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Autor's note: English is not my first language and any mistake you notice is all me, I wrote this for fun and because I didn't found much fanfics like this so I made it, this can totally stand as a one-shot but I can expand on it if you guys want, I hope you guys enjoy all this lemmony not much plot story

I was starting college. I went to live with the daughter of my parents bff's that lived with her husband in the city my school is.

I was a book nerd that never had much interest in other that reading books but when something terrible happened, You know when you have a crush on someone you know is out of your league but is so nice with you that even if you know nothing can happen our will happen you can help falling in love and imagine that it happens with 2 people at the same time and that's how you find out you are Bi.

Tanya and Edward, always treated as family so when I started to have feelings for them I felt like shit.

Until I began to suspect they were flirting with me, I thought I was crazy at first but a few weeks passed and I couldn't shake the feeling, so I asked T, how a person can know if other is flirting with her, she let out a hearty laugh, we been flirting with you sweet girl, was that what you wanted to know? She asked me and I could only nod with my head, when Edward arrived we talked some more, ok? Tanya told me and left me standing in the kitchen not before leaving a lingering kiss on my cheek.

After a while of me being in my room, Tanya and Edward came to my room and T started to apologize, she said that she wasn't trying to make me feel uncomfortable with her comment earlier, she just was telling the truth, she said that since we met when they visited in forks, our hometown, and met me they thought I was cute and didn't think that a little of harmless flirting was bad.

Edward then told me that they would stop if they made me feel uncomfortable. I couldn't say much for a while but after a few minutes I word vomited over them. I told them of my crush on both of them and that I was a never kissed bookworm and I want them to flirt with me but I get that they are way out of my league, they listened patiently all I had to say and after that they reassure me that they find me cute and sexy and we could figure out something.

They both kissed me on my cheek good night and let me be with my thoughts that night. The next day all things seems to be normal but not quite, the Cullens treat me like usual but a little more affectionate like they touch me more and their touch linger more, that night while we were watching movies I was the one in the middle and both very incredible close to me and that kind of situation keep happening the next days.

That Friday Tanya and Edward asked me out while we were having breakfast, they told me I could say no but they would like to try to see what can happen between us, I obviously accepted, we went to dinner and we talk, they told me about them and I told them about me and they confess that it wasn't the first time they both felt attracted to a woman and pursue something with her but with me they wanted more serious.

When we arrived home, I told them I wanted them to kiss me and they did, first was Tanya and then was Edward, they took turns kissing me slowly and running their hands all over my body. I don't know how much time passed but it was a while before we parted ways and went to our rooms, I could hear them fucking from my room and with their sounds I get me off.

The next I woke up before them and I made breakfast for all of us, they kiss me good morning and we ate making small talk until I let slip that I have heard then and that I wanted to have sex with them.

They both reassure me that we will but they wanted to go slow and I replying by said that was easy for them to say they just had sex, I'm horny, to say that capture their attention was getting short.

Edward picked me up and made me wrap my legs around him while he kissed me more deeply than he ever had and put me in the breakfast bar. "Is my little girl horny?" Breaking the kiss Edward asked me, I pouted and nodded my head yes, "Well we can't have that don't you think B?" He said before taking my night gown off leaving me in just my white cotton panties. "Fuck your tits are perfect", he said before descending on them and devoured them, Tanya hopped on next to me and started to kiss me.

After awhile let go my boobs and removed my panties, "Fuck baby, you are drippin." I couldn't say a word while he started at my pussy, "I bet you taste delicious," he didn't wait for my reply and went to town on my pussy, sucking and licking my clit and fingering me while Tanya played with my boobs and interchange kissing me on the mouth or my neck, my orgams came quick and hard.

"Is my baby happy now?" Edward asked, "For now" I replied still trying to catch my breath, "good now go change we are going out." Tanya commanded

"And you guys?" I asked, "we want to take it slow baby, there is no rush, Bella" Edward kissed me and helped me come down, they both watched me climb the stairs.