In order to conquer the multiverse, Kugai Kudo, founder of the Black Bohdi Tree pulled miscellaneous heroes from across the multiverse and placed them in randomised teams in order to maximise their combat data that could be recorded and defeat their allies once his invasion began. But his 10th and final experiment lineup proved far too much of a wildcard in the end, with Kugai's ambitions being thwarted before they could begin. All the people he had abducted were returned to their normal lives, all memory of their adventures in his world vanquished from their minds. We will now tell a few of these stories, to ensure that they are not forgotten.

This exploit will focus on Team 3, consisting of Zack Taylor, the Mighty Morphin' Black Ranger, Yusuke Godai, the modern day Kamen Rider Kuuga in his world, Knight, the monster formerly known as Anti, Jiro, the Android Kikaider, Alfonso San Valiante, the Makai Knight known as Gaia and Liu Bei, the Legend Hero best known as Guan Yu. Facing them are their arch enemies, the witch Rita Repulsa, the Grongi Lord N-Daguva-Zeba, the interdimensional criminal Alexis Kerib, the mad scientist and leader of DARK, Dr. Gil, the rogue Makai Knight Mendoza and the rogue angel Zhang Jiao.

Den Go considered himself a fairly average man. He kept his head down, cut himself shaving every other day, lived in an apartment block that had seemingly abandoned fixing its lift in favour of making him walk 5 floors down to the ground floor, and took great lengths to avoid angering his bosses. Indeed, the most extraordinary thing about his life was that, despite living in Tokyo, he worked at an office in Kyoto, requiring he travel across the Tokkaido Shinkansen to work. His wife Mio had criticised his choice, suggesting that he simply either request a transfer to Tokyo, or have them move closer to his workstation. But Den had been insistent. If anything, getting up early for this complex routine helped him focus better than coffee ever could. After all, it put some excitement into his otherwise boring life working at at a costume manufacturing firm. After all, otherwise nothing ever -

"Excuse me." Den looked up to see some foreigner trying to talk to him. At least he assumed he was a foreigner, going by the fact he was African. Either that, or he was from Nagoya. Which was unlikely, given his accent and the fact he was speaking English to him. "Do you mind if I borrow your phone? I don't really have one."

Den sighed. He'd seen stereotypes from American imported shows (well, some of them were imported. Others were subtitled into Japanese and illegally torrented online) that these people weren't very bright, and an incident like this made him think they were onto something, regardless of what few online comments in English he found translated said. "Just take it.", he said with boredom, handing the man the phone. He had been required to learn at the very least, Chinese, English and Spanish as part of his job, in case of foreign clients. "But make sure to give it back." He had no idea if this man was beholden to give the phone back, so he added that on the end.

"Sure.", the other man nodded as he dialled a number, before sitting down next to Den and beginning to talk into the phone. "Zack here, what's going on? Liu Bei, what's the situation in wasting those freaks?" This made Den shudder. The name he had said was Chinese, and the language suggested that he'd become embroiled with a gang.

"Right now, I wish these things were those Z-Putties you'd told us about.", Liu Bei responded, as he, Godai and Jiro fought back against the Tengas and Androidmen that were standing guard. "They're doing too good a job of keeping us away from the eggs!"

"Well you'll probably need to hit 'em harder.", Zack's voice came from the other end. "They'll all die eventually."

Godai then realised something. "Hey, how does Zack-san have a phone? I thought he predated mobiles becoming commonplace?"

"Yusuke wants to know 'since when do you have a phone?'.", Liu Bei said to Zack. "I'm not sure how that's relevant right now, but you might as well answer him so this doesn't come back later."

"I took it from a guy on a train.", Zack answered. "I think it was called the 'Hick-carry'."

"The Hikari.", Jiro realised, as he knocked more Androidmen back. "I'll inform Knight-san and Alfonso-san of his location so they can find the train." He transmitted the information.

Elsewhere, Knight and Alfonso were riding a motorcycle when the former received Jiro's transmission. "So, he ended up on a train. That's good to know." He then turned the vehicle around, heading for the nearest train station.

"Indeed.", Alfonso commented. "What is a train?"

Back on the train, the man called Zack put the phone down, before turning to speak to Den. "For clarity, my team and I were investigating rumours of something crazy down at the warehouse district. I was the first to arrive, and sure enough, one of our enemies was there, Mendoza. I tried fighting him, but he used magic to mess with my teleportation and send me to the train station. Now my friends are trying to deal with a giant egg that's about to hatch into a mega monster that will kill millions." He then stopped himself. "I realise this all sounds crazy."

"Yeah, it does.", Den commented, nervous about the whole thing. He was trying to distance himself as much as possible from all this. From what he'd overhead, combined with the story, he'd become an accessory to some kind of gang war. "But don't let me stop you. Carry on."

"Thanks.", Zack nodded before resuming his call. "Now then, I'll try to get off the train at Shinagawa and meet back up with you." He then saw a familiar young man dressed in white, standing outside the train. "Um, make sure to pass that information onto Knight so I can get back there earlier. Okay, bye." He hung up and handed the phone back to Den. "Here you go."

"Th-thank you.", Den shuddered, as he snatched the phone back. Now he was sure that this man wasn't a criminal. He was insane. Luckily, he was getting off at the next stop, so things should hopefully result in him never having to see this man again.

Back at the warehouse, the three heroes finished off the remaining grunts with their attacks. "Guan Yu Azure Dragon Slash!"

"Denji End!"

As Godai took down the rest of the grunts with his Pegasus Bowgun, he announced. "Alright, now let's get in there and crack this egg." The three ran forward towards the egg.

But then they were blown back by an arriving Mendoza. "You're too late, heroes.", he taunted them, as the egg started to hatch. "Now, our monster, Megas, will now rise up and destroy this city." Liu Bei tried running towards him to launch an attack, but the sorcerer teleported out before it could hit.

Megas arose from the eggshell, Mendoza's magic, combined with some magic cast on it by Rita earlier, and energy from Alexis Kerib, causing it to mature and grow to giant size near instantly. Contrary to the usual monsters any of the group fought, this one appeared to be some form of scorpion like creature, with red skin made of lodestone. Megas then made its way to the city, firing beams from its stinger to destroy parts of the infrastructure. "We need to get in there.", Liu Bei urged, as he summoned the appropriate vehicle. "Legend Trailer!"

At the Shinagawa station, Zack stood up and moved to the doors, as the voice announced their arrival. "Well, it's been real, man. Catch you later." He said this to the man he had borrowed the phone from, who waited until he was gone to breath a sigh of relief. Zack meanwhile proceeded to leave the train, where he saw the same creepy man he had sighted earlier. "Oh no, don't tell me."

"Indeed, Linto.", Daguva laughed as he transformed into his Grongi form. "Today will be the day I add you to my new Gegeru's victims." He then started launching fireballs at Zack, who narrowly dodged as the Hikari pulled out behind him and the rest of the crowd went running.

"Well, looks like it's Morphin' Time.", Zack commented as he took out his Morpher. "Mastodon!" He was transformed into the Black Ranger, leaping forward to throw a punch at his foe. But if it had any effect on Daguva, he didn't allow it to show. "Alright, then let's take this to the next level. Power Axe!" He converted the weapon to cannon mode and took shots at Daguva, who just kept coming towards him.

Zack tried going for his Blade Blaster, only for his foe to grab it, transforming it into a sword. "This is starting to get boring." Daguva then slashed Zack down with an energy wave, reverting him to normal. "This city will be destroyed by Megas' rampage, but I'll put you out of your misery right now."

But before he could, the motorcycle on which Knight and Alfonso were riding burst in, with both leaping off to kick and slash at Daguva respectively. "I don't think so.", Alfonso commented.

"Grrr, you've made this boring by interfering.", Daguva growled. He turned around and left, banking on the fact that Megas was currently the greater threat than he was, loath as he was to admit it.

"Man, am I glad to see you guys.", Zack sighed with relief.

"There's no time for sappy reunions.", Knight pointed out as he indicated the looming Megas wrecking the city in the distance. "We have some more pressing matters to deal with." He then handed Zack and Alfonso the small sized Dyna Soldier and Dyna Wing. "You'll need the help of these." He then displayed his Accepter, activating it. "Access Flash!"

Back on the train, Den Go put his phone away. But no sooner had he done this, did his news app ping with an update. He checked it, seeing that there was a live feed of the story. He clicked on it, seeing footage of what appeared to be some kind of scorpion made of rock attacking the city. And then a trio of humanoid robots appeared, with one, mostly green and black, wielding swords, one a purple and orange figure, and the third resembled a humanoid dragon with jet wings. The three all launched their attacks at the enemy, who could barely do anything but shoot lasers anxiously to retaliate. The dragon robot then shed its wings before transforming into a cannon that the purple robot fired at the scorpion creature, at the same time their ally unleashed a slash attack. He combined force of these attacks caused the creature to explode, as the announcer spoke up for the first time. "This is something straight out of a movieā€¦"

"Oh thank god.", Den sighed as he put the phone away. It was just a clip from a movie coming out, probably fairly soon. He decided to simply sleep until the train arrived in Kyoto, not noticing the plume of smoke from Megas' destruction off in the distance, nor the mysterious figure in sunglasses observing him.

At Dark Bo's headquarters, Reika Sawaki reported to the hooded figure of Kugai Kudo. "It seems that he doesn't believe any of what he has witnessed. He won't be a priority target in future."

"That's a shame.", Kugai sighed. "Another person in the know would've been convenient."

Reika was confused by this. "You want our work to be exposed to the populace beforehand, Great One?"

"Not at all.", Kugai answered her. "But if there are more potential risks, it makes it easier for us to get rid of them if need be. After all, the subjects can't possibly make it to save all of them, especially since the enemies tend to start their operations before the heroes can be aware of them. Still, Mr. Go will make a fine Kurokage Trooper, when the time comes that one of the subjects actually builds the two Drivers."

Some time later, after Team 3 were no longer the subjects in Kugai's experiments, Den Go was once more aboard a train. This time, he was taking the Nozomi to Tokyo, back from Kyoto. Mio was several months pregnant, and thus, even more insistent that he simply get a transfer. But while Den had avoided trouble the past few months, he had yet to see much that would convince him to commit to this. And tonight, he found himself sat next to a man wearing a suit, with a blue jacket, carrying a sword. Den was, of course, concerned. "Erm, sir. That sword-?"

"Oh, this is just my Ninja Ichibantou.", the man told him in what was meant to be an assuring tone. "Don't worry, it's easy for me to store." He demonstrated this by inserting the sword into his jacket pocket, even though there couldn't possibly be that much room in there. "And this is magic.", he explained. Then he received a call on his phone. "Hello. Ah, Kaito-san, have you found anything about why the two of us are here, in this world? What? Another guy from a different world has appeared in Kyoto? I'll be there as quickly as I can." He then hung up. "Sorry about this, but I'm going to have to get off here."

To Den's concern, the man stood up and pulled the emergency break, before throwing something to the floor, generating smoke. When the smoke cleared, the man was gone, and one of the doors seemed to be closing. "Maybe I should look into getting transferred.", Den decided as the train started moving again. "Then I might be able to escape these weirdos who seem to like these trains."