In order to conquer the multiverse, Kugai Kudo, founder of the Black Bohdi Tree pulled miscellaneous heroes from across the multiverse and placed them in randomised teams in order to maximise their combat data that could be recorded and defeat their allies once his invasion began. But his 10th and final experiment lineup proved far too much of a wildcard in the end, with Kugai's ambitions being thwarted before they could begin. All the people he had abducted were returned to their normal lives, all memory of their adventures in his world vanquished from their minds. We will now tell a few of these stories, to ensure that they are not forgotten.

This exploit will focus on Team 5, composed of Riki Honoo - Kousoku Sentai Turboranger's Red Turbo, Megumi Misaki - Choujuu Sentai Liveman's Blue Dolphin, Tsubasa Ozu - Mahou Sentai Magiranger's MagiYellow, Hammie - Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger's Chameleon Green and Rei Yagyuu - the Sekai Ninja Valiant Ninja Reiha. Their enemies, calling themselves the Humanity Enslavement Plan, were the Wandering Bōma Kirika, Dr. Ashura of the Armed Brain Army Volt, Gorgon, the Wise Goddess of the Infershia Pantheon, Akyanba, Vice-Shogun of the Space Shogunate Jark Matter and the Space Ninja Demost. While both sides would be joined by Kotaro Minami - Kamen Rider Black RX, and the Crisis Empire's Armoured Captain Gatezone respectively, this tale takes place before they entered the experiment.

It was a dark night at the Shimoyama Institute, as the head technician, one Dr. Mouri, was finishing up with his latest project. "Now, that seems promising.", he noted as he observed his work. "Well I'd better call it a night." He turned and reached for the door.

But when he opened it, he saw the sight of Dr. Ashura, a blond man in what appeared to be an outfit made of red cables, and Gorgon, a female figure with snakes protruding from her body, standing in front of him. "Oh don't worry, we'll be sure to end your problems.", Gorgon assured him as a smaller snake emerged from the shield in her hand, biting onto Dr. Mouri and turning him into stone. "Now then, let's take what we came for and leave. I don't wish to be here longer than necessary."

"Okay then." Ashura went over to the device that Dr. Mouri had been working on, a small lens-like device. "It was pertinent of us to have this place bugged for progress on the completion of this project. Now we can proceed with our next objective." He picked up the device and channelled energy into it, transforming it into a monster that seemed to be made of corrugated iron. "Zunojuu Lens-Zuno. It's time we got to work."

"Right.", the newly created Lens-Zuno nodded.

The next morning, police officers had arrived at the lab to investigate the break-in. "So someone seemingly broke in here, stole an experimental weapon and then kidnapped the guy who made it and left behind a statue of him as some weird calling card.", the more senior of the pair concluded. "I've seen some eccentrics in my day, but this takes the cake."

"And they wiped the security cameras as well, so we don't even have any idea what they look like.", the younger of the two noted. "We do have the guy's computer files, but he likely had them password protected. We'd need a computer whizz to crack them."

The older officer thought for a moment. "It just so happens, that I might know someone who could crack this."

The younger officer was perplexed. "Who?"

As it happened, this contact was Megumi, who took it into the warehouse she and the rest of the displaced heroes had made their home in this world. "From the description, it seems that our enemies are up to something with whatever was stolen.", Rei surmised.

"Right, turning the scientist into a statue reeks of Gorgon's M.O.", Tsubasa nodded. "Though what could they be after enough to do something so bold?"

"We'll find that out once I've deciphered Dr. Mouri's notes.", Megumi answered him. "In the meantime, I think that Hammie can potentially investigate by…" Then she noticed something. "Hey, where is Hammie?"

"She said that there was something she wanted to try out.", was Riki's response. "I don't know what it was though."

As it happened, Hammie was going to a theatre, where a new play was about to be put on. Though her dream was still to be a teacher, with few credentials on Earth, let alone the Earth of this world, she had decided to start trying her hand at theatre auditions, given that she had some musical talent, as she had demonstrated on Hoshi Minato's talent show. So she felt the theatre was a decent enough substitute career to raise money. In particular, she had entered the audition line for a production of Kunze and Levay's Marie-Antoinette. "Next!", the woman on the other side of the curtain called out.

Hammie went through to the other side, seeing that two of the directors were young-looking women in glasses and business suits, while the third was a similarly dressed man. "Hi, I'm Hammie.", she introduced herself, bowing nervously. "And I guess I'm here to audition for this play…"

"Stop.", the male of the three said, holding up a hand. "I can see that you clearly have a lot of enthusiasm and some larger-than-life aspects to your personality."

Hammie was dejected by this. "So does this mean I've failed?"

"Quite the contrary.", one of the two women, who wore her hair down, answered her. "If anything, we have a role that's perfect for you."

"You'll be playing one of our leads, in fact.", the other woman, who wore her hair in a ponytail, added. "We already have an actress cast as Margrid Arnaud, but you seem perfect for Marie-Antoinette herself."

"Eh? Really?", Hammie gasped. "You think I'm leading lady material?"

"Of course, we'll give you a new image as a star.", the producer sat in the middle stated. "Now then, if you'd be so kind as to join our other auditioned."

"Right.", Hammie nodded as she left the stage, not noticing the three of them smiling behind her.

"So, one of them stumbled into our demonstration.", the female producer in a ponytail commented.

"This could be an interesting test indeed.", the male smiled. "Let's commence it."

Behind stage, Hammie found herself in a room with a few others. "So, you must be the latest success.", one of them commented. "Seems like everyone who auditioned is getting through."

"How strange.", Hammie noted. Sure enough, everyone she could make out from the line in front of her earlier was there. "They probably need a lot of extras."

"Probably.", the man said as he went over and shook her hand. "I'm Junpei. Junpei Igarashi."

"Hammie.", she reciprocated.

Then the male producer entered. "Excuse me, if you could, please write your name and contact details down on this sheet, so we can call you back for a makeup test at a later date." He indicated a sheet for everyone to write their names on, with the first to approach it being a young woman. "Just a minute, you there miss? What's your name?"

"Um, Marina.", the woman answered. "Marina Hayami. You said I was a good choice for Margrid."

"Ah, so I did.", the man smiled, his glasses glowing. "Now then, Hayami-san. Perhaps you'd like to stay with us for the first makeup test." He then escorted her through the door to the makeup room. "The rest of you, fill out the form. We'll be calling on all of you later."

Sometime later, Hammie was walking away from the theatre, thinking about the unusual phenomenon. "Why would they have everyone be given a successful audition, without even waiting for them to begin their demonstration?" She then saw some familiar figures standing outside of one of the entrance, making their way inside. "Wulars? What are they doing here?" Suspicious, she moved after them, re-entering the building from behind. "Everyone, there's something amiss at a theatre downtown, in Shibuya City. Get here as fast as you can."

Hammie followed the Wulars onto the theatre, where they were working with Indavers and Karasu-Tengu on dragging the woman from earlier, Marina, into position, while changing her clothes and complexion to that of a French peasant's outfit. The male producer was approaching her, followed by Lens-Zuno. "Now then Hayami-kun, I may have been exaggerating when I said you had the talent for our secondary lead. In fact, I don't think you could get into the right mindset. But don't worry, my friend here can fix that."

"No, NOOOO!" The woman screamed as the creature approached her.

"And as for you, our little snake in the grass." The man turned towards where Hammie was hiding. "Take care of her." The grunts then turned and moved towards her hiding place, knocking the crates aside to reveal her.

"Looks like there's no choice.", Hammie decided. She took out her Kyutama, inserting it into her Seiza Blaster and pressing on it. Chameleon Kyutama! Seiza Change! "Star Change!" She transformed into Chameleon Green, taking out her Kyu Rapier and proceeding to slash her way through them, as she was knocked outside.

"Dolphin Arrow!" Some of the grunts were knocked back as Hammie's allies all made themselves known. They joined the fight, using their weapons to attack the grunts. "Live Blaster!"


"MagiStick Bowgun!"

The enemy grunts were defeated in under a minute. "So, your current hobby is in the theatre.", Tsubasa noted. As Hammie looked at him in confusion, he added. "It was the only logical reason you'd even be here."

"Well it did give us a vague idea of what our enemies want with that device they stole.", Rei pointed out. "But regardless, Hammie you should pull out of this. It's getting a little too dangerous."

"No wait, I think I can discover exactly what they're up to with some investigation.", Hammie insisted. "Besides, I've already given them my phone number, so they'll probably be calling me back anyway."

Riki paused to think about this. "Well, having someone on the inside of their operation can't hurt."

"Plus, it would give us more of a clue as to what's going on, considering that I still need some time to crack Dr. Mouri's notes.", Megumi pointed out. "Okay then, Hammie. You'll have to go back there and do some sleuthing for us."

"I won't let you down.", Hammie assured them. "Unless the event that I lose contact with you occurs. In which case…"

"We'll come in to stop the plan.", Riki concluded.

From the side, the tall, silver figure of Demost took note of this conversation. "How interesting." He then retracted his body into his UFO shaped head, before floating away.

Later, at the abandoned factory where the Humanity Enslavement Plan made their base, Demost shared his findings. "So, one of our enemies has seen fit to fall into a trap.", Kirika surmised. "One we'll be all too happy to set."

Akyanba laughed at this. "But it will take us a while to turn her into one of our cast. And she's going to put up more of a fight than the others will."

"Do not trouble yourselves with that.", Gorgon stated as she approached the prone figure of Lens-Zuno, placing her hand on it. "Uuzara Ugaro." Lens-Zuno briefly glowed with energy. "I have increased the power of your mechanical toy. He can now change his subjects appearance, in addition to his previous powers."

"Which ensures there will be no battle.", Demost surmised. "And that we can move up our schedule greatly."

Sure enough, the next day, Hammie received a call from one of the female producers, actually Kirika in disguise. "There's been a change in our scheduling.", she said. "Our play will be held tomorrow night, due to an issue with the availability of some of the actors. You can make that, can't you?"

"Sure, I'm not doing anything else.", Hammie responded, noting that the others were watching, winking to them. "And with the show moved up, I assume you'll want me in for a dress rehearsal today then."

"But of course.", Kirika answered her. "We can't have our leading lady going out unprepared." She likewise turned to her allies and signalled that things were going well, before returning to the phone call. "Can you be with us by 11: 30?"

Sure enough, Hammie had arrived at the theatre by 11:30 AM, where she immediately noticed some changes. Most of the cast, who were very friendly and nervous yesterday, were now seemingly lost in character, reciting dialogue from the play. She couldn't see Junpei anywhere, to her mild relief, but then she saw her costar Marina, who she had seen being attacked yesterday. "Excuse me, Hayami-san. What happened to you last night? More to the point, what's happened to everyone?"

But, instead of an answer, all she received was a slap to the face. "Aristo-pig!", Marina barked. "You know perfectly well that you are what happened to my people. You and your frivolous spending." She then turned and stormed off.

"Ah, Miss Hammie." She turned around to see the three producers standing there with Lens-Zuno. "How nice of you to show up for the dress rehearsal.", the male producer said as he transformed into Demost, while the ponytailed producer likewise shifted into Akyanba and the third producer threw off her disguise, revealing Kirika. "And how very foolish."

Lens-Zuno stared at Hammie, flashing an image in his sole eye "Marie-Antoinette!" Hammie was then flashed by a light from the Zunojuu, her clothes changing into those of a revolutionary era French noblewoman, complete with ball gown, face paint and powdered wig.

"It seems that not even the Kyutamas' power can protect against Lens-Zuno's power.", Akyanba giggled.

Hammie then regained consciousness. "Oh, how delightful.", she said to the three. "I assume that this gathering is a fancy dress ball?"

"Indeed.", Kirika whispered to Akyanba before going over to kiss her enemy's hands. "Now then, Queen Marie-Antoinette, what solution would you propose to a shortage of bread among the peasants?"

"I say, let them eat cake.", the woman in the queenly outfit let out an exaggerated noblewoman's laugh.

"Excellent.", Demost noted. "We have her completely under our spell. And soon, Chameleon Green's allies will follow."

Back at the warehouse, Tsubasa was trying and failing to reach Hammie's phone. "It's no good.", he reported. "I can't get anything from her. Hammie must be in trouble."

"That will have to wait.", Rei pointed out. "Megumi's managed to decode the computer files."

"Indeed I have.", Megumi said to this. "It seems that Dr. Mouri's invention was some kind of thought projector, that was intended to move ideas from one brain to another. It says here that if too many ideas were implanted in someone's brain, they would start to think they were someone else entirely."

"That might explain why our enemies stole it.", Riki realised. "If they plant ideas relating to slavery into everyone's mind… instant world domination. They likely already took care of Hammie."

"Then there's only one course of action.", Tsubasa stated. "We need to get inside that theatre and put a stop to their plan."

"Luckily, they're opening the show tomorrow.", Rei pointed out. "We can get in there and go backstage during the intermission."

And so, the following night, the 4 bought tickets to the show and sat down to watch the first act play out. And once it was finished, they gave their applause, before standing up with everyone else. "Ok, let's make our way backstage, find that monster and destroy him.", Riki explained as they headed towards the door to backstage.

But, there was a guard on duty in front of it. "I'm sorry, no-one may interact with the actors until the show is over.", he said. "Please wait until then."

"We don't have time for this.", Tsubasa insisted, taking out his MagiPhone and dialling 9-2. "Majuna Giruma!" Majuna Giruma!

The man started stumbling about before Reika performed her own technique. "Yagyuu-Ryu Ninpo: Oyasuminasai!" The man was then rendered unconscious. "Good, now we can go on through." The group then proceeded, not noticing the guard shift into a Dummyman, who laughed.

Sure enough, once inside, they came face to face with Kirika and Lens-Zuno. "It's been a while, Riki.", she commented. "But this is hardly the time for catching up."

"Kirika!", Riki declared. "What are you up to?"

"It'll be easier to show you.", Kirika answered. "Lens-Zuno."

"Like we'll allow that.", Rei announced as she and Tsubasa ran forward.

Lens-Zuno locked onto the pair of them. "Fairytale Prince and Princess." The two were hit with a beam, changing clothes to resemble Cinderella and her Prince. The two then met each other's eyes and began dancing.

"This is the true potential of Dr. Mouri's invention.", Kirika stated. "After we're done with this play, we'll launch a live broadcast, during which we'll implant within everyone the idea that they're docile servants. If you'd please."

Lens-Zuno stared into Riki and Megumi. "Servants.", it growled as the two were changed into a tuxedo and a maid's outfit respectively.

"At your service.", the two former heroes bowed and curtsied.

"Excellent.", Kirika laughed, as an announcement went out for the show to resume.

Some time later, as the musical was reaching its conclusion, Kirika had invited the other members of the Human Enslavement Plan to behold the fruits of her progress. "Right now, Red Turbo and Blue Dolphin are following my every whim, MagiYellow and the Sekai Ninja will dance themselves until they drop, while Chameleon Green is suffering as the more tragic of our Co-leads. We merely need to make preparations for our big broadcast."

"Then this entire world of humans will belong to us.", Gorgon declared. "And no-one will be able to stop us."

All of them began to laugh, before a figure came flying in to punch all of them back. A mostly black figure resembling a grasshopper. "Why you! Who are you?", Akyanba demanded to know.

"I am the child of the Sun.", the newcomer answered. "Kamen Rider Black! R! X!" He then struck a pose.

"Kamen… Rider?", Demost commented, confused.

"I don't care if he's a Kamen Walker, or a Kamen Driver.", Kirika declared, before pointing to Riki and Megumi. "Servants, dispose of this interloper."

The two of them then moved towards RX. But he merely pressed on the distinct golden buckle on his belt, which had two red circles on it. "King Stone Flash!" He unleashed a bright light that broke the two of them out of their trances, restoring them to normal.

"What happened?", Riki asked as he rubbed his friend. He then turned to the unfamiliar figure. "And who are you?"

"I'm an ally of justice, Red Turbo.", was RX's response. "Don't worry. I've managed to free you and Blue Dolphin from that spell."

"If you helped us break free, than that's enough in my book.", came the reply from Megumi. "Though if we want to free the others, we'll have to destroy that Zunojuu. Let's go, Riki."

"Right.", he nodded as the pair of them initiated their transformations.



Now transformed, the three ran forward to attack Len-Zuno, with Megumi being the first to launch her attack. "Dolphin Arrow!" She fired an arrow at the monster, weakening it.

This was then followed up by RX launching his own attack to the Zunojuu. "RX Kick!" He hit Lens-Zuno with both of his feet, disorientating it. "Revolcane!" He pulled a sword with a blade made of energy from his belt and punched it into the Zunojuu's lens, shattering it. "Red Turbo, now!"

"Ok.", Riki nodded, as he pulled out his own GT Sword, surrounding the blade with energy before swinging it around in a circle. "GT Crash!" He then swung it into Lens-Zuno, destroying it with one strike.

Nearby, both Tsubasa and Rei broke out of their trance while still waltzing. "How did we end up here?", Tsubasa asked. "And what're we doing?"

"Just go with it.", Rei suggested as the two continued.

And out on stage, just as the final scene had concluded and the lights went out, the trance on everyone else had been dropped. "Eh, why are we on stage?", Marina asked.

"I think we just blacked out while performing.", Hammie answered, as they noticed the audience applauding them. "We'd better accept the praise." And so, the entire cast walked forward and bowed.

Backstage, the assembled villains saw the scene of the heroes winning with scorn. "Curse you!", Kirika growled as she spun her wheel, generating a tornado that caused Lens-Zuno to grow giant. In the confusion of the giant monster breaking through the ceiling, her group made their escape.

Riki ignored this, speaking into his Turbo Brace. "Rugger Fighter, Take off!" As the flying machine approached, Riki initiated its transformation from within the cockpit. "Henkei Shift, TurboRugger!" The jet transformed into a robot, which landed opposite Lens-Zuno.

Tsubasa then initiated his own transformation. "Change me into a Majin! Maagi Magi Magiika!" Maagi Magi Magiika! A magic circle appeared, transforming Tsubasa into his giant robotic form. "MagiGaruda!"

The two stood opposite Lens-Zuno as TurboRugger placed a giant rugby ball at its feet. "Battle Ball, kick off!" He then kicked the ball towards the Zunojuu, knocking it backwards, before the ball rebounded towards MagiGaruda, who picked it up in his wings, before throwing it towards the enemy once more. MagiGaruda then leapt forward, firing thunder for its eyes which clashed with a laser fired by Lens-Zuno.

"Garuda Attack!" MagiGaruda used its wings to slash through Lens-Zuno, sending it flying backwards. "Riki, finish it now!"

"Rugger Jump!" Riki had TurboRugger leap into the air, before spinning towards the opponent. "Screw Rugger Kick!" The attack made contact, filling Lens-Zuno with energy, destroying it for good.

Some, time later, everyone was congratulating Marina. "I can't believe everyone loved my performance.", she said, excited. "They say I'm due to get a lot of offers from this."

"Congratulations, Hayami-san.", Hammie smiled. "Now that I'm out of the performing arts, I can only wish you all the success you deserve."

But Riki was in less of a celebratory mood, instead thinking back on what had happened in the theatre. "That RX… who was he?" To the side, the man Hammie had known as Junpei Igarashi stood watching, his white outfit standing out against the dark of the night.

Next time: Which Experimental Team will it be?