Loved, lost and found

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Summary: Bella's life was as long as she could remember, plain she did things more out of necessity than want. But that all is about to change in ways she couldn't have foreseen.

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Chapter 1

January 17th, 2005


For as long as I can remember my life had been a drag, not that I can complain too much, it was better than the life of most people. But it just seemed like it was missing something, like a puzzle that's missing a piece you can still see what it represents, but the missing part makes it, so you can't fully like it.

'Your hair is longer''

Ripped out of my musings I turned to my left where my father sat, he's chief of police here in Forks, the small town. If you can call it that, 3,500 people, I did a little research on it before I came here, and I like to know about the place where I'll be living in.

Back to the question at hand, me and dad, well we never really talked much, were both pretty much the textbook definition of an introvert and awkward. So because of that we only exchanged a couple of words since I sat in the car. Not that I mind, it's just I haven't seen him for a very long time, so it feels wrong not to at least try to start a conversation.

Realizing that I was so lost in thoughts that I didn't answer his question, yet I gave him an and awkwardly sarcastic answer, my go-to when I don't know how to react

*ahem * ''Yeah that's what hairs do they grow'' I said with an awkward and weak smile nailed it

I can't remember when the last time was I smiled for real, mind you, I'm not depressed or anything like that. It's just it has been a long time since I enjoyed doing something that doesn't involve me being alone somewhere, preferably in my bed.

''I guess they do'' Charlie said with a small gruff chuckle, ''Seems like they're getting a little long, why don't you cut them a little?''

Brushing my fingers through my hair and looking at their tips, then saying with a bit of humor in my voice, ''why do they look bad?''

Not hearing the humor, his eyes widened a bit with panic because he thought he just said something bad ''N…No, just isn't it annoying to take care of them if they're that long?''

*chuckle * ''Yeah but… I don't know, I've got a feeling that I should be keeping them long.'' I answered him while twirling the strands of my hair around my fingers.

''I'm just going to pretend like I understand what you're talking about'' Charlie said in an amused tone

Looking out of the window of the car again and seeing the green and rain-drenched landscape racing past us. Maybe coming here isn't so bad I never really liked the sun, to begin with, and Charlie seems reliable, maybe I can be a teenager for once.

Laying my head on the cold window and appreciating the feeling it gives, I try to enjoy the rest of the drive

Driving to the front entrance of the house, I noticed almost nothing has changed, it's like the house itself is living in a bubble protected by time. I still remember coming here nearly every summer but for some reason, it now feels unknown to me. But it also seems well-taking care of the white facade of the house looks relatively new, Charlie probably painted it not too long ago. And the parking lot is clean. These are good signs, it means he's taking care of himself or at least his property.

Walking to the back of the truck, I tried to take out my luggage. And nearly falling over because of the weight and not having enough grip since the ground is wet, cause of the rain that seems to be a regular guest here in Forks according to my research. Being able to steady myself last minute, I set it down a breath a sigh of relief.

Charlie having seemed to have seen my circus trick came jogging over to me ''Hey careful everything alright?''

Looking at him with a small reassuring smile ''Yeah it's just I'm not used to the weather, that's all''

''Alright, well I'm sure you will be as resilient as the rest of us in no time'' He reassured me while patting me awkwardly on the back

''Here let me help Bells'' already hosting up my luggage before I could say anything

''Thanks'' I showed him an appreciative smile looking at his retreating form again maybe being here isn't too bad after all

Registering that I'm now standing outside all alone in the cold ''maybe I should go inside as well''

Stepping inside, I heard the floorboard squeaking under my weight, the smell of wood entering my nose. One of the first things I took notes of where that Charlie still seems to have pictures of mom around the house. He still isn't over her, huh?

''Bella up here!'' I heard Charlie shout downstairs. Deciding that my tour needs to be postponed, I walked up to the second floor where my old room was, not old, my new one.

Entering it, I was assaulted by memories of my childhood and nostalgia everything is still the same even my old pictures are still hung up and from the looks of things it was also cleaned he really is reliable

Hearing the awkward clearing of a throat from beside me *ahem * ''I cleared up some shelves for you, heard you liked books a lot''

Being a little bit overwhelmed right now, Charlie took my silence as a sign to continue speaking

''You like purple right if not when can always go to the hardware store and buy paint'' Charlie said awkwardly while looking around avoiding eye contact

''Purples cool thanks'' And I meant it but even if I didn't, I wouldn't complain he already did more for me than mom

Now we are just standing around the room awkwardly, not really knowing what to say to each other, so I did something I should have done from the beginning. Walking up to him, I gave him a big hug ''thanks… dad'' yes it was a good idea coming here.

Slowly returning it ''No problem Bells''

Breaking apart, I could have sworn I saw some tears glistening in his eyes

Looking away from me ''Ok then I probably should give you room to unpack your things when you're finished would you come downstairs? I have a surprise for you'' with that he left.

Sitting down on my bed not really looking anywhere I started contemplating, so this is it, my new start.

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