town of Riverwood filled with conversation. Hadvar was the most curious to be sure, and Ralof seemed to have a passive interest too, but was hiding it to focus on leading the group, which was commendable.

The brown haired man was the first to talk again,"What was that thing you did to save Torolf? I've never seen anything like it before."

"It's the Cloak of Skyrim, something all Snow Elves have," I answered, staring at the grassy hills and blue sky in wonder as we walked,"It defends against fire and ice, and hurts those who get too close to me. I can only do it once per day, but I'm happy I used it like that."

"Agreed," Hadvar sighed, before chuckling as I started to pick flowers and other plants that I saw on our trek,"I'm guessing that living under a rock your entire life has made you curious about the outside world?"

"Well obviously, but this is also because I could use these for potions," I replied. We continued to walk in silence for a while, until I spotted a dark structure atop a mountain, that seemed to be ruins of some kind,"What's that?"

Ralof and Hadvar looked at each other for a moment, while some of the other members of our group voiced their curiosity too. "That's Bleak Falls Barrow, it's a horrible place, full of Draugur. Nasty undead creatures," Hadvar spat.

"I remember that Hadvar here used to have nightmares about one breaking into his house," Ralof chuckled.

"Weren't Draugur all members of a dragon cult of some kind?" I inquired, the link to the dark dragon at Helgen sparking a flame of curiosity within me.

"Yeah, something like that," Ralof grumbled, still leading the group down the road, glaring at the rocks and trees, seeming to dare them to be hiding wild animals that wished to attack us,"All I know is, the Barrow is a damn intimidating sight to have next to a peaceful lumber village. Hadvar wasn't the only child spooked by it. My nephews had his fair share of nightmares too."

Our trek continued in silence for a moment, with the occasional interruption of a pack of wolves, which were swiftly dispatched because of our sheer numbers. I quickly skinned the beasts, in hopes of using their fur for leather. However, once more we were interrupted on our journey by a set of three standing stones being by the side of the road. One had a carving of a man holding an axe and shield, while the others had a man in robes and a man wielding two daggers.

"Those are the Guardian Stones, three of the thirteen standing stones that dot Skyrim's landscape," Hadvar remarked, nodding his head towards me,"Go ahead, see for yourself."

Curiosity brought me closer to the stones, to further examine them, until I could get a basic understanding of them. The one with the man holding an axe seemed to symbolise being a mighty warrior, the one with the man in robes seemed to symbolise arcane knowledge and being a powerful mage, and the final one, the one with the man wielding two daggers seemed to symbolise being a cunning thief.

I couldn't tell what I should inspect closer to be honest, as I drew many skills from these stones, but I soon found myself touching the Mage's stone, a beam of bluish-white light shooting from the stone as I drew my hand back.

"Mage, eh?" Ralof grumbled, obviously confused by my choice because I was still wearing the heavy Imperial armour,"Well, to each his own."

Shrugging off his comment, I continued on my way down the hill with them. I had heard tale of Atmorans not caring for the study of magicka, so it was no surprise to me that their Nord descendants would be the same. They had no understanding that is far more difficult to train the mind to use magicka than it is to train the body to fight and carry the weight of armour.

Soon, our small group of survivors had found ourselves at the edge of a small riverside town, built behind a cobblestone wall, which I imagined to be Riverwood. By the side of the road in, their was a wooden sign post which listed some of the places further down the road, such as Markarth, Solitude, Whiterun and Windhelm. Down the road, past the walls, were many thatched wooden houses, a wood will, and a larger wooden building with sign I read as "The Sleeping Giant Inn". The whole town looked calm, peaceful, and generally like a lovely place to settle down besides the fact their was a dark looming ruin filled with undead on the mountain across the river.

As we approached, Ralof remarked,"I'm sure my sister, Gerdur, will be more than willing to give lodging to some of you guys. Maybe get you some food and drink in the Inn too?"

"My uncle runs the blacksmith here, he may have a bit of room for some of the rest of you," Hadvar added, then looked at all of us and sighed,"Some of you may have to pay for lodging in the Inn."

"I'd be fine with that," I volunteered,"Is there anywhere we can put Lokir while we rest?"

"Ummm," Ralof seemed stuck in thought for a moment, looking to Hadvar for help, only receiving a shrug in return,"I don't know."

"Would the Inn be a good place to have a neutral discussion with your families about the lodging?" I inquired,"Maybe ask if we can put Ralof somewhere safe?"

Hadvar looked at the town in front of us, the wall having just been passed, before he nodded,"Probably. I mean, Delphine runs a tight ship, but her tavern keep, Ognar, owes me a couple of favours, and knows how to get her to listen."

With that, we entered the town proper, and from my perspective, we must have looked like quite the sight. A band of both Imperials and Stormcloaks, lead by two sons of the town, and a Snow Elf of a long thought corrupt and dying race. We certainly caught the eyes of some passers by.

An old women, who was talking to her son as we walked by, screamed,"A dragon! I saw a dragon!" Before she caught sight of our group and let out a gasp,"What in the Divines?"

While Ralof went to the mill to get his sister and her husband, Hod, and Hadvar went to his Uncle Alvor - who from what I saw as I walked past, was a very burly and strong man, with an obvious skill for smithing that I could spot thanks to working with my sister from time to time - I lead the rest of our group to the inn, holding the door for them as they entered, but waited outside with the men who were carrying Lokir.

When Hadvar and Ralof arrived to the porch of the inn, they found me patting the dog that sat obediently by the door. The two families glared at one another, well, at least the couples were. Gerdur and Hod's son, Frodnar seemed to be happily chatting away with Alvor and Sigrid's daughter, Dorthe, about what I guessed was the war, as they argued about who out of Hadvar and Ralof was cooler, much to my friends amusement.

Hadvar then popped into the inn before us, then re-emerged a few minutes later with a large man and small yet stern looking blonde woman, who I assumed to be Ognar and Delphine respectively.

"Care to explain why I have half the people fighting in the civil war in my inn, and a corpse on my porch?" Delphine growled, glaring at all before her of.

"We have no clue, Delphine, Hadvar just told us to come here," Alvor shrugged, glancing worriedly towards the men holding Lokir and myself,"It seems my nephew has made some new friends."

"Very odd, dangerous friends indeed," Gerdur sneered at her brother,"What are you doing with Imperials, Ralof. Are you betraying your people?"

Knowing that soon there might be an argument, between the families and Delphine, I let out a cough to get everyone's attention and pointed towards the sky,"You may have heard some loud roars overhead a couple of minutes ago, maybe seen a dark shape in the sky?" I received a couple of nods from them all,"That was a dragon, it attacked Helgen, and we all escaped together, because I pointed out how dumb the civil war is from both perspectives. On our escape, we were attacked by a vile Imperial officer called Julius and a bunch of his men. The man who's dead, his name is Lokir, and he didn't deserve to die, or be left in those tunnels alone, to be eaten by the animals. So please, just let us have somewhere to put him, before these fine two men take him home tomorrow to lay him to rest."

Shocked by my words, Delphine loosely nodded, her mouth agape. The others present were also shocked, looking to Hadvar and Ralof expectantly, before Delphine shook herself out of it, grumbling,"There's a place I can put Lokir for now, although it's private, so I'll have Lokir help me put him there. As for the soldiers, I can have a few of them here, but they'll need other places to stay," to which Alvor and Gerdur nodded along, willing to help people out. Delphine then turned to me, Ralof and Hadvar, before adding,"And I think everyone wants to know more about what's going on here."

"By the Nine that was a lot," Hod grumbled, nursing his third ale of the night in a state of shock, along with everyone else in the inn, which was basically the entire town. Ralof and Hadvar had spent the past few hours explaining our story to their fellows, while I sat and appreciated the first drop of alcohol I'd had in years. Most of the other survivors had joined in with the story, filling in details others had missed, but I stayed quiet, constantly glancing at the room where Delphine had put Lokir, which she was now standing blocking, while she too listened intently.

"Yeah, it is a lot, but I want to know who your friend who saved you is," Alvor called out, looking over at me expectantly,"In all my years, I've never heard of an Elf of any kind caring about the lives of Nords and Imperials, or speak of respect and fairness in a way that isn't corrupt in their own favour. If you truly saved all of these peoples lives, including my own nephew, I want to know, who are you?"

Turning around to look at him, I noticed the entire crowd staring at me, I replied,"I'm Nesilvineer, my sister calls me Nesil, but I prefer Vin." Nobody seemed satisfied with my answer, so I added,"I was just a guy in the wrong place, at the wrong time, who's trying to do the right thing."

"But where are you from?" a Bosmer named Faendal called to me. As he asked his question, I noticed that a Nord man, called Sven, chuckled for some reason and started leering at an Imperial woman called Camilla.

Ignoring whatever battle of affection was happening between those two men, I answered,"I'm from the mountains South East of here. My people and I live in a long forgotten Dwemer ruin to protect ourselves," I paused for a moment, wondering if I should tell these people what I truly was and what my quest is, until I realised that they would probably find out anyway if I would be asking their Jarl for help,"We're Snow Elves you see, perhaps the last of our kind, and people back home have developed a sickness, and I was sent out as our greatest warrior to seek out a noble Jarl to help my people get medicine."

"If you're seeking a noble Jarl, there is no nobler a Jarl, nay, no nobler a man in Skyrim than the Jarl of this Hold, Jarl Balgruff the Greater," Alvor continued,"You could also go to his city of Whiterun to ask him for more defence against this dragon threat."

As I nodded my agreement, Ognar added,"I thought Balgruff didn't take kindly to Elves?"

Gerdur shook her head,"No, it's the Dominion he doesn't like," she sighed,"And too right, he fought alongside many other sons and daughters of Skyrim in the war, and what did he get for it, what did any of us get for it?"

"That's not the topic at hand, Gerdur," Ralof sighed, taking a swig of ale with Hadvar after their rest from talking,"We all need rest. Some of us will be staying here in Riverwood permanently, while others are leaving either for home, or a greater purpose tomorrow. Whatever the case, we all need sleep for the days to come. I fear dark days are coming to Skyrim."

"Not exactly a new concept," Hadvar and I crowed, clinking our tankards together as we had our final drinks.

Soon, everyone went back to their homes and rooms, even my friends, leaving me at my table, warming myself by the fire as I thought of my travels, my home, and my people. After a while, I walked over to the tavern counter where Delphine was now working instead of Ognar and placed down a few Septims for my room, food and drink.

"Not needed," Delphine smirked, pushing my coins halfway pack to me,"as long as you tell me a bit more about that dragon. Like what it looked like?"

This was an opportunity to haggle to see Lokir and make sure he was being treated properly and respectfully wherever this woman put him, so I leaned over and whispered,"I'm pretty good at drawing. You let me check up on Lokir, and I'll draw you a picture."

Delphine glanced from me, over to the room Lokir was in, before sliding my money the rest of the way across the table,"Your words will do just fine."

Despite my best efforts, I got no sleep that evening, and awoke far to early to travel the roads. So, I looked around the town and helped people out with their day to day tasks. I first helped Ralof and his sisters family at the mill, cutting lumber and wood, even being allowed to keep some logs. Then I helped Alvor in the forge, even being given some tips on how to make some decent weapons and armour, and full access to some of his ingots. Needless to say, I sold most of my odds and end like spare weapons and armour pieces from Helgen, then made myself some fine steel armour, with a sword, shield and arrows. Finally, I caught Sven and Faendal both trying to trick Camilla into hating the other by using fake letters, so I gave them both a right good telling off, and made them promise to behave or I'd tell their love what they'd done.

By that point, it was almost time for myself and the duo taking Lokir back home to Rorikstead to leave on a cart the people of Riverwood had hired for us, but before I left I wanted to check out the Riverwood Trader, where Camilla and her older brother, Lucan Valerius worked. As I entered, Lucan seemed to be jittery and frustrated, which wasn't new from what I had seen from him the night before.

Lucan seemed to be arguing with his sister about something being stolen, and wanting it to be returned, while Camilla seemed to want to get it herself, much to her brothers dismay. They then noticed me, and Lucan quickly put on a cheery facade as I approached his counter,"Oh," he cleared his throat,"a customer. Sorry you had to hear that."

"Yeah, I was just looking to sell some wares before I left," I awkwardly mumbled as I looked between the siblings,"Is everything okay? I could help out once I'm back from Whiterun."

"Oh! That would be wonderful," Lucan cried,"When do you think that would be?"

"Honestly?" I queried,"No idea. I think at most a week or two, as I was told Whiterun was close, but I will be negotiating a trade deal."

Camilla stepped forwards,"That seems fair. We can wait that long, right, Lucan?"

Her brother simply nodded before saying,"Yes, we did have a bit of... break-in. But we still have plenty to sell. Robbers were only after one thing. An ornament, solid gold. In the shape of a dragons claw."

Once more, Camilla spoke up,"I think they went up to Bleak Falls Barrow. I can show you the way up if you like?"

"Perhaps that is for when I return, for now, may I check if you have any spells on you?" I diverted,"I already know quite a few, I just wanted to check if you have any Alteration Conjuration, Destruction or Restoration spell that I don't."

We then spent the next few minutes haggling prices until I got what I needed and he got some of the iron pieces Alvor had me make earlier. By that time, the guys had loaded Lokir onto the cart, and some of the others were getting ready to walk along with it, so I met up with them all.

Ralof and Hadvar were with them when I arrived, still wearing their uniforms, but, much like our other allies, they had no intention of going back to either side of the civil war. On my approach, Ralof spotted me and waved me over to them,"Vin! Come on man, they don't have all day!"

"Shut it, you," I playfully grumbled. Once I was standing before them, I reached out to shake their hands,"It's been an honour."

"The honour's been ours," Hadvar smirked, pulling me into a tight hug. Not wanting to be left out, Ralof too pulled me into a bear hug, lifting me of the ground for a moment from how powerful his hold was.

"What will you guys do now?" I queried,"You two don't seem like the kind to stop fighting because you've started questioning your cause, even after a dragon attack. You definitely don't strike me as the type to settle down in a place like this. It's too quiet."

"Well, I don't know about the old bed wetter here," Ralof chuckled, nudging Hadvar on the shoulder, much to the other mans annoyance,"But I've found a new calling."

Hadvar then nodded along,"Yeah, I have too."

"That's great!" I cried, spotting some of the men being fully packed to go,"What is it?"

Both of them looked at each other, as if asking who should speak, before Hadvar spoke up,"Well, we were thinking, once things settle down a bit, maybe after a couple of weeks, we'd help you."

"With what?" I questioned, looking between them in confusion.

"With whatever you need," Ralof answered, before grabbing me by the shoulder,"Every person who was at Helgen knows that not nearly as many people would have survived the ordeal without your interference. As far as we are concerned, you're a nobler man than most, and we'd follow you to the ends of the world. Whether that be by helping you with your people, or following you on quests, or even fighting one of those dragons. We'll be there with."

At that moment, one of the widest smiles I'd ever worn crossed my face, and I was truly at a loss for words. I soon found myself once more wrapped up in another bear hug by the two men, my new friends, before I was climbing on top of the cart, staring at Hadvar, Ralof and the town of Riverwood with fascination as my group of allies (all now dressed in freshly bought armour) and I marched across Skyrim, some of us heading home, some to bury a friend, and others to Whiterun, seeking help and giving warnings of the threat of dragons.

One thing I have to admit about the surface of Skyrim, it was far more beautiful and full of life than any tunnel I had walked in. The mountains, rivers and hillsides of Whiterun Hold were a stunning sight for a man with my history, and don't get me started on the trees, they were marvellous.

Another thing I have to admit about Skyrim, everything wants to kill you.

Within the confines of my trip from Riverwood to the outskirts of Whiterun, my group and had been attacked by a small wolf pack, questioned by a group of Imperial soldiers who thought we were a large group of bandits, and then actually attacked by bandits, who had a good number of septims and other goods on them. That's not even mentioning the bear that I had to fight when we somehow took a wrong turn.

By the time I had gotten to a place called Honningbrew Meadery, my allies and I had grown tired despite the fact we'd only been travelling for a couple of hours, a few of them saying they were going to rest inside for a while before entering Whiterun proper, while the rest of us pushed on. I had by that point taken to walking to allow for my friends to take a rest on the cart, also allowing for me to able to jump into action quickly if there was danger.

Soon we found ourselves outside of Pelagia Farms, where just by the fields I saw a large giant fighting three heavily skilled warriors. I quickly ran over to the group, my sword raised and shield at hand, before I slid over the ground to slash through the giants ankle. The warriors didn't seem fazed by my presence or assistance, as one of the continued to shoot arrows at her enemy, while the other two, a man and a woman, both continued stabbing it with me.

Needless to say, the creature was soon no more, and the woman who had been fighting up close began to loot its corpse, while looking nervously at her peers, as if looking for their approval. The man, who had shoulder length black hair and very kind eyes walked over to help her while giving some great pointers on her footwork that I made sure to pay attention to, but the woman with the bow approached me, red hair framing her war paint covered face, her seemingly permanent scowl terrifying enough to almost offset her beauty.

"That was quite a fight. Thanks for the help," the woman cheered, smriking slightly before adding,"If you fight like that, you should join the Companions, up in Jorrvaskr."

All the blood in my body seemed to drain out and boil at the same time, shock and rage confusing my body and mind. The Companions, they couldn't be the same as the Five-Hundred Companions of Ysgramor, could they? I can't of helped the descendants of the people who committed a genocide against my people!

"The Companions?" I croaked out, my breath shaken from how much anger I was holding back,"Like the Five-Hundred?"

"Well yes," the woman cried proudly,"We may not be as vast in numbers, but we are the same group."

Instinctively, my fist clenched, years of bitterness and anger almost culminating in me punching a woman who had done nothing wrong, until the dark haired man called out,"Aela, we have to get back, Rai and I have the goods."

Instantly I calmed myself, as Aela began to follow her fellows,"Alright Farkas!" she replied, before turning back to me and saying,"I hope to see you joining up, you seem strong."

And just like that, they were gone.

My allies didn't say anything as I walked back over to them, they had heard what had happened, and could see how angry I was. We all simply continued on our way to the city, passing by the stables, and a Khajiit caravan, walking in silence once we bid farewell to our friends in the cart who were going to continue on to Rorikstead.

In my anger, I didn't stare in wonder at the walls of Whiterun, or think about its strategic positioning. Instead, I glared at the work of Nords, of Atmorans, people who were rewarded for their atrocities towards my people. I marched up to the gates with my friends, taking notice of the guards wearing yellow armour with a wooden shield with the crest of a horses head flanking either side of the entrance to the city.

"Halt!" one of the guards called out after stepping towards me,"Cities closed with the dragons about. Official business only."

"I have business with the Jarl!" I spat, attempting to walk passed the guard, but being blocked by him as he put his shield in front of my path. Sighing, I added,"Not only do I have news from Helgen, me and my friends have been sent to call for aid by the town of Riverwood. I myself have other political matters to talk to Jarl Balgruuf about, so please allow us to pass."

"Fine, you best go speak to the Jarl up in Dragonsreach," the guard grumbled, nodding to his associate to open the gate,"But we'll be keeping an eye on you."

"Lovely," I replied, walking into the city of Whiterun.

It was a beautiful city, its cobbled walls having surrounded it in hopes of protection from invaders, but having allowed the wild to burrow its way into the street. The lovely houses were all built in what I assumed to be the traditional Nordic style, with the yellow of Whiterun's crest being ever present, along with the flowers, trees and bushes that lined the houses.

I, however, couldn't appreciate the beauty of this place, as I now knew of its affiliation with the spilt blood of my people. The people around all seemed happy, children running through the streets playing games, adults going about their day, doing business, or simply walking through town. They all seemed unaware of what their happiness was built on.

As a group, we walked through the streets, most of the men heading to the taverns for lodging and some others going to Dragonsreach, the keep of Whiterun, and home of Yarl Balgruuf the Greater, most likely to ask the Jarl for jobs in the town, probably to become guards. I on the other hand, strolled slowly, wanting to soothe my anger before continuing on my quest. It would be best I was not glaring at the man who I hoped to help me while I spoke with him.

Almost the moment I entered the city, just as my friends were making their way about their business, I walked past a blond Nord man in Imperial armour and an Imperial woman in blacksmiths clothes. The Nord seemed to be stubbornly demanding that a large order for the Legion be met by the woman alone, and she was having none of it, claiming the man should ask a man called Eorlund Gray-Mane to assist her get the work done. The Nord seemed offended by that request, declaring he'd sooner kneel before Ulfric Stormcloak, adding that Eorlund wouldn't help the Legion anyway.

Stubbornness. Pride. Hatred.

All Atmoran specialities, a talent handed down the generations like a family heirloom, or sacred relic. This man, despite his obvious allegiance to the Empire, a dwindling position of power in this world, was displaying these facets of Nordhood that Ulfric Stormcloak and his rebellion inspired, what Ysgramor inspired. He would throw logic to the wind. It irritated me so much, and it must have showed, because the man intercepted my path.

"Gray-Mane or Battle-Born?" the man growled, his arms crossed and his brow furrowed.

"What?" I grumbled back in return,"Who even are you?"

"The names Idolaf. Idolaf Battle-Born," the Nord declared proudly,"And you must have stones in your ears, because I asked you what side you're on, Gray-Mane or Battle-Born?"

With a shake of my head, and taking a strong bite into my cheek, I mumbled,"I don't know what you're asking."

Taking a step to leave this man, he took another step towards me and added,"New in town, huh?" to which I nodded, hoping against all hope that this conversation would end. It did not. "Whiterun's got two clans, both old and both respected. Difference is, the Gray-Manes turned their backs on the Empire and we Battle-Borns stayed loyal. So I'll ask again, Gray-Mane or Battle-Born?"

"Neither," I growled, before marching past him. When he looked like he was about to say something again, probably hoping to change my mind for some bizarre reason, I barked back at him,"Ever!" a timber and power in my voice I had never felt before, but seemed to convince him to leave me be.

Progressing through Whitrun, I made it to the main square, where all the market stalls, businesses and the preferred tavern in town, the Bannered Mare, were situated. People were all racing about, buying food and other household items, while guards kept watch dotted across the area, and another blond man, with a far softer face smiled warmly at me as he rested against the wall of a building which sign read, Belethor's General Goods.

On my way, he waved me over with a kind smile, as he called out,"Well met, traveller," I walked over to him, my eyebrow raised, my anger from the past few minutes dwindling slightly at the mans calming presence,"What brings you to Whiterun?"

"Well, I came looking for help," I murmured, scratching my head awkwardly as I gazed across the town before me. These people were not all Nords, by Auri-El, most look to have never wielded a blade, they had not done me nor my people wrong. And while I still intended to bare my metaphorical fangs at the Companions, I knew little of their history since their forefathers defeated mine, I knew not if they grew kinder and more open minded in these years, or if they were still the beasts they once were. I looked back at the Nord and smirked,"But I guess I'll be staying here for a while, might as well help out where I can in the mean time."

"Truly? Ha!" the man exclaimed joyously,"The name's Jon Battle-Born, and you have no idea how happy hearing that makes me. This city has been needing more people with an attitude like yours."

"I agree," I sighed, shaking the Battle-Born's hand,"I'm Vin by the way. It's nice to meet you."

"And you too, my friend," he agreed, before gazing over my shoulder to stare at a young woman with white hair, one could call it a grey mane even, beginning to walk past me,"I believe we both have business to attend to."

Promptly after that encounter, I walked up the street, to the second tier of the city, where houses, a Temple of Kynareth, a dead tree, and a large Nord Hall I would later learn was Jorrvaskr, the home of the Companions, all lived. I didn't pay much mind to this, instead walking past a large shrine of Talos, with an annoying man named Heimskr praised the god, on my way to Dragonsreach, which I saw stabbing at the sky from high atop the city.

Soon, I was marching towards the doors of the palace, noticing guards keeping track of me the moment I stepped past the bridge, entering the halls of Dragonsreach.

I would soon be attending to business. I would be meeting a man who would later become one of my greatest allies, and a good friend. Jarl Balgruuf the Greater.

Authors Note: This chapter was laying the ground works for what's coming. Enjoy.