Episode One - Humble Beginnings

Good day there, mates. My name's William Braddock, but you can call me Billy, or better yet, Spider-UK. My best friend is Jessica Miriam Drew, but I just call her Jess, otherwise she's known as Spider-Woman. I'm a hopeful aromantic, while she's a hopeless romantic, but we both are Spider-Heroes, Web-Warriors. Not exactly bitten by irradiated spiders like Petey and Miles were, but it too is a long story nevetheless.

Anyway, another glorious day had began in the city of London, the heart of Great Britain and the United Kingdom, our home. Usually, it's often just an exaggeration if ever we say something like 'have a stiff upper lip' or 'keep calm and carry on', but for us two, we try our best to actually do so, especially when dealing in superhero business.

Location: Baker Street, London, England

Somewhere down in Baker Street, the air was filled with the clashing sounds of sirens, alarms, and clattering bullets. Several police cars and vans were surrounding a downed white lorry, where a group of criminals firmly stood their ground and fought back gunfire and energy blasts. One wore a thick bulking plated-armour suit of a light brown colour with sharp metal talon-like claws from hands and feet, another was donned in a dark green and violet suit and helmet with insectoid-like wings, while the rest were just a small group of four terrorists donned in complete black leather.

As they continued firing back, shattering car windows and putting holes in doors and bonnets, several officers took cover from the relentless retaliation. They would be lucky enough to get even at least a second or two to aim and fire back at the tech-enhanced criminals.

"So what are these bloody lowlifes trying to steal this time?" one of the cops asked out loud.

"Reports say adamantium," Another cop quickly explained.

"Whatever happened to simply robbing banks and money?" the first cop questioned.

However, just as she asked so, the two officers noticed the car they were hiding behind was being lifted by none other than the plated-armour-wearing man, eventually above his own head.

"Didn't you hear?" The armadillo man retorted. "Science and tech are the new currency!" He then turned to another pair of officers firing at him and his bullet-proof armour and threw the car at them with simple and aggressive ease.

But just before it could even land on them, the flung car was struck by a few various strands of web, shot from seemingly out of the blue of leftfield, then pulled back away from the lives at near-stake. Both the cops and the robbers looked around, wondering where that came from, suspicions ran through some of their minds even. And their expectations would be met just mere seconds later as two web-slinging superheroes swung their way into the scene and landed right at the middle and centre, swiftly striking a pose together.

One was a short masculine figure in a tight overall red and blue suit with a pattern of spider-webs over the red parts that are shaped out to resemble the Union jack flag. The other was a slightly taller feminine figure with a mostly red suit with yellow gloves and boots as well as a mask that exposed her nose, black lipstick-embedded lips, and long wavy, ruffled, black hair.

"G'day, chaps, and worry not," the male web warrior spoke to the police. "Your friendly neighbourhoods, Spider-UK and Spider-Woman here..." He announced as he pointed to his female partner beside him. "...are here to assist the constables".

"Yeah? Well assist this!" one of the terrorist thugs shouted as they restarted fire on the two spider-heroes, who quickly dodged away from the line of fire and hid behind one of the police vans.

"Okay, maybe we should just go straight for the fight instead of making yet another loud announcement and leaving ourselves wide out and open to potential enemy fire before you're even halfway through reciting," the Spider-Woman suggested snarkily.

"Yeah, I get your point," Spider-UK nodded in admittance. "Plus come up with a fully planned-out strategy before we jump to it, and much shorter quips".

"Right, so here's one on the fly," Spider-Woman said and offered. "You handle the Bed Bug Boy, and I'll take care of the Big Claw Dude there".

"Heh, on the fly," Spider-UK chortled at the unintentional pun. "Good one, Jess".

"Cheers, but please don't use our real identities when out in public and on a mission, only our aliases," Spider-Woman insisted.

"Okay," Spider-UK replied before the two took off and divided in order to take on the big foes individually.

Spider-Woman raised her arms and spread her web wings to glide over and onto the bigger supervillain, balancing on his broad shoulders. Her gloved hands charged up with glowing green electricity before she slammed them down on the menace, forcing him to tense up and roar in shocking pain from the venom blast.

At the same time, Spider-UK dashed around and about, trying to get close to the winged green and violet supervillain while managing to dodge each and every missile fired from the foe's wrists.

"I guess it seems mobile banking really is starting to become a thing lately," Spider-UK quickly quipped before delivering a good roundhouse kick to the rogue and knocking him down temporally. "Don't mind if I try a deposit or two?" Spider-UK hopped up and climbed onto the top of the stolen lorry. "So what do you call yourselves?" he asked the foe. "The Cunning Pangolin and the Nefarious Aphid?"

"Call him the Armadillo," the bug-like villain referred to his bulky accomplice. "And me the Beetle. Not that you'll survive long enough to remember either." He then launched streams of pale-yellow streams of laser lightning from his open hands at the British Spider-Man.

Spider-UK however was panicked enough to evade direct attack again, only to find himself immediately blinded and even slightly deafened by a flashbang. He reacted with a yell and a covering of ears.

"Bloody flashbangs!" Spider-UK ranted.

"That's right," the Beetle cackled just before he chucked another device at Spider-UK, latching onto him and forming bright green straps around his torso and arms.

The Beetle then flew down and gave Spider-UK a quick load of beating before the young hero tackled back with a few spins and kicks.

"Shame for you mate, I know how and when to use my legs," Spider-UK stated the obvious.

"That so indeed," the Beetle nodded before he produced another device from behind. "Luckily, I bring along a spare!" He then flung it at the Spider-UK, clearly aiming for the legs, but as Spider-UK stumbled back enough before slipping down, it managed to grab onto one of his ankles.

Spider-UK tried to wiggle it off, but he quickly noticed Beetle aiming his wrists at him again, preparing to fire again. The web warrior struggled as he heaved and shifted his body in order to get back up to his two feet. However, with a flash of luck, the Beetle was struck and downed by a stream of bright green lightning, right from the hands of Spider-Woman.

"Cheers, bud," Spider-UK said with a huff of relief.

"Don't mention it," Spider-Woman smiled as she went over and released Spider-UK from the restraints.

They both turned to see the Beetle and the Armadillo laying and groaning on the pavement. They further looked to see all but one of the accomplicing thugs and goons before restrained and taken away by the local police force. The two heroes looked at each other with a nod and smile, and did a little fist bump.

"Well, that's that taken care of," Spider-UK said casually.

"Yup, pretty much," Spider-Woman agreed.

Just then, two navy-blue military vans drove into the scene and stopped in front of the two spider-heroes. The doors at the back opened to reveal two superheroes, one in the red, white, and blue colours of the Union Jack, the other being in a dark-red suit with orange belt and gear, along with various STRIKE agents in white and black armoured suits.

"Good work, Spider-Woman and Spider-UK," the red, white, and blue superhero commended.

"Our pleasure, Captain Britain," Spider-Woman replied as she and Spider-UK quickly saluted before the famed hero.

"It seems you two might actually make it after all," the dark-red superhero complimented. "For now, we'll take these supervillains into custody and containment".

"You do that, Human Torch," Spider-UK nodded.

With that, Captain Britain and the Human Torch brought out a few collars from the van before going over to the downed supervillains and placing the collars around their necks. Then with or without ease, they dragged and took away the restrained Beetle and Armadillo into the vans. Soon enough, with the rogues under custody again, they drove away.

"So what next, Jess?" Spider-UK asked.

To which, Spider-Woman briefly shrugged. "Maybe a stop by Wimpy's?" She suggested.

To which, Spider-UK gave a thumbs up and said, "Good choice".

"After we put away our costumes first, Billy," Spider-Woman quickly asserted. "I don't want people swarming us for autographs like we're in a fan convention".

"Yeah, of course, that too," Spider-UK quickly uttered.

Meanwhile, observing the battle and result from a high and unobtrusive vantage point, a figure lurked in the shadows, staring deeply and intently at the heroes.

"Ah, I did hope to get a chance to see at least one spider in action, let alone two, in action before I face one myself," the figure thought. "And then when I confront them full-on, they'll be powerless and helpless against me and my talent. Let ourselves hope then that once that inevitable time comes, I shall be the one to humble them".

With that, the figure fled back further into the shadows and the depths of the city.

Much later that day, Billy Braddock and Jessica Drew soon got out of their supersuits and into normal civilian clothes, and they eventually made it to the nearest Wimpy restaurant. Jess pushed open the front doors, offering Billy in as well. As soon as they entered through, they spotted a few familiar individuals sitting in a few several tables together: Liz Allan, Anya Corazon, Miles Morales, Peter Parker, Ben Reilly, Gwen Stacy, Mary-Jane Watson, and Takuya Yamashiro.

"He-hey, Pee-tay!" Billy cheered, recognising one of the patrons. "I'm glad you chaps could make it all the way here".

"Hello, Jess and Billy," said a young brown-haired man wearing a blue long-sleeved T-shit and dark-brown baggy trousers. "And yeah, it was indeed a very long flight all the way from America. About nine hours, thirty minutes, fifty-seven seconds, and-"

"Yes, we all get it, Pete," Miles stepped in and interrupted Peter. "We're all far from home".

"Haha, references," Billy chortled as he sat down on a free chair.

"So how are you doing?" Anya asked, munching on a few chips.

"Doing good, doing well, and doing fine," Jessica answered as she too sat down next to Billy. "We fought a beetle and an armadillo".

"As in the Beetle and the Armadillo," Peter recognised with emphasis. "How did they even get over here as well?"

"Must've hopped on the same aeroplane as you did," Billy shrugged and added in. "And how's it going with you lot?"

"Got another heatblast coming," Peter said, just having slurped on a slushie.

"More like a brainwave," Billy joked before turning to two of the girls. "So, Gwen and MJ, is it? I take it your band will be gigging over here in England?"

"Yup, first time in fact," Gwen, wearing an orange hoodie jacket and baggy light-grey trousers, nodded. "We hope to have a concert at the O2 Arena".

"Cool, good luck with that," Billy smiled and nodded with amusement. "You should do a venue at the Cambridge Corn Exchange as well".

"Yeah, we might be able to get around that too," Mary-Jane said, nodding.

"Neato, hopefully there won't be any supervillain biz going on by then," Billy crossed a few fingers. "Especially if that Beetle and Armadillo were to be any indication".

"Luckily for you two, you got us to back you up if you ever need a little extra help," Peter assured.

Location: Unknown

Meanwhile, much elsewhere, deep underneath a seeming abandoned warehouse, a few several individual goons, rogues, and criminals sat or stood about, waiting, bathed in the distant yet near-blinding brightness of a dozen floodlights as their footsteps reverberated in the near-darkness. Among them was the Big Man himself, Frederick Foswell, slouching menacingly upon an aged, cranked, and rather weak-looking chair, wearing a matching green suit and trousers, silvery glovers, and a stern mask that was nearly covered over by his fedora hat.

Close to next to him was another infamous man, donned in a green armoured suit and helmet, leaning against a large metallic-gold wheel-like vehicle, Jackson Weele, the Big Wheel.

"What, or who, are we waiting for here exactly?" Big Wheel questioned.

"Just a little guest on our list," the Big Man spoke and answered.

"Whoever it may be, it better be worth the wait," a menacing figure, in white and black built armour, clenched a fist.

"Patience, Cardiac my friend, patience," the Big Man assured with a raised hand.

Just then, peering out from one of the more darker corners came a particular peculiar figure, silhouetted almost completely by the various floodlights. Noticing the person walk towards him in particular, the Big Man stood up from the chair and greeted the individual.

"Ah, I'm utmost glad to see you again," the Big Man grinned, offering a hand to shake with the other stranger. After a brief and firm handshake, the Big Man sat back down on his chair, crossed one leg over the other, and steepled his fingers. "Now then, you know we seek information, right?" The Big Man asked.

"Yes," the shadowy figure simply spoke and replied.

"And you think you're capable of gathering it for us?"


"It'll no doubt be dangerous".


"But the reward for this mission will also be quite immense".


"Very well then, you shall have the sanction," the Big Man reminded. "Attack this 'Spider-Woman' and the so-called 'Spider-UK', humble them even if you can".


With that, the new stranger turned and stepped away, sinking once more into the shadows, far much more than ready for his assignment; to take down the Spider-Woman and Spider-UK.

"You sure about this one, Freddy?" A sickly pale-green man in very loose light-purple loin clothes questioned. "If it were for me, I could easily kill these two poser heroes with a simple touch from my fingers".

"Not yet, Carrion," the Big Man retorted. "We need to know what they alone may be capable of first, and our friend here may find the answer for that..."

To be continued...