The Invitation

This story is inspired by the 2022 film "The Invitation".

Plot: Isabella Swan a struggling college student wrestles with a shit hospitality job, poor relationships and not knowing what she wants to do in life. Her father died early and her mother passed away recently. A new DNA company reveals long lost family with ties to rich Italy, hesitant, Bella reluctantly agrees to meet them and her world is forever changed.

Chapter 4: Desire

Sulpicia stood at her window in the dead of night, all pretext aside the glass she held contained blood from one of the servants that Felix had acquired. Behind her, Athenodora and Didyme lay in their bed, the latter breathing heavily having been the subject of both her and Athenodora's attention. Athenodora herself was then tired out by Sulpicia and was resting herself. She swirled her glass of blood, savouring it like fine wine by smelling it before sipping it and allowing it to remain on her tongue for moments. Despite how vital blood was for her system the lingering taste of Bella's lips remained, she really was the perfect fit.

"What are you thinking about my love?" Athenodora asked, slipping into a nightgown and approaching Sulpicia, wrapping her arms around Sulpicia's waist and resting her head on her left shoulder.

"Our newest member of course, her childish innocence is… refreshing."

"The bachelorette party is today, surely you can just disregard pretext and join us. I saw Jane sent out the invitations. One month is a long time, are you sure you can convince her to remain here for that duration?" Athenodora asked.

"Unfortunately, I have to deal with a potential new-born army on the rise. Demetri will be arriving with the full report in a few hours. Remember my orders," Sulpicia warned and Athenodora rolled her eyes.

"Don't worry, I won't traumatise the poor girl… yet," Athenodora replied, she then circled Sulpicia to stand in front of her.

"See that you don't, you're the last of the originals. We've had to change the stories many times to hide our true origins."

"I know my love… to have people think I'm Scandinavian instead of Amazonian, I hate it. But you are right in that we are safer if our true origins aren't known to anyone outside the Volturi," Athenodora relented.

She took the glass from Sulpicia's hand gently and drinking a sip before handing it back, Sulpicia eyed Athenodora's movements keenly. The woman then shed the gown again and made a show of dropping to her knees in front of Sulpicia, it seems she still had energy for more. Sulpicia would make sure to wear her out properly, her free had grasped onto Athenodora's dark hair as she felt her mouth go to work on her neather region.

"Whoa Bella slow down!" Angela had called in what would be considered the morning, Bella looked at the paint ruined dress and panicked when she woke up. But she slowly detailed everything about the night before, from what happened with Sulpicia to the dancing with Athenodora and Didyme.

"All three of them are… beyond words Ang," Bella said sprawled out on her bed.

"And you told Sulpicia about…" Angela trailed off, Bella hugged one of the many pillows on the bed.

"I know! I've known her for like! A DAY!" Bella groaned into the pillow.

"Wow girl, you got it bad. But also like… when in Rome," Angela trailed off.

"What, NO! Ang I am not going to sleep with all three of them!" Bella shrieked.

"Look Bells! God knows you need to get laid. You've been the happiest I've ever seen you since Leah happened, so why not? You're on an all-expenses paid vacation, there is a Italian goddess, a… Scandinavian? Goddess and whatever the blonde small one is, all interested it you. For god's sake, or even for my sake, pick one, and fuck already!" Angela broke out in laughter, just then there was a knock on the door and Bella squealed.

"Are you alright Miss?" Heidi's head popped in.

"Oh, yeah I'm fine. What's up?" Bella asked, embarrassed and hoping that Heidi didn't hear anything.

"Athenodora and Didyme are on the way up, they're collecting you for the bachelorette party," Heidi informed.

"Bachelorette party say what?" Bella said confused.

"Surely you know what a bachelorette party is Bella," Athenodora came walking in with a smirk on her face, Didyme following her closely. Both girls were in bath robes.

"Why am I coming though?" Bella asked still confused. Athenodora and Didyme shared a look before Athenodora spoke.

"Because we thought it would be fun, besides the other ladies will be there as well," Didyme said coming over and grabbing a robe from Heidi who had it ready and with strength that surprised Bella, pulled her off the bed and ushered her to the bathroom. Athenodora then picked up Bella's phone which still had Angela on facetime.

"Oh… Hello, I'm Angela," Angela stammered being awestruck and surprised by Athenodora popping up.

"Bella's getting ready, don't you worry we'll take good care of her," Athenodora winked before hanging up.

Moments later, Bella came out in her robes though it was clear she had a bikini on underneath. Athenodora frowned for the briefest moment but then smile, she took one of Bella's hands in her own and began to lead her out the room and through the castle, Didyme scurried to keep up and hold Bella's free hand while taking animatedly in some gibberish that Bella couldn't comprehend.

"Didyme, love, when you get excited you turn back to speaking Romanian, English for the poor girl," Athenodora chided, Didyme looked like a chastised child but nodded.

"Sorry Bella, but I'm just so excited for you to join us!" Didyme apologised, Bella just laughed and placed her hands on Didyme shoulders looking down at her with a smile.

"Don't worry about it, and don't apologise for your excitement. I'm happy to be here with you," Bella said, Didyme started to purr under her words and touch.

"Alright, let's not keep the others waiting. Come on you two," Athenodora sighed before pulling them through the next dungeon-like hallway and into a room full of steam.

"What… is that?"

"You act like you've never seen a spa," Athenodora commented.

"I've seen a spa before, but this, it's like a freaking pool," Bella replied.

"Get used to it, we come here almost every second day its… one of the most pleasurable places to be," Athenodora purred and Bella shivered before she noticed a small gathering of girls all in robes getting a manicure.

"Ladies, this is Isabella," Athenodora said, a collection of "Hello's" echoed from the group of girls.

"Here Bella, have a seat," Didyme said directing Bella to sit down before taking the seat next to her, they put their hands out and the beauticians immediately went to work on their nails. Behind them, Athenodora had dropped her gown and descended into the warm waters completely nude. Bella saw it in the corner of her eyes and was doing everything to not look.

"So, what was life like growing up?" Didyme asked.

"Uh… well it wasn't easy but certainly could have been worse. My Dad, Charlie, died when I was about 7. He was a policeman after being an army veteran, he died during a shootout. My mum, Renee, remarried to my stepdad Phil, and for 10 years it was good before he cheated on her with his secretary, cliché right? So he left her for his secretary. A few years ago Mum got cancer and she died a year ago. Growing up was tough for sure but Mum made sure I had everything I needed and she supported my pursuit of art at school."

"I've seen your artwork, it's beautiful, you're talented," Didyme said.

"Alice knows something about art, don't you?" she added, a girl a few seats down's head snapped over at being mentioned.

"Oh! Um! Yes! Hi, wow, I'm Alice! Jasper's wife," she stammered, for Bella it took a few moments but she recognized her as Mary-Alice Brandon one of the newest upcoming artists on the scene.

"I've studied a few of your pieces in classes, I would love to have some time to pick your brain about your creative process," Bella said smiling warmly.

"I'm sure Alice would be thrilled to spend some time with you," Athenodora's voice broke in from the pool.

"Yes! Quite right, I would be happy to do that for you Isabella," Alice squeaked out.

Pain, her body ached all over. She blacked out again, all she remembered was seeing a picture of her love and then blacking out. What the hell happened.

"She's waking," a voice said from somewhere in the room.

When the room came into focus, Leah was staring at the roof of the Denali household, she looked around to see that the living room had been destroyed but the faces of the Denali sisters were concerned, mostly. Irina looked downright furious, then she noticed Seth with a sling on his arm and bandage around his chest.

"What happened?" Leah croaked.

"You saw a pic of Bella and the announced wedding, wolfed out, destroyed the living room and Kate had to electrocute you until you passed out. Seth tried to stop you and calm you down so he shifted, you broke his arm and left a bite mark on his side that'll take a week to heal even with the increased healing factor. Irina is furious but understands the situation from Seth's perspective," Tanya calmly explained.

"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. The elders have gathered and Sam has been interrogated about keeping you from what your wolf may believe to be your imprint," Seth explained casually.

"This is a problem certainly," Eleazar sighed, he had moved to protect Carmen when Leah wolfed out and now everything had calmed down hours later.

"Seth, I'm so sorry," Leah apologised, feeling terrible for hurting her brother.

"Don't worry about it, Irina, the sadist she is. Was absolutely thrilled to be playing nurse for me," Seth grinned up at the blonde who would be bright red if vampires could blush.

"Thank god their room is sound proof," Kate grumbled.

"So what should we do about this situation?" Tanya asked.

"I need to go to Volterra and get Bella back," Leah stated, silence followed.

"Leah, you need to understand the situation you are trying to propose. Sulpicia wouldn't have announced this if she wasn't 100% sure that Bella belonged to her the same way Athenodora and Didyme do. You see, even amongst our kind she is unique as are many of the guard, myself included. She has the gift to look into the soul of any given person by simply meeting their eye, she can see the souls entire history, their current life, their past life, everything. She unlocks their potential and then Athenodora weaponizes it for the betterment of their coven. You are talking about going into a vampire stronghold, for someone who may not be 100% yours to claim. Think about it carefully," Eleazar warned.

"I know how I feel, I have to see her, face to face," Leah replied.

"Tanya, as coven leader it's your call. I can get us in, but, if we are to do this we could very well end up facing a death sentence," Eleazar sighed.

"Perhaps I can be of service," a voice called out from the doorway, the Denali family turned to see a red-haired woman standing there, they frowned having not sensed her on their land.

"Who are you?" Tanya asked, baring her teeth at the woman.

"Peace, I come in peace. My name is Victoria, I'm reaching out to both you and the Quileute tribe on behalf of our small organisation. We are a group of supernatural's who intend to protest the Volturi family's rules on our world. We have an informant on the inside who can help get you in," Victoria stated.

"What's in it for you?" Tanya narrowed her eyes at Victoria.

"Justice, and your friend will get her… imprint is it?" Victoria gestured towards Leah.

"To boldly protest the Volturi family's rule, you must have some powerful individuals backing you. Are you 100% certain you can do as you claim?" Tanya asked.

"Absolutely, all we require to finish our plans is someone who is intimately familiar with the castle's layout," Victoria was looking at Eleazar.

"Before we decide on… whatever it is you're offering, we'd like to meet the ones in charge," Tanya said.

"Very well," Victoria cocked her head to the side as if listening to something. Before she nodded and spoke again.

"They will meet you in two days, in the place where the two rivers embrace," Victoria said, then she did something that surprised everyone, she disappeared in the blink of an eye leaving behind a letter detailing the river.

"So why do you so often help the help when they're here to serve?" Athenodora asked, she had been lazing around in the spa while the others got their nails done.

"Because I am them, I know their struggle. To have to spend hours catering to the whims of others and be ridiculed for it," Bella replied.

"That is the way of the world, the weak serve the strong. Even those who don't have much can become strong if they know the secrets to cripple the weak," Athenodora grumbled, Bella half turned ignoring the fact that Athenodora was showing every delicious curve off.

"I don't believe that, I believe that if you work hard and stay determined you'll make it one day," Bella replied.

"You and Sulpicia seem to be getting awfully close," Athenodora commented.

"We're just getting to know one another," Bella replied.

"No need to play coy honey, though I'm curious. What has she told you about us?"

"Nothing quite yet, though I haven't asked."

"I'm sure she'll fill you in at the right time," Didyme cut in.

"How well can you really know someone if you don't know their past," Athenodora said lazily, floating on her back in the pool not even bothered by the fact she was nude.

"I think you should take people as they are, people change, without any notice sometimes. No point digging up skeletons," Bella seemed to have a faraway look, as if remembering something which had Didyme and Athenodora sharing a look while Didyme frowned at Athenodora.

"I call bullshit, nobody has that much virtue. Given the opportunity we'd all snoop. Read their journals, emails, letters, texts, even eavesdrop on a conversation. Can't help it, it's in our nature."

"I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree," Bella sighed.

"Please, you've got secrets, everyone has secrets Bella. It's how you use yours and how you use others against them that will pull you ahead. For example, your cousin Edward oh so fortunately plucked you out of your small apartment and mundane life and brought you here to us and you will never have to lift a finger again in your life. The Cullen's will take care of you from now on as will my family, Didyme's and Sulpicia's."

"I don't need your money or your damn connections, I hold no secrets and I don't need to use others against them," Bella responded heatedly.

"So why haven't you tried getting into the library yet? It's full of Sulpicia's secrets," Athenodora replied.

"Fuck you, and your secrets," Bella stood up abruptly and stormed off.

"Bella! She didn't mean it!" Didyme went to go after Bella but Athenodora held her back.

"I'm just teasing you honey, lighten up. You'll come to love me."

"You can't help but rile her up can you!" Didyme growled at Athenodora, the ladies around them going eerily silent.

"You know as well as I do that it's required. When she becomes one of us, her blood will awaken as did yours. She needs to control her emotions now before the change," Athenodora sighed.

"Fucking bullshit secrets, fuck you Athena and your sexy fucking FUCK!" Bella said in frustration. She was in the entryway again, strangely enough she hadn't passed any of the staff. That's when she saw it, the Library door.

She stormed over to the Library and tried to open the door, it didn't budge. Locked completely, she looked at the lock and started scanning to see if there was a way in. Her hand pressed against the side wall and almost immediately a hidden compartment shot out showing her a key. She took the key and tried it in the keyhole, hearing the click of the lock she turned the handle and went in.

The library looked like any other, rows and rows of books organised by category, genre, even time period. However, there was a desk in the centre with a throne-like chair much similar to the one Sulpicia had posed on. On the desk were stacks of paper, but the one on the top showed a picture of her, her profile and her entire history.

"What the fuck?" Bella gasped in disbelief as she looked at the pages about her life.

"Secrets… what the fuck, no, fuck this, I knew this was to good to be true. Fuck, I'm out," Bella said taking her file with her as she stormed towards her room.

"Are you alright Miss?" Heidi asked in concern.

"Where's my bags, I'm done with this place," Bella growled.

"I'll go grab them for you," Heidi replied.

Heidi did go and grab Bella's bags, but she also informed Sulpicia of what was occurring. Sulpicia was absolutely furious, she was down in the spa room in a flash with Athenodora's up against a wall creating cracks in it.

"I gave you one, order, ONE," Sulpicia roared.

"Is Bella upset? She'll calm down," Athenodora replied.

"Upset! Heidi informed me she is intent on leaving. YOU know she has to be willing or all of this goes to shit. Do you have any idea what you've put in jeopardy!"

"Of course I'm bloody aware! I was there when the pacts were made, when we bound ourselves to you. You may not like my methods, my love. But they are necessary, especially when she is as dangerous as what she will become," Athenodora bit back. Sulpicia released her and let out a frustrated growl before composing herself.

"I am going to try and calm her down and persuade her to stay. You will apologise to her later," Sulpicia checked herself before heading out.

"She'll thank me for it later!" Athenodora called after her.

Sulpicia hadn't felt fear for a long time, Heidi was standing outside of her door. She had been in the middle of a debriefing from Demetri when Heidi had interrupted them and while she would have been upset with Heidi, when Heidi told her Bella had demanded her bags and was intent on leaving. Well, Demetri was put on hold.

When she approached Bella's room, she could hear the girl packing. Sulpicia opened the door and entered, Bella was still in her robe but was packing.

"Bella, are you okay?"

"I'm leaving," Bella said.

"Whatever Athenodora said, ignore it mia Bella. I'll speak with her."

"You know, you're so full of shit. You already knew everything about me before I came here, was this just some game to you?" Bella shouted, shoving the pages into her hand. Sulpicia looked down and realised Bella's source of anger.

"Okay, I can explain this," Sulpicia said.

"Explain what? That you were stalking me? That you already know everything about my life, my grades, my education, my hospital reports? Fuck you!"

"That's a bit of a stretch."

"You have a file on your desk with my name on it Sulpicia!"

"If you'd let me explain –"

"You know what, I knew this was too good to be true. The evidence is right there."

"Evidence of what?"

"Was it all planned? The art studio? Everything is there in front of you in black and white. My mum's name, where I grew up, my primary school, high school. You knew everything already!"

"Mia Bella don't jump to conclusions."

"Do you always vet people who come here? Or is that something that is only done for people like me? Struggling to make ends meet, would do almost anything to change my life even come on a trip to…"

"Bella it's not what you think, look around. You don't know what it's like to potentially have people use you. I'm fucking royalty, I asked Edward to send me some information about you before I allow you to stay in my home. I was protecting myself, I had to know if there was any risk of…"

"Risk of what, me taking advantage of you? Like I would stoop to the level that you… elites do."

"Bella, look at me," Sulpicia took both of Bella's hands in her own and put herself between Bella's clothes and her bag.

"I was being honest with you last night, and yes Edward gave me some information. When Edward asked if he could invite his long-lost cousin to the wedding, I asked if he could send some information over on you to make sure that you weren't… an opportunist. But you're a smart girl, think about why he would have done that, look around you. Yes, I admit I was curious when he wanted to invite you but I wanted to get to know you for who you are. Not what's on a few pieces of paper. You're smart, you're beautiful, you're strong and talented. How could I not want to get to know you. The real you, not some dot points on a piece of paper. And yes I am guilty of being enamoured by the woman in front of me," Sulpicia reached up and placed a hand gently against Bella's cheek.

"You should have just asked me," Bella mumbled.

"I know and… I'm sorry, I made a mistake. It's just, I'm not… I'm not used to this. I just… didn't expect you to be you," Sulpicia murmured.

"I didn't expect you either." The two of them stood together like that for a few moments before Sulpicia's lips turned into a slight smile.

"Did we just have our first fight?"

"Don't be coy," Bella shook her head but smiled.

"Do you think you're the only one scared of getting hurt?"

"Please, nothing frightens you. Not with Felix around."

"When I saw you packing your things… that scared me Bella, you scare me Bella, you're more special than you could ever imagine and the thought of you leaving scares me. Please don't run away," Sulpicia hands clasped both sides of Bella's face tenderly.

"Okay… No more secrets though."

Sulpicia closed the distance between the two of them, their lips meeting and sending sparks and electricity through Bella's body all the way down to her lower region. Their lips fought for dominance but Bella conceded to Sulpicia easily, the blonde's tongue exploring her mouth. When they broke for a breath Sulpicia took a step back licking her lips, her hands slowly moved up her body and Bella watched transfixed as Sulpicia's fingers loosened the straps on her dress and then dropped it to the ground leaving her in a set of black lace lingerie and thong. Bella felt her heart stop for a few moments as she drunk the sight in, Sulpicia didn't stop there though, she then reached behind her and unclipped her bra letting it drop and revealing Sulpicia's ample bosom to Bella's eyes. She then follow it up by slowly bending and shimmying out of her g-string. Sulpicia approached slowly, her hips swaying as she approached Bella who was speechless.

"Wow…" Bella breathed.

"I believe that should be my line," Sulpicia purred, her hands moved to Bella's hips, still covered in her robe and in a move that caused Bella to squeal she picked Bella up and Bella's legs automatically locked around Sulpicia's waist and her arms around Sulpicia's head unintentionally holding Sulpicia to her own breasts.

Sulpicia took Bella's right nipple into her mouth, sucking on it and giving it a little bite as her hands held onto Bella's rear and she kept Bella's weight supporting. Bella groaned as pleasure shot through her and she could feel her erection trapped between their bodies something which Sulpicia delighted in feeling. Sulpicia then kissed her way to Bella's other breast and repeated the same treatment. Bella felt Sulpicia walked and then she yelped as she found herself dropped onto the bed, Sulpicia chuckled and Bella blushed her robe half open.

"You are so beautiful, mia Bella," Sulpicia crawled onto the bed on all fours like an animal stalking its prey, she continued until her face was above Bella's own.

Sulpicia leant down and kissed a path from Bella's collarbone down to between her breasts before travelling further south, stomach, naval before reaching Bella's very prominent erection. Bella, breathing heavily looked as Sulpicia made direct eye contact before opened her mouth and completely devouring her cock. Her back arched against the bed pushing her hips up against her will as she felt her cock enveloped in a cold wetness. Sulpicia herself relished the taste of Bella's member, inhaling deeply as she took it deeper into her mouth. Once it was all inside, she used her tongue to lick the underside while she pulled herself up the shaft before shaving it back down into her throat.

"Oh fuck!" Bella gasped, a sound that Sulpicia loved even as Bella's hips shot up unexpectedly, if it wasn't for the fact Sulpicia had no gag reflex or that she wasn't human, she may have taken too much.

Sulpicia merely moaned as she continued to bob her head up and down Bella's shaft, while Athenodora and Didyme tasted delicious, this was an entirely different taste altogether and she wouldn't lie, she could find herself quickly becoming addicted. Feeling Bella's reaction, she quickened her pace very purposefully leaving saliva all over Bella's shaft making it nice and slick.

"Fuck! Cia! I'm gonna – " Bella warned, Sulpicia continued to stroke but kept her lips at Bella's tip while sucking as she felt Bella's balls contract before it shot out her cum directly into Sulpicia's hungry mouth, to which she swallowed everything Bella expelled. The girl in question fisted the sheets letting out a loud moan as she came.

"Holy shit…" Bella moaned, she was still painfully hard despite having just orgasmed right into Sulpicia's mouth.

"Mhmm you are delicious Mia Bella," Sulpicia purred, licking her lips causing Bella's cock to twitch.

"That was… wow! Let me return the favour," Bella moved to sit up but Sulpicia's strong cold hands against her chest stopped her and pushed her back down.

"There will be plenty of time for that another time Mia Bella, but right now this is about your pleasure. Besides, I think you'll love what I'm about to do," Sulpicia purred, crawling up Bella's body.

"What do you have in – Fuck!" Bella gasped as Sulpicia, without warning sunk her body down on Bella's own, her cock sliding effortlessly into Sulpicia's tight pussy causing her to let out a deep moan as feeling full.

"You're so big, I love feeling you inside me," Sulpicia's thick Italian accent moaned, Bella couldn't stop her hands from grabbing Sulpicia's ass out of instinct as the blonde woman begins to ride her.

The room is filled with the loud smacking as Sulpicia continued to ride, their moans join into a single chorus as Bella gains the confident to meet Sulpicia's movements, bottoming out inside of her with every thrust. They set a continuous pace as Sulpicia leans down, pressing their breasts together as their lips lock all the while she is still expertly moving her hips on Bella's shaft.

"Bella, I want you to cum inside me," Sulpicia whispered in Bella's ear, giving it a playful nip sending shivers down Bella's body causing her cock to spasm inside of Sulpicia which in turn causes Sulpicia to moan.

"Come on Bella, you know you want to… Cum for me my love," Sulpicia encourages, Bella's body responds as she moans her hips picking up pace loudly smacking as her hips meet Sulpicia's own at a frantic pace.

"Cumming!" Bella shouts out as her body spasms once again and she shoots her cum as deep into Sulpicia as she can, upon feeling Bella spasm and shoot inside of her, her own body responds as she herself orgasms her pussy clamping down almost painfully as it milks Bella for all she's worth.

Seeing stars, Bella can't stop herself from falling asleep with Sulpicia on top of her.

"I've been waiting for you… Bella," the voice called. Bella frowned, she was standing on what appeared to be an oasis… in the centre of some dark unknown mist covered grounds. A woman in the centre of a spring was sitting, her fingers breaking the water as various animal shaped shadows circled her.

"Who are you?" Bella's voice echoed around them.

"I am you… a past version of you… my name was Nyla," they replied, her voice warm and inviting.