The inn was quiet in Kalstad. Not even a single person walked the sandy streets at night. Since monsters always lurked nearby the Sahma Desert.

Once the sun went down, the villagers were often warned to stay indoors. Not even the guards could ensure their safety.

Whilst the rest of the party were fast asleep, Rufus was up late on night watch. Most nights he'd love to watch the stars up above, twinkling the sky.

But on this very night however, he couldn't sleep. Despite his shift being over and done with. Before the thought of returning to his bed came to mind.

Footsteps were from behind himself. Carefully he turned around, to discover that it was Alicia who stood behind him.

She looked restless and awfully disturbed. So naturally, Rufus offered to console her.

"Can't sleep?" With disagreed shake, Alicia looked back. "No. I did, but I had the same nightmare again." "The same one I had at Solde."

Alicia had spoken about having inescapable ordeals, and vison's of individual's visage. All that she could see was a face that belonged to a valkyrie.

The woman's long ponytail was suddenly unbraided. To unveil her beautiful locks of silver hair.

Nearby from where she was chained up, were Homunculus corpses. They served as failed experiments to reproduce present goddess's beauty.

After the nightmarish vison faded away. Alicia nodded at a conclusion. "I think... it's warning from Silmeria."

"But then, if I want to avoid this kind of future... that'll mean fighting again." Despite Silmeria having some influence over her, Alicia still remained herself.

Shy, and hesitant to raise her blade. She'd practiced with Leone, but her fighting prowess still remained the same.

Alicia simply couldn't look straight into the eyes of her enemies. But now, that Rufus had been acknowledged with Alicia's fear.

He knew a way to change her mindset for the better. With a idea in mind, Rufus placed his on hand on Alica's shoulder.

"You think of Silmeria as some sort of burden or curse right... but what if you took her advice?"

To her, it was an unusual question to think upon. But regardless, she still considered Rufus's suggestion.

Slowly her hand reached out to her blade, but whilst she did- something inside herself changed.