Disclaimer: I wish I owned Inuyasha but I don't. Enjoy! Chapter 1
"Please Inuyasha, it's just for a few hours. I do need to see my family every once in a while." Kagome mimiced the taller silver haired boy's stance by crossing her arms in front of her and looking extremly defiant.
"Why do you want to go back so badly, tomorrow of all night's, it's the new moon, remember." Inuyahsa pointed at his head a few times to indicated a memory laspe as he glared at her.
"Because its my birthday, BAKA! I missed my 15th birthday because I was pulled threw the well, then you wouldn't let me go back onmy 16th, and don't think I'll let you tie me to a tree again I should at least be allowed a few hours on my 17th birthday to see my family.....And don't worry I'll be back long before the sun sets.......so you won't be lonely!" Kagome mocked him with a pouting face at her mention of him being lonely. Kagome then glanced around the campsite and noticed Sango, Shippo, Miroku and even Kirara had their eyes closed and were shaking their heads from side to side.
Inuyasha's sensitive hearing picked up a comment by the monk. Something about "Fighting like a married couple." Inuyasha blushed slightly then yelled at the monk to 'shut-up and stay out of this.' He then returned his attention to the fumeing girl in front of him. "Fine..... but just for a few hours. I want you back her before sunset!"
"Yes 'Otou'," Kagome said sarcasticly as she walked over and climbed into her sleeping bag. "Well, I'm going to get some sleep now. Oyasumi, minna." She turned her back to everyone and tried to fall asleep.
Everyone stard at her, surprised by the sudden shift in her mood and even more surprised that for once the dog-boy didn't get 'sat'. They all shook it off as a fluke and turned in for the night. But not before a slap rang threw out the forest, ~******~
Several hours later a human figure walked silently threw the forest. The only sound, coming from the crinkling of grass under bare feet. the figure walked forward as if in a trance. After what seemed to be an hour, the figure stopped for a brief second outside a cave, then continued on into the darkness. Soon the dark figure walked into a room that was lite by a light blue light. The human figure was standing before what looked to be an old tomb.
There was a large statue of a man in armor standing proudly, looking down. The warrior was holding a sword outstretched in both hands, as if to give it to someone. The an looked regel and strong, with long hair down his back that was pulled pack into a pony tail.
As the figure stood before the statue in a hypnotic state, the statue started to glow with a blue light. A man materialized from the statue in a lite mist. The man stood over the entranced human and looked down, a sad yet happy expression upon his face. "Kagome! My dear daughter, it's time for you to awaken." He placed a hand on the top of her head and she started to glow with the same blue light that filled the room.
After a few seconds the light faded and Kagome blinked a few times to clear her head. She looked up at the ghost of a man before her and froze. She examined him quickly. He was a good foot taller than her with long black hair and a cheerful expression was on his face. His hand was still on top of her head but what really caught her attention was his attire. He was dressed much the same way as Sesshomaru only his clothes where a dark purple, accentuated with silver and light blue Kagome had a feeling that there was something amiss about this human, and her thoughts rang true as her brown eyes locked onto the gold of his. 'Those eyes are like Inuyasha's, but thats a Inu Youkai trait.....' Kagome looked at the man confused.
Realizing the numerous questions that were getting ready to surface, he removed his hand and smiled down at her. "Kagome, it's been so long. You probably don't remember me, but I'm........your Otou-san!"
Kagome stumbled backwards in disbelief. "This is a joke or one of Naraku's traps. It's not possible. I'm Human and I sense your a Youkai." Kagome continued to keep an eye on the ghostly youkai in front of her.
The man quietly took a seat on the statues base as he looked over his daughter. 'She has definatly grown up beautifully. She has such a strong will, thats good.' "It's very possible, since your not a full human. Your oka-san is a human and I'm....I was the Great Youkai Lard of the Eastern Lands. That would make you a hanyou."
Kagome fell to her knees as her head filled with a hundred questions. "I still don't understand....How did my mom....why do I....what about....I'm so.....confused." Kagome placed her hands to her temples in a hope of releaving some of the tension that was building up.
"Kagome just relax, I''ll explain everything to you. First off, your mother came threw the well just the same as you do now. I savd her and we fell in love. Shorly there after you were born. You were then betrothed to my best friend's youngest son, who also happens to be a hanyou. A few years later Souta was born. A few weeks after that we were attacked. I was mortaly wounded and dieing, I had to force you all back threw the well. After sealing your youkai blood I made you mother return to her time with you and Souta. I then rigged the well to alter time." The man sat there for a moment staring at Kagome, watching as her eyes searched for answers. "I can tell your still confused, so let me continue. We Black Dog Youkai have the gift of foresight, though its limited. So I rigged the well for it to open on your 15th birthday. I only wish my premonitions were stronger, then I culd tell you were to find your 'intended' but all I can tell you is he's the youngest son of the Great Youkai of the Western Lands. As of today your youkai blood is awake and you need to find your betrothed, he's your soul mate and you keep each others youkai blood in check."
Kagome's eyes grew wide as she listened to her father speak. "Son of the youkai of the Western Lands...........you mean to tell me I'm betrothed to INUYASHA!?" Kagome pressed her palms down on the cold stone floor in hope of compossing herself.
"Yes........that's his name.............how did you know?" He looked down at Kagome through slitted eyes. "Your gift of foresight shouldn't be that good yet."
"He.........um........I've been looking for the shikon shards with him since my 15th birthday. I'm the one that released him from the seal that my previous life put on him." Kagome sat back on her legs as she started to get mre comfortable in her fathers presence.
"Oh I see, wish I'd seen that one coming, unfortunatly I don't have my power since I'm dead......Wait.........what do you mean your previous life?" He questioned her with a raised eyebrow and crossed arms.
"Kikyo........everyone says I'm her reincarnate, I even had the jewel inside my body." Kagome looked down and to her right with a sullen expression. 'Just the thought of me being Kikyo makes me sick.' Kagome clenched her fist into her skirt as she tried to settle her anger that always followed with thinking about Kikyo.
"Kikyo.......? Black hair, arrogant, bossy?"
"That would be her." Kagome responded as she tightened her fist even more.
"Its not possible......you can't be her reincarnate for you were actually born on this side of the well only a few weeks after her. You, Inuyasha, and Kikyo all use to play with each other, well maybe not Kikyo so much as you and Inuyasha did. But you and her sure did fight over him, it was really quiet funny." The black haired youkai chuckled softly as he remembered their antics as small children.
Kagome watched her 'father' laughing as she also looked him over somemore. The only sign that he was a youkai was his golden eyes, a very small point to his ears, and small fangs. No claws, no tail (Sessho, Shippo). "So.......father....... why don't you look more youkai then others I've met?"
"Well in the Kuro Inu family the males look like normal human men for the most part. Its the women that carry all the youkai traits. The Shiro Inu family are the opposite." He looked at his inquisitive daughter and smiled. "You were actually born with your hanyou traits but when I sealed your blood your apperance changed. you should be back to normal by morning. And when Souta turns 17 his characteristics will appear, which aren't many." He then stood up and turned to face the statue. He then spoke in a soft voice. "I don't have much more time on this plain of existence, so I must hurry." He reached up and grabbed the sword held by the statue, brought it towards Kagome. He twirled it around a few times to demonstrate its swiftness then handed it to Kagome.
Kagome grasped the sword by the hilt and held it up to examin it. 'It looks almost identicle to the Tetsusaiga. Except it's not as worn and chiped.' Hanging from the bottom of the sword was a cord that held a whitish stone and three strings came out from that, on one end there was a moon, a star on another, and a red tassel on the last strand.
"This is the Kiseiga. Its basicly another sister sword to the Tetsusaiga that your intended has, he does right?" He watched his daughter nod. "Good! The Kiseiga was made at the same time as the Tetsusaiga and was made with one of my fangs." He then walked up to Kagome and knelt down in front of her. "These were yours when you were little. You use to wear them in your hair. I hope you'll continue to do that once the change is final," He handed her two pink and silver cylinders.
Kagome took them with her free hand and listened to the chiming of the metal as they hit each other. "I think I remember these, didn't Inuyasha give these to me." Kagome asked very quietly as she stared at the cylinders in her hand.
"Hai.......that boy was always sweet on you, has he changed much?" He was confused at his daughter's change in mood. One minuted she's almost happy and now she's got this expression like she's alone or just lost her best friend. "What's wrong Kagome?"
"I...........I don't think he remembers me as that little girl, .......just the miko that released him and can sense the shards. Besides he loves Kikyo now."
He saw her eyes starts to tear up so he decided he needed to try and cheer her up, at least a bit. "I know my last premonition couldn't be wrong..............maybe he just needs to remember his childhood,.................remember who you really are." He placed his hands on her shoulders, which got her attention and made her look up at him. he then pulled her into his arms and hugged her tight. "Kagome...... my dear, sweet, daughter........you are my heir to the Kuro Inu line and the Eastern Lands, never forget that. And please tell your mother and brother this, I still love you and them so much, I wish our lives together could have longer. Also if Inuyasha tries to deny anything, have him talk to your mother, she'll set him straight." He then released her and started to walk bakwards toward the statue. "Never forget.......I love you all." He then vanished into the statue with the same blue light as earlier.
"Matte.........otou.............I still............" Kagome stared at the statue of her father as the light dimmed. She then stood and held the Kiseiga in one hand and the pink cylinders in her other. "I love you too.......otou." Kagome then turned and walked silently out of the cave back to camp. 'I'll be changed by morning. I wonder what youkai traits I'll have. I don't feel any different yet.' Kagome made it back to camp without making a sound. After setting the Kiseiga on the ground next to her, she climbed into her sleeping bag and fell asleep.
Unknown to her, a particular hanyou sat against a tree with one eye slightly open and the other closed, letting her think he was asleep. 'That took her forever to relieve herself. Where did she go for so long. Where did she get a sword and why.........why...........why.........does her scent all of a sudden smell more entoxicating.' Inuyasha closed his eyes completely and breathed in her new scent, falling asleep.