A/N: Depressing Dragoon semi-poetry cause I was in a dark mood. And it's true, isn't it? The Dragon Knights are always the lonely unlucky ones. Even the Dragoon *city* in Nine is the 'City of Eternal Rain', where everything is grey and dreary forever...

I own nothing. It's just that these people like to wander in and out of my head at random. Currently the loony bin contains everyone from the Lunartick Mob and several random people from the Bad Penny, Landslide, and Coronation Mobs. Cecil is wearing only his left sock and a pair of boxers with little hearts on them because he was dense enough to enter into a game of strip poker against Setzer Gabbiani.
it's not a cry you can hear at night
it's not somebody who's seen the light
it's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah

*here comes the paladin and here comes the mage*

lonely one, betrayed betrayer, who are you? silent and shadowed, you're still wearing that helm. your brother-in-arms took his off long ago...but he was the fortunate one, wasn't he? got the girl, got the fame, got the throne and the glory. you're the unlucky one, cain who spilled a brother's blood. you're the flung-out bad spirit, and you'll wear that heart-choke armour all your life...

*and here comes the jumper with the heart full of rage*

*here comes the soldier and here comes the spy*

you're the dreamer, aren't you? not that it shows. you play at military pragmatism, but you wake up in the night with eyes full of tears for the impossible dream-joy of sky. you're a remember-man with a lashed-together spear, and you break your limit to soar...and then come down with a thud and the dead littered around you. you'll never get your heart's desire, pilot. you'll never get your heart's desire...

*and here comes the jumper with the tear-blind eye*

*here comes the princess and here comes the thief*

isn't the world so unkind, sad dancer? it teases you and lets you fall. it lets you think that you might be loved, lets you taste the food of heaven, and then it snatches your love away. the rain's your tears, isn't it, sad dancer in the dead city with your soul cringing in you like a dying animal? it's your tears that fall for doomed bittersweet love, and the stranger looking out of your lover's eyes...

*and here comes the jumper with the soul full of grief*

you three mountain-babes, abandoned children, left out on the sheer bare mountain side for the cold high wind to bite. you're the cursed ones, the spirits in the cloven pine. fate doesn't care about those who leap. you're the ghosts of the lonely places, the children of the dragon, and didn't you know that in the hero-bold story the dragon's just there to slay? you're the people who never get happy endings...

...which is probably why i love you better than any of the heroes that do.

and i will invoke your names in the dark places, and howl for you to the lonely sky, and ride the tail of your high wind to somewhere that might be heaven or might be hell, but is probably someplace inbetween.

*i jumped over water*
*i leaped over sea*
*and all the birds of the air*
*couldn't catch me*