Flesh & Blood By: Piper Halliwell 13

Harry sat on his bed at Number 4 Privet Drive,  "I wonder what Hermione and Ron are doing right now?" He said in a hushed voice. Harry looked at Hedwigs cage it was bare except for the cobwebs and the musty smell it was bare. Harry worried Hedwig had never been this late before. "Come one let get a move on you little brat!" said Uncle Vernon. "Why?" " Where are going?" asked Harry worried that Hedwig would come and Harry would not be there. " Stay out of other peoples business!" yelled Uncle Vernon. He hit Harry in the face and knocked him down. "Oh by the way here is your bloody pigeon!" said Vernon with a smirk on his face. He held up Hedwig bye her tongs. "No!" said Harry as he looked at her dead and bloody body.

 " Harry!" screamed Ron, calm down you were having a bad dream.

Harry looked at Ron, he looked around he had awaken the whole dormitory.

"Oww!" Harry screamed his face hurt right where Vernon had hit him.

" Sorry bout that" said Ron " I didn't know what else to do." It's okay Ron" said Harry. Now lets go back to bed, we got a potions test in the morning.

 "All right Harry" Ron looked at him, " Are you bloody fucking sure your all right." " Positive Ron", " Now go to sleep before I knock the shit out of you."