Chapter 45

In The End

"Good luck mom!" hollered all the kids as they watched their mother head into the water.

Inuyasha walked up to Kagome and looked down at her in her full gear. "You had better come back!"

Kagome noticed the look in her husband eyes and he already looked lost. "Don't worry, I'll come back." She placed a reassuring hand on his cheek then gave him a long kiss. "I'll be right back!" Kagome put her goggles down, put in her mouth piece and headed out.

Everyone watched as Kagome disappeared beneath the waves.

Kagome followed the pulse she felt in her chest to the bottom of the ocean. 'It's near. I can feel it!' She swam until she came upon a large group of rocks. She stopped and looked around till she saw the aura of the shard she was felling. 'There it is!' Embedded in a large rock on the far side from her was the last jewel shard.

The distance wasn't very far from her current location. Kagome swam over to the large rock and had to really pull to dislodge the shard. She held the shard between her thumb and forefinger and examined it. 'It's a pretty nice size shard.' After she purified the shard she slid it into a pouch attached to her suit and started to swim away. She only swam ten feet when a gray and green snake like youkai appeared in front of her and struck.

Kagome managed to dodge, just barely. She then swam like crazy to the shore to get Inuyasha. The youkai was fast and quickly closing the gap. Twenty feet from the shore Kagome surfaced but kept swimming. She removed the mouth piece to scream.


before Kagome could finish her sentence, Inuyasha was in action. He had unsheathed the Tetsusaiga and ran towards her. Just as Kagome swam past him, the snake-like youkai showed it's ugly head above water.

"Kaze no Kizu!"

One attack was all that was needed. Several fish shared the same fate as the youkai.

"Hey dad, looks like we have dinner for tonight." Shouted Chiisai from the shoreline, she then went to help her mother from the water.

Inuyasha ran back to the shore to see to Kagome as Koume and Akira gathered up fish. Inuyasha didn't even give Kagome a chance to take off her air tank before he took her in his arms. "Are you ok? You had me so worried."

Kagome pushed out of the embrace enough to look up at him and say, "I'm fine." She then took the pouch and pulled out the shard. "And I got the final shard."

Everyone was in high spirits, celebrating the fact that they found all the Shikon shards. Everyone that is but Kagome.

She sat before the lunchtime fire looking at the pink sphere in her hand. 'The Shikon jewel is now complete and in our possession. I know I promised years ago to give it to Inuyasha, but what if he decides he still wants to be a full youkai.' Kagome clenched her fingers around the jewel and looked up to watch the triplets, their triplets, their children. 'No matter what he decides, I'll stay by his side. We have a family together, I can't abandon that.' She then looked over at the silver haired hanyou that was her husband. He was roughing around with all the kids. 'I love them so much, I wonder what's gonna become of our family.' Kagome held the jewel to her chest and prayed that all would work out.

Inuyasha took Chiisai by the foot and flipped her into the air so she could do back flips and nail the landing, Mizuki was next. Before he got ready to take Mizuki's foot, he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned to see Kagome with a very serious expression. "Kagome?"

"I promised didn't I!" Kagome took Inuyasha by the hand and placed the jewel in his palm then gazed up at him for a while. "What ever you choose I'll stay by your side." She let go of his hand and went bake to the fire to finish making lunch.

Inuyasha stared down at the complete Shikon no Tama resting in his palm. After twenty years of looking for the shards, he had it, literally in the palm of his hand. But time changes things. He didn't know what to do with it anymore. He put the jewel in his haori and went to have lunch, the whole time thinking over his actions for the jewel.

While everyone ate lunch, Inuyasha looked around and watched as them all interact. 'This is my family, my pack. How can I use the Shikon jewel so everyone is happy?' he continued to sit and think even after lunch was finished. "THAT'S IT!"

At Inuyasha's sudden outburst, everyone stopped what they were doing and looked up. They all remained silent and waited for Inuyasha to explain his abrupt two words.

"Everyone pack up quickly. We have somewhere to go." Inuyasha ran around gathering things up. "I figured out what to do with the Shikon no Tama."

Glances of curiosity were exchanged before Inuyasha yelled at them to hurry up.

After stopping at home to drop off stuff and change, they were back on the roads again. Some of those on the trek continually had the feeling of déjà vu.

"Inuyasha, where are we going?" questioned Kagome, saddened.

"You'll see." Inuyasha answered confidently.

They all continued to walk in silence, everyone feeling the heavy mood of the moment. Just after dark they stopped before a giant stone cliff.

"WAIT! Isn't this to the Gate to the Afterworld?" Kagome inquired with a shaky hand out and pointing.

Inuyasha tilted head slightly at her and smiled, he then led everyone inside. Once inside and before the enormous stone guards he tells everyone to go hide behind the rocks. He then walked to the side and toward the door.

"Do you wish to enter?"

"Yes!" spoke a confident yet nervous Inuyasha. He stood and waited as the massive rock doors slid open slowly, letting out that 'killer' light. 'I remember when Kagura tried to enter, her demons were destroyed by that.' Inuyasha stood off to the side, just out of lights path, reach in to his haori and pulled out the pink sphere that had caused so many so much pain. He looked down at the jewel, then with all his might, threw it into the Afterworld. After the jewel was safely through the doors and out of sight he turned back toward the stone sentries.

"Sorry, changed my mind." Inuyasha turned around and started walking away, listening as the heavy doors closed.

Kagome watched dumbfounded with her husband, then fell to her knees in tears.

Inuyasha heard Kagome crying before he saw her and hurried over to investigate. "What's wrong Kagome? I thought you'd be happy!"

Kagome looked up with tear soaked eyes then lunged at Inuyasha, knocking him over backwards. "I was frightened you'd use the jewel to change." She hugged him tightly.

"Keh. Why would I do that when I have a family I never thought I'd have and friends who aren't scared of me. It's all because of you Kagome. I knew you didn't want me to change. Now you never have to worry about that. Or anyone else looking for the Shikon no Tama." Inuyasha hugged his wife back just as tightly.

"Thank you…I love you so much." Kagome leaned up and gave him a kiss. A minute later they were joined by the kids hugging and laughing.

Miroku, Sango, Makoto, Kohaku, Yuu, Koume, Shippo and Kirara stood back and laughed at the large 'dog pile.' All were currently thinking, 'So this is the end.'

"It's already been a month since you disposed of the jewel. Do you regret it?" asked Kagome as she hung on the arm of her husband.

"Of course not. If I had changed, I might not be here today." Stated Inuyasha as he looked at the green and flowering forest. "I still can't believe this is happening!"

"I know what you mean!" Kagome was interrupted by everyone looking at something in awe.

Chiisai walk into the clearing dressed in a fancy pink and blue robe with a light blue shawl, on top of her head was a halo of flowers. Next to her was Yuu dressed in robes of royal purple and white. They stopped in front of everyone and smiled. They then exchanged rings and kissed. The celebrating was now underway.

Kagome pulled Chiisai off to the side. "I'm sorry it wasn't a real human wedding but since Yuu can't travel through the well…"

"Mom, it's fine, we both understand. It's still more of ceremony than normal youkai have anyway." Chiisai winked at her mother then grabbed her by the hand. "Come on let's go celebrate. I'm leaving with Yuu shortly for his home remember?"

Everyone congratulated and celebrated till almost dark when the newlyweds mentioned they had to get going. Hugs were exchanged and goodbyes said.

"I'll visit often…Wait…where's Akira?" Chiisai questioned and looked around for her older brother.

Mizuki walked up to Chiisai and spoke very quietly, "he's probably off with Koume. I hear their getting 'very' serious." She then went and stood in front of Chiisai and took her hands. "Kenji proposed, looks like I'll be following you down the isle soon."

"Great! Then you really will be my sister!" both girls laughed and hugged tightly.


"Ok Yuu. Tell Akira I'll get him next time for missing my send-off. Well I'll see you guys later. Byee!" Chiisai then climbed into the carriage Yuu's parents sent for them. Yuu waved and followed behind his new wife.

Inuyasha was a little saddened as he watched the carriage disappear down the road.

"Inuyasha, are you ok?" questioned Kagome.

"Maybe just a little. She's my only daughter…"

"Hey Inuyasha…Remember how I was in the future for the last month."

"Ya and?"

"Well I guess with things being so hectic lately you didn't notice." She's leaned up on her tip toes to whisper in his fuzzy ears. "I'm pregnant."


Kagome nodded happily. "Yep, almost a month already. Plus, it's twin girls." She watched the dizzy state her husband had just fallen under and helped him sit down. "It's hard being Inu Youkai!"

Inuyasha gave a fake laugh then looked over to their house in the distance. "Looks like I'm gonna need to remodel the house…Are you sure its twins?"

"Two tails on the ultrasound, pretty sure."

Inuyasha fell onto his back and looked up at the sky. 'I must have been busy to not have noticed something like that. Oh well, should be fun, and we already had practice with the triplets. Will I be ready for TWO GIRLS though?'

The End Beginning